Looking out at the ocean, the swell starting to break across the rocks and the beach made Will feel somewhat peaceful. it had become a daily ritual to come down to the beach and catch a few waves since moving to Australia. This country always amazed him yet made him forget about the troubles he faced back home a million miles away.

He came to Australia not long after finding out he was going to become a father and Gabi's now ex, Nick, had forced him to go sign the rights over to his baby and Sonny no longer wanted anything to do with him, which he couldn't blame Sonny because he couldn't forgive himself. He hated himself.

After the same night as coming out as the father to the unborn child he decided he had to get away and it was even more imperative to him to leave Salem after the huge fight he had with his mother and father. So he packed what little belongings he could and ran away.

At first he ended up in Los Angeles which at first he liked and certainly stayed a few weeks to begin with but he soon came to realisation that he could not stay as his mother seemed to have followed him. So he booked a one way ticket to Sydney, leaving his credit card behind in the apartment he let and took the first flight out of LAX bound to Australia.

That was well over 7 years ago and how times had changed. He had heard through his Grandma Marlena that Gabi and Nick had gone their separate ways, with Gabi now getting help to raise his baby girl Arianna through Will's mother. Sonny had stayed somewhat briefly in Salem, due to the coffee house business he had started and from what he heard his second business, a nightclub also starting up and doing well. Of course the last he had heard from Grandma Marlena, was the Sonny had gone overseas to China, Korea, London and parts of Europe.

Hearing anything about Sonny always made Will feel bad for the way he treated him by keeping the secrecy surrounding Gabi being pregnant and him being the father. If only he could go back in time to fix this mistake, then maybe his life wouldn't so stuffed up.

But now he had to make it on his own, and that is what he was doing. He had a great job down at the local R.S.L Club as a bartender and occasional writer for the local paper, but it was enough to keep him occupied and out of trouble.

Riding each wave that came near him made him feel more relaxed and in touch with both himself and nature. It was hard to describe but it made him at peace with all the negativity that had come around him.

After heading shore he continued to look out to the ocean for a moment he thought to himself that maybe he should try and contact his mother to see how things are. Hell even maybe consider calling Lucas, his father just to hear his voice. But the thought went quickly out of his mind as he got up from sitting down on the sand and ran up to the beach house he had to get changed and ready for work down at the club.

Walking into the club, Will was greeted by one of his supervisors, Noah, who too had come from the USA to live down under with his partner, Luke, who was a full-time journalist for the local paper, whilst Noah worked part-time at the local TV station and club.

"Hey Noah, busy day so far?" Will asked as he went over to the other till to place his draw inside and get ready to help serve so Noah could get ready to go home

"Hey Will. Nah, just the old girls with the Bingo Rush. Though it may get busier later on this evening. I will be back in a couple of hours as Jake has yet again called in sick" Noah replied giving a sarcastic look to Will who didn't look pleased at what Noah had just said

"Again? Seriously Jake has had more sick days in the last 4 weeks than I have since starting here 4 years ago. What was his excuse this time?"

"Honestly, I don't know why management insist we keep him on but they do. Apparently he had come down with the flu or something and was vomiting blah, blah, blah" Noah said having a slightly chuckle in his voice.

"Gah, so its just me and you on then tonight?" Will asked Noah who quickly replied "yes" as he gathered his stuff to take to the cashiers room and his locker

"Ok well, you better head off then. Oh by the way, hows Luke going? Haven't seen him in a few weeks. We have to catch up for a barbecue"

Noah looked at Will and replied "Yeah he is a good. Busy with a huge story at the moment. Don't know the full details and don't think I do. And sure, would be awesome. You have the weekend off right?"

Will replied "Evening yes but I am working the early morning start at 6 am on Saturday, finish about 1pm"

"Awesome, come around to ours say about 5pm on Saturday and we will have a few drinks and a good old fashion BBQ!" Noah replied as he walked out around the bar with his till draw and belongings to the cashiers office and out to see Luke.

Will could hardly wait for the weekend, as he really needed some time with some good friends to cheer him up.

It was a relative quiet afternoon, until the bus run from Nowra, about half an hour away brought new tourists into the town.

Will was slightly run off his feet with people wanting to get some drinks into them before they headed off to their hotels in the town to either relax or get dolled up so they could hit the town tonight.

As he finished serving one of the regulars to the club, he turned to ask the short black haired, hazel eyes gentlemen standing next to Kevin, another regular and asked what he would like.

It didn't register at first, but this gentleman was certainly shocked to see him, but also angry and hurt as they replied "An explanation would be good for starters.

Will looked up and locked eye with this stranger as he whispered out his name quickly "Sonny"

The shock of this certainly apparent to them but to also other around and nearby.