Finally at the bar, he looked to will who asked him without blinking an eye lid nor looking straight at him what he would like, he gulped and replied "An explanation would be good for starters."

Will looked up and locked eye with this stranger as he whispered out his name quickly "Sonny"

The shock of this certainly apparent to them but to also other around and nearby.

"Well. Am I going to get an explanation or are you just going to stand there looking at me as if I am a ghost?" Sonny stated holding his hands out whilst

"What do you want me to say Sonny? I mean this really isn't the place or time you know. I am at work at the moment" Will stated as he tried desperately not to show his overwhelming shock and happiness to see his Sonny right in front of him. The Sonny he left all those years ago back in Salem. Almost a lifetime ago.

"What a pathetic excuse. Yeah I know you're at work but we need to talk because I have questions and you certainly need to answer them. Surely you can take a break or something?" Sonny stated in a raised voice, prompting security to come over.

"Is everything ok here Will?" Casey asked

Will looked at Casey then back to Sonny as he replied "Yeah, just an old friend who has come to surprise me. Thats all"

"FRIEND?…is that all I am just a friend?" Sonny said yelling and disbelieving his ears., to the words that just came out of Will's mouth.

"Sir I am going to have to ask you to either tone your voice down and walk away from the bar area for 10 mins. If you haven't calmed down by then I will have to politely ask you to leave" Casey stated in a very stern and cold manner.

"Fine. I'll leave. Obviously it was a mistake coming here" Sonny said as he began to walk off, fuming at how cold Will was treating him.

"Sonny…..stop….Sonny please" Will began to say as he walked after him.

finally catching up outside the club, Will grabbed hold of one of Sonny's arms as he spun him around and stopped him dead in his tracks

"Sonny please just hear me out for the moment." Will said as he looked at Sonny who almost felt like punching him right in the face there and then.

"Look, I am sorry I acted that way. Its just me trying to keep my emotions at bay whilst at work" Will said as he continued "I am just shocked to see you here. I mean I need to know how….I mean who told you I was hear anyway?"

Sonny just continued to look at Will with the face of anger as he said through gritted teeth "Who cares who told me. It was a mistake coming down here all this way for nothing obviously"

Will was taken back a little, as he said "No, no it wasn't. I am just…Just trying to get my head around you are hear which is good because yes we need to talk, but I am at work at the moment and don't get off till the wee hours of the morning. Can I suggest we talk tomorrow? I have an RDO (rostered day off) and it might be best if we went down to the beach or the jetty here at the river?" Will asked, with his eyes pleading to Sonny's cold brown eyes

"What makes you think I even want to talk to you now after what you said in there?" Sonny asked Will. He needed to know where he stood in all of this at the very moment

"Look I am sorry. I just…now isn't the right time and…" just as Will tried to finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Sonny who was just tissed off at the way Will was handling the current situation.

"When is a good time Will? I mean I have flown over 14 hours to find you and when I do you just brush me off for feck sake"

"I know, I know and I am sorry and before you say anything let me finish ok?" Will stated as Sonny replied with a stunned silence on his face.

"Look, how about we talk tomorrow given that I have the day off and we can talk about everything then ok. Look, give me your phone and I will enter my new number in there ok?" Will asked as Sonny

Sonny, looking at Will, hesitantly handed over his phone as Will quickly typed in his number.

"There. So I will text you after my shift and let you know when we can talk about all this tomorrow ok" Will said as he

Will then just gave a Sonny quick smile before bolting back into the club, gathering his things and heading home.

Why all of a sudden? Why come looking for me now? I mean its been what, 7 years? Fark! What am I going to do or how am I am going to explain this, everything to him when I can't even comprehend what I have done to date? Fark, Fark, Fark!