Thank you so much to all of you who have stuck with the story during the wait. Warning: Story includes BoyxBoy, swearing, mentions of abuse, self harm, scenes of sexual nature and a lot of fighting. Hope you enjoy. Thank you to all of you who read and follow this story.

Kyle folded his arms as he looked around the massive area which he had been waiting in for at least over an hour. The place which had otherwise been used as a grand arena was now completely empty. Sunlight shined through the faint clouds in the sky above him across everything that the mass amount of the windows allowed it to touch.

Kyle: I thought that by dating guys, I'd have to avoid all this waiting
Alex: Oh sweetie, you know that you will always be waiting for me.

Kyle rolled his eyes and laughed coldly. "You've got no idea." He muttered coldly under his breath. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly and he reached up, running his hand through the spray painted dark emerald hair. It had been hard enough to resist the offer when Alex had turned around and asked Kyle if he had wanted to come to the local comic con.

He had been trying to avoid Alex since the day that the newly ink haired boy had stated that they should stay away from each other. But Kyle hadn't been able to keep it up, evidently neither had Alex.

But the fact is that Alex's condition of Kyle coming along would be that the red haired boy actually cosplay with him!

"I'm still not happy about this." Craig muttered, his eyes cold and dark as they glowered at Kyle.
"C-Craig!" Tweek whispered.
"I don't care. Alex can do far better than him! The men in this town, have done nothing but treat Alex like crap! He can do so much better!"
"From the amount of time that you're spending with him, I'm surprised that you're not with him." Kyle snarled slowly adjusting his purple velvet suit.

Each in their group had dressed up as part of Alex's plan.

Apparently, according to Craig, Alex had been looking forward for this for the last month. Ever since Alex had smashed Stan out of the game and taken out Cartman's lead ranger. To say that the fat ass had been angry would have been the understatement of the century. But since that they Cartman had called a cease fire and everyone had been stuck in their own territories.

A fact which apparently had been driving Alex mad, according to Craig.

A whole month Kyle had gone without seeing Alex... and he had hated every minute of it.

Then all of a sudden out of the blue, Kyle had got a text off the boy a couple of weeks ago and-

"Well it's about time." Craig grinned. "And here I thought that you was going to come as Alois from Blackbutler." The nasally boy laughed quietly. Then paused as something clicked. "Hang on a minute-"

Kyle turned his head slowly in the direction Craig was looking in and felt his face exploded out in a crimson blush beneath the pale of his Joker make up.

There he was.

As they stepped out the shadows, their red and black leather clad legs crossed over one another, revealing the alluringly thin but strong toned state that they were. The symbols of black and red diamonds opposite each other were clad like a uniform over him. He wore a matching themed colour corset piece which had been adjusted for him, like the boots had been which reached up to his knees and clicked lightly, sending a faint echo bouncing of the walls around him of the entry. His pearly teeth glistened as he ran a hand through his platinum blond locks of hair, his fringe edged with the same colour of his clothes as he placed the pistols carefully back into the sheaths on his black and silver belt, behind his back.

His hands were gloved up to his elbows but fingers were left exposed as they reached up and touched the headpiece he was wearing, while he pulled on a matching black and red jacket. Around his neck was a tight fitted spike collar, while he wore matching wristbands on both wrists. His contact lens eyes glistened as the boy smirked from ear to ear, his lips a soft red, outlined with dark crimson. Their face was covered completely in white make up save for their lips and eyebrows. But what made the boy's eyes stand out so much was the midnight black outline which surrounded him on his otherwise pale face. "Well hey there Puddin." The boy smirked.

Kyle's jaw dropped open in disbelief as he stared over the boy.

Alex's ass was outlined quite nicely if Kyle did say so himself, staring at the black and red leather, before his eyes began moving up the boy's arms to the corset piece. "The complete outfit from Arkham Cirty." Alex chuckled in a light and soft voice. His eyes looking over to Craig for a minute. "What do you think big brother?" He asked lightly. But there was no teasing in his voice, only a hope of approval glistening in his eyes as he looked at Craig hopefully.

Craig sighed, running a hand through his hair but put on a comforting yet small smile for the boy. "I think you look amazing as Harley Quinn." Craig said softly. "I just think that you could have been a better Alois."
"Well what could be wrong. I have my outfit, and a Mr.J!" Alex bounced lightly on his heels before jumping over and holding onto Kyle's arms. "Aren't I right puddin!" Alex beamed then paused after a minute as there was no reply. "Uh...Puddin?"

Craig glowered at Kyle as the red haired boy ran a hand through his hair and came out with a squeaky. "Y-Yeah!"

Kyle was confused as hell. He had dressed up as asked to as the joker. That meant he was wearing a bright orange, with black button up waist jacket under his purple suit coat. His button up shirt was the exact same colour as his waist jacket, but was adorned with a dark green bow-tie. He had highlighted his emerald eyes to make them stand out even brighter.

But the boy was blushing like mad still.

Then Kyle saw a small spark gleam through Alex's eyes as the boy suppressed a smug smile. "Batter up." He snicked and Kyle took a quick step behind him as he felt his suit trousers getting tighter. "Anyway, I don't know what you two aren't happy about! I think Tweek makes an adorable Catwoman!" Alex smirked.

Yeah, that was the other condition.

Tweek was wearing leather jeans and black platform shoes. He had a prop whip shoved through his belt. His torso was showing slightly as the black zip up leather jacket that he wore, which clung to his figure, showed how thin the boy was. His blond hair was spray painted black and his fingers and hands were tucked into clawed leather gloves.

Kyle guessed that Alex had gotten the outfits... especially Craig's.

Alex bounced over and quickly helped the ink haired boy pull on his cowl mask. His large black cape trailed out behind him, while the metal outline of his muscular armor wrapped around his body. Kyle's eyes went over every individual detail and still he knew that only one tailor he knew could be able to create something like that, and that was Alex.

"So, shall we?" The blond beamed from ear to ear as the front gate opened letting in the priority booking tickets to the joys of waited beyond. Alex was almost bouncing on the spot, giggling with joy.

The three boys all exchanged an amused look as Alex went cartwheeling away into the crowd and the depths which waited.

"Next time." Craig smirked slightly, glancing over at Tweek as he wound his arm around his boyfriend and set on the path after his surrogate little brother. "I'm choosing the outfits."
"If you believe that, then it's you who should be labeled insane! Not me!" Alex called back and giggled.
"Honestly... you all think I'm like some kind of lost dog who will just follow you all anywhere!" Kyle frowned slightly, folding his arms. "I'm not just going to drop everything and follow you all around all day just because you ask-"
"Oh Mr.J, your phones going?"

Kyle frowned and felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

Craig shot a questioning frown at Kyle but didn't seem to notice the glistening spark in Alex's eyes as the boy grinned from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

Alex: Play nice Puddin, and you may just be able to rev up your Harley ;) x

Kyle's jaw dropped and he looked up slowly.

Alex's eyes were half lidded as he slowly turned, moving his arse and shaking it slightly as he swayed with every, carefully placed step. His fingers tapping lightly against the soft skin of his hips as he shot Kyle a small grin, then ran off.

"I'm coming!" He called, running after them to catch up.

Tweek rose an eyebrow and looked between them and his boyfriend. "D-D-Did we miss something?"
"I've got a feeling." Craig glowered at Kyle. "That we missed something big... and I don't like it."

For an hour they wandered around and barely even covered the smallest amount of stalls which were there and open. Craig made sure to stick close to Tweek and Alex the entire time. Whenever Alex wandered too far Craig would call out the boy's name with a small smile and Kyle would let out a light chuckle with Tweek at the eager boy. "It's like he's a kid and it's pancake day, or he's at Disney land!" Kyle chuckled quietly.
"Well dayumn, that's one Harley Quinn I wouldn't mind letting handle my mallet."

The smile slipped off Kyle's face as a couple of older teenagers walked past, staring at Alex as though they were ready to pounce.

"Harley!" Kyle snapped.

Alex looked up and rose an eyebrow, but smirked when he saw the other boys, before he skipped over. "Coming Mr.J!" He giggled, on the last step cartwheeling and ducking under Kyle's arm which immediately wound around Alex's waist and pulled him tightly next to him.

The guy dressed up as Deadpool glared at Kyle behind his mask. "Easy mate. I was just having a bit of fun. Don't need to get your knickers in a twist-"
"Tell me, in a fight between the Joker and Deadpool, who won?" Kyle asked softly.
"They never have-"
"Wanna find out?" Kyle growled.

Alex giggled quietly, leaning back against Kyle's chest.

Kyle had grown absolutely sick of it. Finally. He had enough!

He was in freaking love with Alex. He had been all this time. Since he had clapped eyes on the golden eyed blond he had felt like he had finally found something! Something in all of his confusing bloody life! He had found someone! He had his first time with Alex! He had brought Alex into his world only to get the boy hurt and just as they had gotten together and those words had finally come out, he had lost everything in one night. He was sick of other people taking from him what he had been in the middle of! Enough already! He had enough of Kenny, of people flirting with Alex! Enough was enough already!
"Cool off mate... we'll be on our way." The costumed guy frowned, slowly walking away muttering insults under his breath as he went.

Alex grinned from ear to ear as he laced both hands innocently behind his back and looked up slowly into Kyle's eyes. "You do realize that it was Tweek who is dressed as Catwoman, put those claws away sweetheart. But I do have to ask, what was all that about?" Alex glanced over for a minute to the large crowd, noticing that Craig and Tweek were at a stall, looking through some comics.
"Nothing." Kyle muttered, feeling a little empty when Alex twirled away from his embrace.
"Huh... that's a shame. I thought that if I put you in that costume, you may feel a bit more confident... instead of hiding." Alex's eyes narrowed. "But I guess, I wasted my time." With that he turned sharply on the spot and began to walk away.

It was another half an hour before they took a break after that.

A half hour filled with constant requests for photos, selfies and questions about how they had made their outfits... the latter wasn't so awkward. But with every new photo by someone who wanted a picture of Alex or Kyle, or as both in their couple position. It became more and more awkward for both. They would always stand a bit of a distance away from one another and when the person on the camera would ask for them to get a bit closer, they would shoot a glare which they were sure Harley and Joker would be proud of.

They were just about to sit down when Craig wheeled around on them both and frowned. "Okay, what's going on here? You've both been acting awkward with each other all day. You both are sending such mix signals that even a dead stone could probably read you! So what happened..." Craig slowly turned his gaze over to Kyle. "What the hell?" He glared then looked a bit softer at Alex who had folded his arms.
"It's nothing." Kyle said then watched as Alex frowned at the floor, not saying anything but shooting him a look as cold as the winter which lingered for South Park.
"Alex." Tweek said softly, his twitch moving across his face as he let out a small whimper.
"What ever." The boy snapped and stormed off, with Tweek on his heels, calling after him to see if he's okay.

Craig towered above Kyle as the boy's cold eyes bore down into emerald eye boy. His fists were curled tightly, so much so that beneath his gauntlets that his knuckles blared white against his skin. The boy's body was tense, tired, looking fed up and ready to knock Kyle out. "I've had enough of Alex being hurt by you. I've had enough of watching him get hurt."
"And I've had enough of watching you pretend you're in happy family! He isn't your brother! He had a sister! A sister who was killed because she was raped! Raped by the same people who raped him!"
"It's not a game Kyle." Craig sighed but kept up his annoyed glare as he pulled back his mask. "It's the fact that everyone in this stupid town is a backward, idiotic, imbecile who seems to set impossible boundaries for Alex. I saw it happen to Tweek, I'm not going to let it happen to him, especially not after what he's been through. You need to stay away from him and stay out of his life." Craig began to turn away slowly as his eyes searched for his boyfriend and Alex. "You wouldn't just be doing yourself a favor, you'd be doing him one too-"
"Really? Because it didn't seem like he wanted me to go the other day when I was fucking him!" Kyle barked.

Of course, that was the moment that Alex and Tweek had decided to return.

Alex's jaw dropped open in disbelief.

Tweek blushed brightly staring over at Alex with disbelief.

And Craig punched Kyle square in the face.

"Alex!" Tweek squeaked.
"God damn it, those gauntlets are made with real metal aren't they?" Kyle snarled, rubbing his jaw where it hurt like hell.
"I swear to god, you're dead!" Craig snarled.

But just as his fist smashed out again, Kyle ducked as a black heel pinned Craig's fist to the wall. The gap between the heel and the point of the shoe, made a manacle over Craig's wrist and kept him locked in place. "Honestly, why Harley Quinn never did this, I'll never know." Alex yawned, his leg raised at it's flexible angle and yet he kept perfect balance as he focused. His eyes slowly slid over to Kyle. "Nice nose bleed... you're ruining your make up. We've got no chance in the costume competition A) If we're all going to be arguing, and B) caught bloody."
"C-Craig?" Tweek whimpered, staring at his boyfriend, shocked by such a sudden burst of anger.
"You selfish bastard." Craig snarled. "You selfish son of a bitch."
"Enough games." Alex snapped. "I'm going to go and clean up Kyle. Then I'm going home." He looked between them both. "If I wanted fighting, I would have stayed home with my mother."

With that, Alex pulled back his heeled foot and grabbed Kyle by the collar of his shirt, dragging him to the nearest bathroom.

Tweek just sighed and watched both boys go.

He slowly glanced up to Craig who held his fist in pain but looked down at the floor sadly. "I-I k-know why you did it." Tweek said as softly as he could. "But it's Alex's life. But... Can you give him a chat about it? Because if his mother finds out about this?" Tweek smiled ever so slightly, chuckling softly. "Then I think that-"

"I'm so dead." Alex whispered before shoving Kyle up against the closed bathroom door and kissing him passionately.

His hands were curled tightly into Kyle's suit jacket collar as he felt the taller boy's tongue slowly moving across his lower lip before seeking entrance. It was like fire was exploding across every nerve of his body. His head seared in pain but the pleasure moving through him was like nothing he had ever felt in his life. Kyle was like the venom and the life saving medication all at once.

He had slammed the door locked shut behind him the moment that he had gotten chance to. Some people had shot him a look but he had only smirked as he had looked at the emerald eye boy. Staring at those beautiful eyes which just seemed to hypnotize him whenever he found himself looking into their depths. "So nothing am I?" He had purred. "I'll see about that."

He slammed Kyle back against the door, grinning from ear to ear with a victory as he watched the other boy left breathless.

Though he himself had to turn away for a minute as he felt a sharp searing pain in his forehead.

"Got to say... Keeping that secret about us... it was fun." He whispered gently. His eyes sparkling. "But it seems that everyone who knows about us, my mother, Craig, Tweek, everyone. They all seem to disapprove or think that it's dangerous?"
"The way that I see it." Kyle grinned. "Is that right now, it's only Harley Quinn, kissing her boyfriend."
"Hmm..." Alex purred, placing a slow kiss on Kyle's lips. "I've got to say... I do like that perception."

Alex looked over at the door for a long minute then the large empty bathroom around them.

"Uh... Alex? What are you thinking?"
"I'm thinking... I want some bloody fun. I want some fun, some pleasure and it only seems to be that I can get that from you." Alex's fingers moved across the boy's belt. "And since we're both in character right now..."
"In a public place?" Kyle stared with wide eyes.
"Happy valentines day." Alex smirked before slamming their mouths back together. "Mr.J."