I was born

I was born and declared ‚special' soon after,
the object of adoration and more often laugher.

I was born and my life was sealed by destiny,
no way out of the damned prophecy.

I was born and had no choice,
my wishes no voice.

I was born and seen as a sacrifice before I could walk,
sparkling eyes decided my opinion void before I could talk.

I was born and dumped on door steps before I could resist,
relatives already cursing, that I dared to exist.

I was born and betitled ‚boy-who-lived' before I could understand,
brought down by so much hope and expactation before I could stand.

I was born and called hero from people of a world I didn't know,
was their savior, their tool, got apprication just for show.

I was born and now I am about to die,
and the sad thing is: ‚I don't think there is anyone left to cry'