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Shamal turned on his backside as he tried to adjust his limbs in a more comfortable position, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't sleep.

Perhaps it was because he was sleeping on the stuffy old couch he had. Perhaps it was because he had to cancel his plans on hitting the local bar that day. Or perhaps it was because he was hyper aware, that there was another human being in his apartment.

Shamal wasn't used to having another person in his home, it was his own sanctuary for him and him alone. It was also because he didn't trust anyone enough to be near him as he slept, not even women. If the man was on one of his escapades it would always be at his partner's house, and he would always leave and return home when he was finished spending his time with her. He was after all infamous Trident Shamal, many people wanted him dead, he couldn't afford to let his guard down.

Yet there she was. On the opposite side of the wall, his daughter who slept soundly in his bed.

The doctor shifted on his side and stared out the window as he began his silent contemplation and he wallowed in self-pity.

How had he been so careless in the past? He was now her only guardian, but what was he going to do with her? He didn't know how to raise a child!

More importantly, how was he going to continue living life the way he wanted when he had a little girl he was supposed to take care of?

A child who did nothing but cry and insult him in the past few hours.

Shamal paused his train of thoughts as he heard a strange muffled noise. He sat up, startled, as he realized it was coming from the bedroom.

Standing up in alarm, the brown haired man silently made his way to the the door and peeked in.

Brunilda was curled up into a small ball, with her face pressed against the pillows. She shook slightly as quiet sobbing noises escaped her.

He hoped she wasn't still crying because he told her Santa Claus wasn't real.

He faltered as he heard her begin to mumble to herself, the reason for her tears weren't due to the portly man in the red suit at all.

"Maman(1), I miss you." The girl whispered quietly to herself between sniffles.

He inaudibly sighed as he crouched down and pressed his back against the wall.

Shamal gazed out the window once more, as he listened to his daughter's silent cries.

AN: (1) Maman = mom