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Shamal was proclaimed a prodigy when he was a child, there were even rumors of how he was able to recite all the bones in the body before he could walk.

He was an intelligent and handsome man, who was rather good at charming most women as he was in his prime.

However due to his flirtatious ways he was never saddled with a woman for long, as he could not commit himself to one lady.

Which he found fine, he wouldn't want his life any other way. There were too many beautiful woman in the world, and he didn't want anything to tie him down. He was always careful whenever he spent his time with women.

Too bad in his younger days he wasn't as cautious as he thought he was.

On a rather sunny day in Italy he went to the flea market hoping to encounter a beauty, as the place was where most woman tended to gather. As he was browsing a stall there was a slight tugging at his pants and he glanced down to see a little girl, who couldn't be older than five staring at him with big round hazel eyes.

He blinked at her slightly confused, as she kept insistently tugging at his pants.

He bent down to reach her level and said, "Hey there, what's your name?"

She replied with an affronted tone, as if he should already know it, "Brunilda."

"So Brunilda, where's your mama?" Shamal asked as he scanned the streets, he was secretly hoping the young girl's mother would be one of the bombshell beauties looking at a nearby jewelry stall.

"The nice lady at the hospital told me Mama went far-far away." His eyes softened at the implication as he saw the girl's eyes water slightly.

Brunilda however blinked back her tears and pursed her lips as she muttered, "She said, I have to stay with Papa."

"Ah," he sighed as he realized he wouldn't be meeting any pretty ladies through the girl. "Where's your father?"

"Here." She said, still staring at him.

"Which one is he?" He asked with a slightly foreboding feeling. None of the men around the vicinity had a face shape similar to her, nor had the same shade of dark mahogany brown except...

"You're my Papa."

A short AU drabble series, about what it would be like if Shamal had a daughter.