"One has to pay dearly for immortality; one has to die several times while on is still alive."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Jenny didn't think much of Vastra's encounter with the Doctor, except for the general suspicion that anything and everything could explode at any minute, like they always seemed to when the Doctor decided to visit. For her, she was at a relative ease until she hit the market.

She had been purchasing groceries from a reliable man who had been displaced by an angel years prior (or perhaps to come), who ran a nice, if not entirely honest business. When she was leaving, she heard a voice from the back of the store.

"Didja hear? The Madman was seen yesterday."

Jenny, not knowing that there was a madman in the area, listened intensely to the conversation that was not hers (which was not eavesdropping, but more convert-intelligence gathering).

Jenny, not knowing there was someone considered mad in the area, and wondering if, perhaps, that could be the reason the Doctor was there, listened carefully to the conversation. It wasn't eavesdropping, she justified. It was convert intelligence gathering.

She wandered closer to the people speaking, two young men speaking while they cleaned out a vegetable booth.

"Where?" the younger one with startling blond hair asked.

"Down near the docks. Can you imagine what he was doin' there?" the older one replied, who was unremarkable in any way.

Jenny quickly made the connection. The madman was of interest to the Doctor. She started quickly wondering if he was there to keep the madman from hurting someone else or from somehow being hurt.

"He's mad. 'E probably wasn't doin' anything but be there, eh?" Blond shrugged, sweeping away something that looked like old cloth.

"If the Peelers was any good, they'd arrest him," Normal accused. Jenny felt a pang of annoyance at his ignorant words. A case they had before had her go into an asylum. The way the mad were treated was worse than most farm animals.

"I thought the Peelers only sent people to prison," expressed Blond, who leaned on his broom.
"I'm sure he does something illegal," Normal said, rolling his eyes.

"And why do you- hey, who are you?" Blond asked suddenly, pointing at Jenny. Jenny felt a bit guilty. Eavesdropping, no matter how required it was for her lifestyle, was still morally wrong.

"A curious person," Jenny evaded.

"Well whatcha hear that's so interesting?" Normal demanded.

"Enough to be interested. Care to tell me any more?" Jenny tried to persuade.

""Why the 'ell would we tell you?" Normal scorned, crossing his arms.

Jenny took a coin out of her pocket and flipped it in the air.

"I wouldn't know," she stated. "Kindness?"

Blond snatched the coin and pocketed it. "I'm John and that's Chris. What do you want to know?"

Jenny looked pointedly at them, "Any information you have, of course, on this madman."

"The Madman," Chris said, "Is a man that's been seen around this area for a while. He doesn't talk to anybody, and when someone gets close, he backs away. He only appears during the later hours, and always in the back alleys."

"Anything else?" Jenny said impatiently.

"Nothing believable," John snorted. Jenny rolled her eyes. It was an alien. Great, she thought sarcastically. That was exactly what they needed to be dealing with.

"Tell me anyway," Jenny demanded. "I paid you for any information you might have."

"My grandfather's going senile," John said, "But he was an ambassador when Austria-Hungary was formed. He keeps saying that he met this recluse called John Smith. An obvious alias. It can't be the same person, 'cause the madman we're talking about looks young."

Her suspicions were quickly halted. She had been taught by Strax that all humans and humanoids had about the same lifespan until genetic engineering entered the picture. Then she felt like something had pricked her. Vastra met the Doctor by the docks the night previous.

"And he was seen yesterday, where?" she asked, just to confirm.
"At the docks. That's all we know," Chris claimed, going back to cleaning out the vegetable stall.

Jenny nodded to them and muttered a thanks, and scrambled off back to 13 Paternoster Row, disturbed.

Vastra had claimed that the Doctor seemed off, but how long had he been in London?

When she arrived home, Strax noticed her distress immediately.

"Jenny," he addressed in his ever formal military fashion, "What has happened."

Jenny waved him off, hoping he would drop it until she could sort it out with Vastra. She didn't need to explain why to him when she needed to speak with her wife.

"Does it require the obliteration of a puny human for the glory of the Sontaran empire?" Strax asked with blood-lust.

"No Strax, but I need to bring this to the Madame," she glared. "And no one needs to be obliterated."

Strax stomped off sulkily, hopefully to do his chores, but more likely he was going to destroy something.

Jenny decided to leave him to his own devices. She was confident (and also great at lying to herself) that he wouldn't cause too much damage.

So she went to the kitchen and put away the groceries that she bought (she forgot a few- but her information (hopefully) made up for it).

Then she walked to her wife's study, trying to look more calm than she felt.

Of course, Vastra had to see through it immediately.

"Jenny, has something happened to you?" Vastra asked, concern leaking into her voice. She promptly stood up and looked over her wife.

"Am I that transparent?" Jenny complained with a sigh.

"I would tell you how Strax and I always know, but then you'd learn to hide it effectively," Vastra smiled.

"I suppose," Jenny flirted, moving closer.

"Well, that would be good though. What if we're on a mission and the suspect notices," Vastra proposed.

"Hasn't been a problem yet," Jenny remarked shamelessly. She was right in front of Vastra's desk, leaning in slightly.

"I think you just like having me fuss over you," Vastra said, also leaning in closer.

"I think I do," Jenny said just before she leaned in for a kiss, "But something did happen."

Vastra walked over to Jenny and grabbed her hand. "And what would that be?"

I overheard a conversation in the market," Jenny announced, "Two teenagers cleaning out an area."

"What did the say that disturbed you so much?"

"A madman, who's been seen before, was seen near the docks yesterday."

"That's where I was. I presume you're talking about Harris Baker?"

"Harris Baker? Who's he?" Jenny puzzled.

"The man who committed patricide, who I have just given to Scotland Yard," Vastra boasted.

"That's great," Jenny agreed, "But there's more."

Madame Vastra looked at her and determined that she was serious, and sat them down on the wicker chairs. "There always is."

"He doesn't speak to anyone, or contact anyone," Jenny said in a monologue, "And he's been seen as early, looking the same age, since Austria-Hungary formed."

"Is that country?" Vastra asked.

"Yes it is, and it's a bit old for someone to be the same age as they were when it was founded," Jenny said.

"The Doctor? Do you think they were speaking of him?" Vastra asked, her eyes widening.

"Yes," Jenny convicted easily.

"I see why you're so worried," Vastra said, "I fear that I am going to worry you more though. I've been trying to contact him."

"Hasn't it worked? He promised that he would be in contact with us," Jenny fretted.

"And he is. Just not the him I'm looking for. The Doctor I keep getting is one before Demons Run. Or, once I got Professor Song," Vastra vocalized.

"Can we track him?" Jenny asked, "If he's still here in London."

"We can scan for artron energy, but if he's moved, I fear it will be a 'wild-goose-hunt', as you humans are fond of saying," Vastra frowned. Jenny didn't care to correct her slightly off worded metaphor, because the Doctor just didn't stay in one place for so long. It would be pathetic to worry about a mouse when plague rats were eating your food supply.

"When shall we scan for it, then?" Jenny asked leaning forward in her seat.

"We'll go tomorrow morning. I must discuss the details of this case for Detective Inspector Abberline in an hour," Vastra sighed.

"Lo and behold," Jenny said sarcastically, "The epic battle of Madame Vastra of the Silurians against the horrors of bureaucracy continues."

Vastra snorted, while Jenny arose and pecked her wife once more before leaving.

She couldn't help getting a distinct feeling of dread while she prepared for the Inspector's visit.