Drakken sighed. It had been a long day. Ever since he and Ron had opened up the restaurant, he had been spending time inventing new recipes and new machines needed to actually make them. He was no longer an evil mad scientist, but he was still mad about science. Recently, though, it had lost a touch of its zing. He wanted to put down roots, but Shego wouldn't let him turn her into a flower and the mutation was beginning to affect his ability to think human. Not that he'd ever been good at that anyway.

Ron sighed. It had been a long day. Ever since he and Drakken had opened the restaurant, he had been fighting with the lawyers of every fast-food eatery he'd ever given a recipe to. Not because he'd used his own recipes in his own restaurant (which he hadn't done but was tempted to do), but because they claimed that because they used his recipes, he was contaminated by their trade secrets and should pay them his share of the profits. He'd worked hard to become responsible and was starting to appreciate why some people turn bad.

Drakken and Ron sighed simultaneously. It was, after all, the only combination they'd not tried that day.

A green fireball took out a spare cabinet. A laser carved nasty words on some muffins.

"One more sigh from you lot...!" Shego and Kim shouted together.

Ron and Drakken snapped to attention, eyes wide. Their respective wives were not people you crossed. This could be useful at times. Some armed robbers tried to hold up a cannibal convention. Shego got heavily tipped for that one, though it did require a little explaining to the FDA afterwards.

"Drakken!", Kim shouted. "A genetic therapy for your brain has been handed to Wade. He's verified it should work. I can deliver it via the Kimmunicator, but you will need immediate therapy. I mean immediate. Shego says if it's that or petals, she'll tolerate that. But no way am I going to put up with you being in a mood the whole time."

"Ron!", Shego shouted. "I've passed the bar exam and I'm your new lawyer for the discussions. Since Kim gets a bonus, so do I! But whine once more and my bonus will be to see you roasted and served the next time that generous convention comes round!"

Drakken and Ron glanced at each other. They had not expected their problems solved at all and the price, although definitely not one they'd have actually agreed to if asked, was neither unreasonable nor without interest. It's just... they'd need to talk with their wives about this. Afterwards. They should have been asked. Although, in Kim's case, she couldn't help the treatment requirement. And Shego... Well, it was only fair. They should still have been asked, though. And why was Kim trying to hide licking her lips? And what did Shego need with rope and handcuffs? They decided, silently, that asking was not in their best interests.