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Catherine was more frightened than she had been in years as she sat bound and blindfolded in the drafty shack. She was in a terribly precarious situation as the only thing she could depend on was the greed of an un-named kidnapper. The human flaw of greed had served Catherine well all her life, but in this moment she had started to doubt her own persuasive powers. She hadn't thought she would have ever allowed herself to be vulnerable enough to be kidnapped again. It brought back horrible memories of her time in Florence, and she didn't think she'd ever be ready to confront those particular demons. It made her feel weak and powerless, and very much like the scared little girl who had been only a pawn in a game of chess. The siege of her home by Count Vincent and his men had brought up the same raw emotions, and she had promised herself that if she survived she would never again be left defenseless, but alas, here she was again. She had no way of knowing if she'd ever see her precious children ever again. Catherine had doubled her guard since the attack on the castle, but she had made one possibly fatal mistake. Commanding her guards to wait outside of the church while she made confessions of her many sins had felt the safest option, but now it was the worst decision she had made since she'd had those Scots murdered. She hadn't wanted anyone who wasn't already privy to that information to have any leverage to use against her, but if she'd have known she would have been abducted she would have ordered her most trusted guard to accompany her inside. Questioning her decision of what she could have done to prevent this travesty was useless now. She had currently been left alone to sit and ponder her current fate as she prayed her life would somehow be spared by the knowledge of her wealth.

Her nameless attacker had left her alone for quite some time and she could only imagine it was nightfall or close to dawn. The cold had seeped into her bones and the shackles had rubbed her wrists raw from her consistently trying to pull to get free, as if by her physical strength she could break her bonds and flee for her life. Her body might be bound, but her mind was racing to conclusions on who was behind her kidnapping faster than even she could comprehend. She had no doubt that Mary, Queen of Scots was behind this matter. The very day of her kidnapping Catherine had denied Mary's request to help her mother, Marie de Guise, and had rebuked the young Queen for begging. Queens never beg! Who else but Mary would have a better reason to have her kidnapped and held for ransom? Desperate for her mother's life and in dire need of funds, the young woman must have been pushed to a precipice she wouldn't have reached for years under normal circumstances. Mary knew well of the wealth of the Medicis' . The young Queen, however, would be unaware of her family's strict tradition to never negotiate with kidnappers where their all-important money was to be exchanged. Frugality was more important than bowing to the whims of every ruffian who held their family members for ransom. They wouldn't have stayed devilishly rich that way at all!

So with that knowledge she awaited her unknown assailant's return, wondering how her children would react if she was delivered to them piece by piece or even at all. What would their fates be without Henry to acknowledge them as he had done for so many years? Without her protection, love, and support she was sure they would be vulnerable to attacks from all sides. Would their father even try to protect them? She wished that she could believe he would, but with everything that had transpired in their marriage she felt sure that they were in danger even now as she was stuck in this God forsaken place. Would Henry remarry? Of course he would! Barely cold in her grave, she was sure Diane would be making the most elaborate of marriage plans to finally legitimize her tawdry affair with Henry. Her husband! After all the years of his public humiliation of her, she still couldn't help the sob that escaped her dry lips from the thoughts of how soon Henry would move on. How easily forgotten she would be as all of his many mistresses throughout the years had been. She was sure he had forgotten their long daily walks by the lake, and even longer passionate nights from their younger years. They had both been different people back then, and even though she would never admit it to anyone she still dreamed every night of those kinder, simpler times. In those times she had been naïve and he had been so gentle. Their love had burned stronger than any flame ever could, until they had been consumed in their passions for one another.

She was so dominated by the depth of her emotions that she didn't even realize the chill of the cold through her thin gown now. She wished they could turn back the years and just love each other again. They had played their parts as King and Queen so well and kept France together for so long that she wondered if the man and the woman even existed anymore? If she had just been a woman, and he a man, would things have been different? Would their love have lasted more than a few years? Would their children have had a doting father who taught their sons how to be men and taught their daughters how they should be treated by the love of their life? Would their children have seen their love in their gentle embraces? Granted, she admittedly hated thinking of what could have been but in her weak state alone she let her tears and secret longings flow from her heart and down her cheeks. She could still remember the lingering feeling of his fingers gently touching her cheek the last time they had been together. He had been gentler than he had been in years and it was almost like those early stolen moments. She had caught a glimpse of the man instead of the King. He hadn't commanded in his passion, only given willingly everything he thought she needed and wanted. It had all fallen apart again with the revelation of her affair with Richard, and Catherine was sure if it hadn't been for diplomacy sake he would have beheaded her. His wrath and pain was clear in his eyes. She had broken him completely. That knowledge had reduced their long buried love to ash and scattered them to the four winds. She was sure his request of her to stay with him after they had disposed of that poor bohemian girl had been him trying to regain power over her in the only way Henry knew how to control all the women in his life. He was the King, and was used to bending everyone to his will. He knew he couldn't have her in his bed at his beckoning call, and it still irked him. She knew Henry better than she knew anyone, and he never took well to being refused. That had been the cause of the problems in their marriage to begin with. She just couldn't bite her tongue when it came to his antics, and he'd wanted a more obedient wife. In his anger and to cause her more pain he had brought Diane back to court, and had broken Catherine's heart. From then on, whenever he visited her chambers it was out of their duty to make heirs. Although a part of her heart had died with every heartless touch she had to secure her position. It had become a cold callous routine without much tenderness from either of them.

She'd drifted so far into her memories that she had fallen into a trance-like state until she heard footsteps behind her! She heard the turning of the key in the lock and felt the opening of the door as the cold wet breeze brought her fully back to reality. Her fate had just walked through the door. She cried out in surprise when the wet sticky package landed in her lap. With one last threat and the information and money exchanged, the cold metal of the key was pressed into her hand before hearing her unknown assailant's retreating footsteps. Hurriedly tearing her blindfold off and unchaining her hands she opened her package. Hortensa? That bitch had the gall to have her kidnapped! She had known the woman hated her, but had her jealousy of Catherine's life been that intense? Mary hadn't had anything to do with it? Somewhere in her mind she still didn't trust the young Scottish Queen, but all of that could be taken care of later. Thankful for her life she allowed herself a sigh of relief. She was still a survivor. She would see her children again! She would see Henry. As much as she hated to admit it to herself, she had drifted to a happier time with him during her experience. Sadly the memories that they had made in their youth would be all that she would ever have, but it had helped her in a small way. He would never know, but she had needed him.