Hi so I really wanted to make this south Park story after I played the game. I loved how Kenny was once based on Daenerys from Game Of Thrones... plus let's be honest. Kenny would be a way better ruler than Cartman. So here is the story! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you like it, follow and favourite if you want =) though I will always start each chapter with a warning. Warning: story contains BoyxBoy (If you don't like it. Don't read it) swearing and bear in mind and ratings may be turned up at a later time. Enjoy!

That morning was a bitter and harsh one for every onlooker who was faced towards the battle that they had just witnessed.

But for none is was as worse as having to watch Princess Kenny fall in battle... no... not fall. Princess Kenny could never fall!

It was hard watching as both humans and elves rejoiced over the victory as they lifted their king onto their shoulders leaving Kenny behind on the cold wooden floor of the tree house. The boy whimpered softly as the snow began to fall heavier onto him. His dress was splayed out around him on the floor and his eyes were unfocused. Their turquoise blue were dark with the embarrassment of defeat. Kenny's plan had been pool proof! He was so strong enough to defeat them... by themselves.

He had never countered on the new kid coming to the aid of the others. No. Next time... next time I will get them. He grinned behind the torn jacket. "Do you hear me fat ass!" He yelled out as he slowly pushed his body up off the floor. "I WILL NOT BE BEATEN! NOT BY YOU. NOT BY THE DRAGON BORN! I AM PRINCESS KENNY!" He roared and slammed his fist down on the wood as he finally managed to stand. His blond wig fell to the floor as he pulled the dress over his head and threw it to the ground. It was just as beaten and as torn as his jacket... he really needed to get some new clothes. Good luck with that happening. Dad is as big as an idiot and ass hole as Cartman! His thoughts snarled and he sighed before running a hand through his dirty locks of blond hair. He noted he had a few cuts on his face from where that new kid had hit him... he would have to get back at him at a later time but right now... he really needed a wash and something warm to wear.

This damn weather was freezing his ass off!

He looked around to see that the others had left him a ladder to climb down from. The old robe groaned as it threatened to snap but Kenny just glared at it as he confidently climbed down not daring to look back. He could see in the distance that the others were walking towards the lake. They will play something else for a while but there was just one problem.

Cartman and Kyle.

There was no definite winner between them and when Cartman was ready to throw that in Kyle's face... the elven king would return and the war between the humans and elves would once again commence... though this time Kenny would have to be more cautious in his attack. He would have to make sure that neither side saw him coming.

That's right.

Cartman once was almost destroyed by him when he had became Princess Daenerys... next time he would just have to be ready.

Next time he would destroy Cartman first and anyone else who came along.

"G-Gee Princess Kenny... are you okay?"

Kenny looked up slowly to see Butters stood there nervously in his armour with a new crown placed on his head. Like Kenny the boy had thick blond hair though instead of turquoise eyes, Butter's eyes were a pale green. "Fuck off Butters." Kenny muttered as he zipped up his jacket and wrapped his arms around himself as he shivered from the cold. "I'm not in the mood." He stomped his feet into the snow as he began to walk down the long path back towards the town centre. "Kenny wait up! I was only doing what they told me!"
"You promised your allegiance to me you little dick fuck!" Kenny snapped as he turned to look back at Butters who was shuffling his feet again. "Why, when I had all the power did you change allegiance!"
"I didn't want to become a Nazi Zombie..." Butters muttered and Kenny just towered over the boy as he glared down.
"You're so stupid Butters... They were just my pawns... I was going to finally beat Cartman at his own game and show the big fat ass who's the best! Now give me your phone." He held out his hand as Butters quickly handed it to him.

Kenny wasted no time in getting his FaceBook profile up. Instantly he noticed Kyle's message. He couldn't help but grin to himself. It already begun! He stared at the screen for a bit as he watched Stan already begin to weigh in on the status. Great game, it's a shame Kenny went all psychotic.- S.M
Yeah. Then again, I can't believe that the new kid had to break the gentleman's code and farted on Kenny's balls.- K.B

Kenny's grin slowly spread wider. Not long now. He watched and waited for the egotistic fat ass to put his own opinion down on the matter.

"Uh... Princess Kenny? Can I have my phone back?"

Kenny just glared at the screen as he watched as more people began to weigh in, all about surrender details. "Oh fuck this." He muttered. He had never been one for being patient. So I guess it took the greater part of the human army to defeat me... with only one elf. I guess the human armies were better rallied.- K.M

He grinned a wave of flashing alerts popped up immediately but it was only one which caught his main attention: Cartman- He does have a point. The day never would have been won without the human armies.
Hey fat ass your army sucks! You and that Dragon born douche never would have won the battle without me and my elves!- K.B
Don't call me fat you fucking elf! We would kick your ass any day-

Kenny didn't need to read any more it had been that easy to stir up shit between Kyle and Cartman. "What have you done?" Butters stared with wide eyes as his phone lit up with a message from Cartman: Paladin Butters. Get to our fort now and call the soldiers. We gear for war. This time no more alliances. If you find Kenny along the way bring him along. He can train the men or something. Long live the Wizard king's army! "Oh hamburgers." Butters mumbled nervously. "Cartman... The wizard king wants you as well."
"Don't worry. I will be along shortly... there's just something I have to sort out in town first." He looked down at his torn dress and jacket. He wouldn't be allowed near the fort unless he was properly dressed.

This was going to take time and precision: Step one, get Cartman riled up against the elves. That would be easy... getting his own army back together would be a little bit harder.

It's a good thing he knew where to start. "Butters... just remember this time who you are really and truly allied with... next time you turn on me... let's just say... remember how good a shot I am with a ninja star?"
"Well just imagine how precise my foot will be when I kick you in the nuts!"
"Now go before Cartman gets suspicious. You haven't seen me okay?"
"What do I say if Cartman asks what are you up too?"

Kenny thought for a long moment thinking of a reason which would placate the rude, egotistic fat ass. "Just say I'm up to poor people stuff."
"Good luck my Princess." Butters bowed before running off to join the new game. Already Kenny could see kids flocking to the two bases which had been created to house the two sides. "People really shouldn't assume I'm stupid" He grinned then came to a halt as he looked at a tall new shop.

It seemed really out of place, especially in this town. It ha two glazed windows which were full of mannequins in expensive looking clothes. The outside framing was painted a deep emerald while the sign read: Mother and Son's tailoring for all your clothing needs. "What the fuck dude?" Kenny raised an eyebrow as he looked inside and caught the gaze of a brunette lady. She was pretty... he guessed. She was thin figured and well dressed. She looked barely into her thirties though she seemed to have more of a mature aura around her. She smiled out at Kenny and waved for him to come in.

Kenny raised an eyebrow but shrugged and walked into the store. He couldn't help the gasp that escaped him from the warmth which wrapped around him as soon as he stepped inside. "Hi, you were looking a little lost out there in the cold." The woman smiled gently. "My name is Katherine." Kenny looked at the diamond necklace which rested on the arch of her throat. It was a green diamond... He could tell it was a diamond because of the way it was cut. He had learnt about jewels when he had been making his Daenerys dress.

That just meant he knew how truly expensive that diamond was.

Katherine followed his gaze and smiled faintly. "Beautiful isn't it? It's been in my family for generations." She looked down at him. "So may I ask why your clothes are all torn?" Kenny just raised an eyebrow then watched as she looked at his dress and wig. "You use a wig? Never tried hair extensions?"

Okay... most other people had freaked out when they saw him wearing a dress... why was this woman acting so calm?

"No... couldn't afford them."
"Then how did you get the dress?" Katherine leaned her head in her palm. Her hazel eyes regarding the boy carefully.
"Made it myself out of my old clothes." Kenny grinned as that made her eyes widen. He's talented to say the least. Katherine thought as she took in the sight of the work. If it hadn't been torn, it looks like something I would have displayed on the shelves. "Would you like some help fixing it? Or maybe a new dress all together?"
"I told you I can't afford-"
"We'll come to some negotiations later. Alexander come down here!"
"I'm still unpacking boxes!" A voice called back after a minute.
"You deal with the customer and I'll deal with the boxes." She turned back to Kenny with a soft smile. "Just give me a shout when you're done." She turned and quickly walked through the door to the back of the room before heading up the stairs.

At this point Kenny wasn't sure what to think. He took in the details of the shelves which displayed a mixture of materials and complete dresses. The shelves were worn and tired looking as though they could do with some replacing but that didn't mean the rest of the place wasn't nice. The floor was carpeted and the warmth was a nice change for once instead of him having to be freezing cold the entire time. "So how can I help you today?"

Kenny turned his eyes away from the creamy coloured wall paper and towards the till where Katherine had been stood just a minute ago. The clear wood display cases were filled with jewels and crafting books... but that wasn't what caught Kenny's gaze. As he looked up he saw a boy his own age sat on a stool leaning onto the till. His light amber eyes were slightly strange. Kenny had never seen eyes that colour before, but it went nice with the boy's Honey gold hair. His skin was lightly tanned which was definitely a strange sight for someone here. He was quite lean and thin but... Kenny kept going back to look at those eyes. "Would it make you feel more at ease if I put my contact lenses in?" The boy said flatly.
"I was just... interested is all."
"Well then... My mother said you needed a dress?"

Kenny looked over what the boy was wearing. He wore some black leather jeans and a tight emerald fit collar shirt. Wow... he's really good looking. Kenny couldn't help but think. "Yeah." He held up the dress indifferently and saw something sparkle deeply in the pits of the boy's eyes. He stepped around from the counter and held out his hand gently as Kenny pressed the ruined dress into his palms. "Thanks." The boy smiled as he pulled over a unused mannequin dressed it with Kenny's torn dress. "You're not going to be able to fix it. The hem is destroyed and so are the shoulder straps. The waist support has been torn wide open and the inside corset piece is ruined."
"It's a real masterpiece of work." Kenny felt his cheeks heat up at that compliment. No one had ever recognised his hard work before.
"You're right most of it is destroyed... but I could always substitute a few pieces... no." The boy shook his head.
"What was your name again?"
"Alexander Reed, though my friends call me Alex or Lexi and before you ask. No. I don't speak to animals like in Game of Thrones. No I can't swap my concious to animals."
"I dress up like Daenerys Targaryen... and you think I'm going to make fun of you for having the same last name as Jojen Reed?" Kenny raised an eyebrow. "So what do I call you?" Alex just shrugged as he began to gather materials from the shelves.
"Call me what ever you like... but may I ask... why are you dressed like Daenerys?"
"Because I want to... we're playing this game and-"
"Oh so that's what this is about." Alex grinned. "You're all stuck in your fantasy game." Alex chuckled softly as he gathered the blue dress material. "Well I guess if you're going to be Daenerys. We better make sure you look stunning. I have the perfect Idea!" He smiled brightly. "Now hold still." He quickly pulled out a measuring tape as he began to measure Kenny for the dress sizes.

He quickly swept over as his hands cut the material quickly... it seemed as though it was second nature to him. His nimble fingers took the needle confidently and with familiarity as he mastered the material and commanded it into the flowing white dress. Kenny thought it looked perfect enough already but Alex seemed unsatisfied with it. "Would you like to try it on now?"
"Uh... sure." Kenny began to take his jacket off but Alex blushed. "There's a changing room around back."
"Oh..." Kenny found himself blushing slightly before walking into the back room. Okay so yeah he could get any chick he wants but he could definitely get any dude... If they were good looking who gave one?

He followed Alex behind the counter in a small line of cubicles. "Here, just come out when you got it on and I can work on the last bits."
"Hey..." Alex turned just before walking out. "Thanks dude." Kenny smiled faintly and Alex nodded.
"No problem." He smiled and walked out as he returned back to the counter leaving Kenny alone in the cubicle with mirrors surrounding him.

He pulled the torn jacket over his head and threw it to the side as he kicked his jeans off. He was okay looking, he guessed. He was starting to get muscles from working out a lot in gym. Kenny looked at the dress as he stepped into it. Unlike with his other dress there was no zip or corset. "How do I get this on?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Just like Daenerys wore in season 3, episode 7 when she arrives at Yunkai." Alex called through.
"No way..." Kenny whispered as he began to step into it then found the black hook which went around his neck to hold the front of the dress up. It had pearly white folds moving down the middle and as he stood he stared into his reflection dress curved in perfectly to him to make him look like a girl. A black belt was around his waist which pulled it in a bit... how had Alex made this so quickly and make it look brilliantly? it moved back slightly from Kenny's feet and trailed behind him... but it was perfect!

He looked just like Daenerys!

He didn't think there could be anything else done to make it look perfect but when he stepped out Alex ran his eyes over him critically. Kenny knew the boy was looking at the dress but somehow for the first time he felt a little self concious. "So what is the whole deal with wanting a dress?" Alex asked as he went to get a small box with rolls of thread. "I can't exactly judge you for wearing it, but curiosity has always been one of my stronger suits."
"It's just for something."
"That fantasy game?" Alex guessed as he began to tie a bit of orange onto the end of a needle.
"It's more than just a game."
"You're trying to prove something." Alex assumed as he began to thread the needle along some of the outlines of the white folds. It was interesting to see the contrast of the pearl white and orange... but Kenny still knew that this boy knew what he was doing.
"No... it's a lot more simple than that." Kenny grinned. "I just want to win."
"You definitely have Daenerys conquest side in you... but what I want to know." Alex stepped to the side as he began working on the other side of the dress. "Is it that you also share her compassionate side though."
"You already asked me some questions now how about I ask you some." Kenny said impassively and the boy nodded.
"How are you so good at this?" Kenny stared in amazement as he looked to a nearby mirror in the wall. Using the same thread of orange as was in his jacket the dress stood out more, not only as a piece but it also identified that this was Kenny... the only thing that worried him now was his face. Even when he had worn a dress before he had worn his hood up and a wig over it. Alex just smiled kindly as he stepped back to admire his work. "Years of practice. Next question."
"Why are you helping me?"
"Because I always did have a soft spot for Daenerys Targaryen." Alex grinned confidently as he walked into the back of the store and Kenny heard him going through boxes loudly. "One last question." Alex called through. Kenny raised an eyebrow. The boy certainly was confident when he was working... But either way, he had come at the right time. Maybe Kenny could use the boy to beat the human and elves.

Alex stepped out from the back with a heavy wooden crate. "I've been waiting a while to be able to use this on a outfit!" He smiled brightly as he began to carefully undo the lid and pull out what was inside.

Kenny's eyes almost went wide as he stared at the thick fur jacket. Just like the dress it was snow white though it looked so cosy and warm... Kenny's eyes sparkled as he pulled it on and instantly felt the warmth of the soft fur cosy up to him. "Do you have a crown to go with it Princess?" Alex chuckled softly before placing the crown that Kenny gave him on the dressed up boy's brow. "Princess Kenny." Alex turned him towards the mirror and Kenny began to smile sadly. "I can't afford this."
"I know, that's why my mother has a deal for you. You come and work here part time and we will provide you with wages."
"I don't need your charity-"
"You think I'm doing this out of charity? You're talented with a needle."
"And you don't mind working with someone who is 16 and dresses as a girl to plays fantasy games?"
"I've heard a lot about South Park. I've heard aliens invaded, I've heard that you guys used to be super heroes that saved the world from an immortal... and you battled a giant Barbra Streisand... and you think that the fact you like to dress up as a girl and play fantasy games will creep me out?" Alex raised an eyebrow and grinned before smiling.
"Yeah... I guess." Kenny chuckled.
"Oh and by the way, here's your shoes Cinderella." Alex grinned. Kenny took a seat on a stool as Alex carefully and slowly placed two white heels on Kenny's feet. "You look like a real Princess almost." Alex frowned slightly and looked around.
"What are you doing?"
"Completing the image." Alex smiled as he walked over with some curled blond hair extensions.
"Why do you have all this stuff?"

Alex paused slightly as his eyes became clouded over and slightly sad. Though he tried to hide it Kenny could see that question had brought up some personal demons for the boy. "Be here tomorrow at seven." He whispered quietly as he stood and began to step away from Kenny. Don't say I've ruined this already. Kenny's thoughts groaned. "Alex are you-"
"And by the way." Alex reached behind the counter and pulled out a pair of converse trainers and fresh black jeans with a new orange fleece jacket and thin black shirt. "Here's a change of clothes for afterwards."
"I will never understand why you are being so kind to me." Kenny admitted. Other than Kyle and Stan no one had ever been kind to him. Even his own parents looked down on him. "You know... It's strange but you could always join in on the game... You could join my army." Kenny shrugged.
"Your army?" Alex mused.
"I have something to prove." Kenny grinned as he elegantly walked on the heels. "Think it over. Okay?" Alex nodded and Kenny threw his new extra clothes into a bag.
"I'll try and fix your old clothes." Alex smiled gently. "Make sure you're here tomorrow at seven."
"See you Lexi." Kenny grinned and winked.

It was only after he left did Alex sigh sadly as he gazed into the mirror. "Honey, are you okay?" Katherine came down the stairs and rested a hand on his shoulder. "This is a new start. A new life. This is a fresh start."
"And yet... Isabella isn't here to share is she?" Alex sighed. "Isabella is still back in London." He shook his head before slowly walking out the store and back to his home.
"Oh honey." Katherine sighed. "Maybe you will find something here that will give you happiness again." She spoke to herself but her wish behind her words still were pleading.

This was a new start. They couldn't let their past haunt them like this...

Even if that meant forgetting about Isabella.