I stepped into the classroom on edge. I wasn't scared, I was just incredibly nervous. I've only been on this planet for two days, and I'm still not accustomed to their lifestyle. Time seemed to slow down so much that I was able to ask myself a billion questions all at once.

What will everyone think of me? What if they think I'm weird? What if I ask a stupid question? What if no one wants to be my friend? What if there's a bully? Will they pick on me?

The questions stopped as a friendly face greeted me. She was a flower in appearance, a rose if I could compare her looks to anything. She gave me a two mile grin.

"Well... You must be... Umm... I'm sorry what was it?"

I stopped in my tracks as I stood mere feet from her. My gaze went from her, to the entire class of young students all sitting and staring at me. My tongue began to salivate, my heart was racing.

What's your name, idiot!? My inner voice was cursing me.

I shook my head, returning myself to reality and replied, "D-Damian. My name is Damian."

My reply was almost silent.

"Damian! That's what it was! Welcome to the class, Damian. That is a very interesting name. That makes you pretty special," the teacher said with a wink, "anyways... I'm Mrs. Rose and, of course, I'm the teacher. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

"Uhh... Whaddya mean?" I muttered.

"Well... Who's your family, what's your favorite food or game, anything on those lines."

I scratched the back of my head, afraid of my answer.

"Umm... My mom is Zoroark, and my dad is Lucario... And my brother is Zorua."

"What do your parents do for a living?"

My eyes widened at the question. What do they do for a living? Do they even have jobs?

I had to think of some kind of response soon that wouldn't make me like a complete idiot.

"I... Well... I don't really know what they do."

The entire class laughed, making my anxiety increase tenfold.

"That's fine. You don't have to share if you don't to, Damian. Take a seat anywhere you'd like," Mrs. Rose said cheerily.

I gulped and looked around for an empty desk. I noticed one of the students raise their arm up.

"Sit over here, dude!" he called out.

I looked at the student. He was bright green in color. His form, bipedal. His eyes were as yellow as the sun and he wore an optimistic grin across his face as he waved for me to sit in the desk next to him.

I bit my lip, and slowly approached the desk next to him. As I was within inches from the chair, I sighed and sat down. The chair was surprisingly comfortable compared to its rugged appearance. The student leaned towards me and began to whisper.

"Hey, Damian. I'm Treecko. It's nice to meetcha."

"Umm... Nice to meet you too," I whispered, not making eye contact.

He tapped me on the shoulder with his amphibious hand, "Don't be nervous, man. We're all cool here. We should hang out in recess. I can show ya round. Sound cool?" he asked, his tone seeming to fill with more and more excitement the more he spoke.

I nodded, and went past my anxiety to look Treecko in the eyes and grin.

"Yeah. Definitely!"

"Awesome! We can talk in 30 minutes or whatever. Mrs. Rose doesn't like it when we talk in class," he instructed.

I looked up towards the teacher and grinned. My questions began to take a whole new path, each one being more optimistic than the last.

What if I make friends with everybody? What if Treecko is really cool with everyone? Maybe I'll be the most popular kid in school?

I smiled at the questions and set my attention to Mrs. Rose, who was now speaking loud enough for the entire class to hear.

"Damian, we were just going over the types of Pokemon. If you know any of the answers just jump right in, okay? Okay class... Does anyone know what a rock type is weak against?"

The question actually seemed simple, but I had no clue what she was even talking about. There's a Pokemon made of rocks?

The entire class seemed to raise their hands, wings, paws, and even some of them standing due to their figure lacking arms.


Everyone put their arms down, and a short, chubby, navy blue bipedal 'mon stood from his chair.

"Rock types are weak against umm... Ground, steel, water... Umm... Grass... Uhh... Sorry, I forgot the rest," the student staggered.

"Anyone wanna help Munchlax out? We're only missing one... Maybe Damian? You of anyone should know this one."

And that's when the anxiety came back. I didn't even know what she meant by types, but I'm pretty sure everyone else in the class knew what to say. Their expressions made it obvious they all knew the answer. I began to think of something Lucario told me.

"Fighting?" I asked.

"Perfect! Great job!" Mrs. Rose exclaimed.

I let out a deep breath, glad it was over.


The next thirty minutes consisted of the same topic manner. Mrs. Rose going around the room and asking everyone the different types and their weaknesses and strengths.

After thirty minutes, Mrs. Rose announced, "Time for recess, class. Go outside and play for an hour, and I expect all of you to be back on time."

Everyone stood up, and rushed for the classroom door. Treecko tapped me on the shoulder. I whirled around to face him.

"Follow me, okay? You probably don't know where recess is, I'm guessing."

I nodded and followed Treecko from the classroom, to the outside world to find myself in front of a large playground. Pokemon of all kinds were running around, playing happily with one another.

"Okay, Damian. How bout I show you my friends?" he asked.

I nodded and replied, "Sounds cool."

Treecko led me to a group of three Pokemon, who were playing some kind of game with a ball as they tossed it into the air. One of them was a bipedal grey and brown figure. Not much taller than I was. His head was shaped like an acorn if I had to name any kind of unique feature.

The second one was nearly a foot shorter than I was. A round, red and orange ball of feathers with two talons for feet could describe his appearance. He looked almost like a very short chicken.

The third 'mon was bright orange, only slightly taller than me. A yellow ring was around her neck, with 2 blue fins on each of her arms.

"Hey guys!" Treecko called out to them.

They stopped playing their game and set their gaze on Treecko and I.

"Treecko, what's up dude!?" exclaimed the orange one, who's soft feminine voice distinguished her gender.

Treecko high fived each of them, then looked at me.

"Guys, this is Damian. He's new here," Treecko introduced me.

"Damian? That's a cool name! What's it stand for?" Asked the red one, who was male.

I shrugged, "Nothing really. It's just a name."

"Never heard of a Damian before. Anyways, I'm Scratch but on rescue missions my name is Jet. And this is..."

"Let us tell him our names, Scratch!" scolded the acorn with a high pitched but raspy male voice, "name's Leon the Nuzleaf. It's my parents choice, not mine. My team name is Zed."

"And I'm Hazel, but my team name is Booyah. Kinda weird how I got the name, cause I used to say Booyah every time I won a battle. And it's kinda close to Buizel I guess. We're still thinking of a name for Treecko, though. We need second nicknames to keep our identities safe when we go on rescue missions. Know what I'm saying?"

"Actually, I've thought of a couple names. What about Tweak the Treecko?"

Hazel pursed her lips, "Nah... You don't look like someone who Tweaks anything. How about Trunks? I dunno, it's kinda close to your name y'know? You have "tree" in your Pokemon name."

"Like tree trunks? That sounds kinda silly. How about Awesome the Treecko!"

All of them giggled at Treecko's statement, as did I somewhat. That's when I butted in on the conversation. I began to remember a name back in Earth. There was a guy who would often give me food from his restaurant out of the kindness of his heart.

"What about Tremont?" I blurted.

The group stared at me for my sudden addition to the conversation.

"Hey... That actually sounds kinda cool. Tremont the Treecko! Haha... What d'ya think, dude?" asked Scratch, who was looking at Treecko now.

"Tremont seems kinda long, though..." Treecko flustered.

"What if you shortened it to just Trey? I mean it's kinda the same name," I suggested.

Treecko balled his hand into a fist of confidence and laughed.

"That's way better!" exclaimed Hazel.

"Yeah! Trey the Treecko! Leave it to Damian to come up with a cool name," remarked Leon.

"Wow, thanks Damian! Man, I wish you were here a long time ago! Ever since I joined the team I've been looking for a name."

"Hey... Speaking of that. Why don't you join the team, Damian? We could use a fighting type in the squad, at least until Scratch evolves," offered Hazel.

"Whaddya mean, team?" I asked.

"You've never heard of a rescue team before?" asked Scratch.

I shook my head.

"Ohh... Well a rescue team is kinda like a group that helps other Pokemon who can't really do something on their own. We're always trying to do missions to get our rank up. Right now, we're at Bronze cause we just started two months ago. But if we can get a B rank mission, we'll get promoted! We're at 400 something points right now. Once we get 80 points, we'll be silver rank! It's kind of a big deal, really. If we have a fifth guy, we can split up and do even more missions!" explained Hazel.

I thought about my decision carefully, "Alright... I'll join ya."

They each shared a high five with me, Scratch was forced to jump due to his short size. His talon slightly scraping my paw in the process.

"Welcome to Team Terravita!" Hazel said kindly.

"Terra-what?" I asked, not expecting the name at all.

"Team Terravita! Cause we're worldwide! Kicking tail and saving lives!" replied Scratch with great vigor.

It was a much more interesting name than Damian. I began to wonder their ages for some reason. Judging from their voices, Hazel seemed to be the oldest by possibly one year. She may even be the leader of this "rescue team". I assumed Leon was the second oldest, followed by Treecko, Torchic, and now... Me.

It was great to know I already have friends in this world. Let alone friends who seemed like my kind of people.

"Okay, so... What d'ya guys wanna do now?" asked Scratch, "we got like an hour of recess."

"Let's just play some-"

Leon was interrupted by a not so friendly voice.

"Hey, Team Terrible! Don't ya know that's our spot?"

I turned to face the speaker. The speaker was my height, blue in color with white in different parts of his body. His appearance was unexplainable. Behind him were two others. The one on the right was bright green, almost like Treecko. His body very snake-like, but short. A smug grin was worn across his face. On the left was a tan bird. That's probably the only way to describe her.

"Not this again..." muttered Scratch.

"You don't own any part of this school, Meditite!" Treecko snarled with his fists clenched.

"My dad is the vice principal, and trust me... I own this playground more than I own you. You're lucky I'm not kicking you off altogether," the one, who I'm assuming was Meditite.

All of us went silent, all glancing at one another.

Hazel finally broke the silence, "Come on guys. Let's just go..."

My eyes widened at how fast they were ready to give up.

"No..." I muttered.

Meditite's expression went from a grin to a scowl.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" he asked, turning his head to the side as though he was trying to hear me better.

"This isn't your playground. We'll stay here if we want to..." I may have made the dumbest mistake of my entire life.

Meditite crossed his arms, while his two friends tensed up behind him.

"You're the new kid, right? Here's the deal. I'm gonna assume I didn't hear you just now, considering you just got here and don't really know the rules. My exploration team can pound each of you to the ground in seconds. Now, if you were smart you wouldn't talk to me like that again. Say you're sorry..."

I thought for a moment, then shook my head.

"Okay... I'm sorry you're a pathetic excuse for a bully. I'm sorry you're too weak to pick on someone your own size. I'm sorry y-" Meditite interrupted me with a punch to my gut.

I knelt over, holding my stomach in pain. He knocked the wind out of me, causing me to gasp for much needed air.

"Wow! How stupid are you?! I give you a fair warning and yet you still don't listen to me. I hope you've learned your lesson, because that was just a warmup punch. Don't mess with me or my exploration team or you'll get much worse than just a punch," Meditite huffed, "NOW TAKE IT BACK!"

I slowly recovered and replied, "If I took it back, then I'd be a liar. I'm no liar."

Meditite went to strike me again, but his attack was abruptly stopped as an illusory shadow appeared in front of my face, which then disappeared as Meditite brought his arms back to his side.

I then noticed the one who blocked the attack for me.

"Meditite, if you as much as walk within ten feet of my brother, even look at him funny, I'll beat you and your exploration team six feet under. Understand?" Zorua snarled as he stood in front of me.

Meditite appeared afraid, as did the other two of his team. Meditite gulped, then bulked up.

"You think I'm scared of you? Your probably a bigger wuss than your brother. Maybe a bigger idiot, too."

Zorua scoffed, "That's a fair warning, don't ya think? Don't mess with my brother or any of these guys! Or I swear you'll regret it!"

My brother had a fire in his eyes. He looked like he was ready to take on the world at this point.

The green snake whispered something into Meditite's ear.

"No, Snivy! I'm not just gonna let this little punk tell me what to do!" Meditite exclaimed.

"If ya don't like it, you can always try attacking my little brother again."

Meditite scowled, then turned away and stomped away from us with his two friends.

Zorua grinned at me, "You okay, little bro?"

"Yeah... Thanks," I breathed.

"Damian, if he ever puts his hands on you, or anyone else for that matter, tell me. I'll take care of em," Zorua assured me.

His gaze went to my new friends, "Already made some friends hunh?"

I nodded, "Yeah! Umm... This is Scratch, Hazel... Uhh... Leon, and Treecko."

"Good to meetcha, guys. Same goes for you. If that guy or his friends bother you, lemme know. They won't be bothering you much longer after that," my brother promised.

"You're Damian's brother?" asked Scratch.

"Yep! And no one messes with him, except for me anyways," Zorua joked lightly.

"Do you have a name like Damian's?" asked Leon.

Zorua shook his head, "Not anymore. I used to be Zach, but... I never liked the name, so I just stuck with my traditional name. Zorua's just fine with me."

"Well, Zorua. I'm Hazel, and these are my friends and rescue team members, Scratch, Leon, and Treecko. And our new member, which I kinda guess you know him already since you're brothers."

Zorua chuckled, "Rescue team hunh? I thought you couldn't have five members in a rescue team."

"Nah, they changed that rule last year. Now you can have a total of six members!" replied Scratch.

Zorua became silent for a moment, then said, "Well little brother, I'm gonna get back to it okay? You guys have fun."

I nodded, "Thanks, Zorua."

"No problemo. See ya at lunch, then after school. Then at home..."

I giggled, "Okay. See ya."

And with that, Zorua turned away and seemingly vanished from sight as he walked past a group of students.

"That was cool of your brother to do that," noted Leon.

"Yeah... He's pretty awesome. Umm... So... Let's do something fun before recess ends," I remarked.

The four of them agreed, and they showed me a game called Keepaway. And it was exactly how it sounds, keep the ball away from one person. By the end of recess I had a smile on my face on the entire walk back to class.

Maybe things won't be so bad after all.