Why all of a sudden? Why come looking for me now? I mean its been what, 7 years? Fark! What am I going to do or how am I am going to explain this, everything to him when I can't even comprehend what I have done to date? Fark, Fark, Fark!

*knock, knock*

No answer

*knock, knock, knock*

No Answer

*Ding, dong, ding dong*

'I'm coming, I'm coming' a distant voice could be heard as footsteps can now been somewhat heard coming from behind the door as a familiar voice muttered some comments before opening up the front door

"Who could it be at this time of the night. Fark, its too early for this shit! If its the farking dickhead down the road i'm going to loose it"

Opening the door, Noah was instantly surprised to see Will standing at his front door at this time of the night

"Hey, it's you." Noah said standing in his robe trying desperately to tie the not in front so as not to expose his naked body underneath

"Um hey. Sorry. Bad timing. I'll come back in the morning man. Should have run of texted to see if you were still awake before come over. Sorry. I'll let you go" Will said as he slowly walked off the front verandah of Noah & Will's house, which he used to share when he first came to town.

"Hey, Will no it's all good. You know we are here for you anytime. Just cranky because we've had the kid 4 doors down pranking at all hours and poor Luke hasn't had much sleep because it keeps little David and Charlie awake and poor Ebony goes to school half tired cause of the twins being awake all hours. actually surprised they didn't wake up right now" Noah said looking at Will and then upstairs to try and listen for any cries from the twins.

"Sorry dude. Honestly forgot that you may have just put the twins to sleep. How are they the little my munchkins?" Will asked as he was the godfather to the twins, David & Charlie

Noah little out a little laugh as he moved to the side of door signalling Will to come in

"Huh! Your little godchildren are the naughty little munchkins. In their terrible two's. Anyway come in man, come in"

Upon closing the door and showing Will through to the kitchen where noise wouldn't generally travel up too up the stairs Noah asked Will what was bothering him

"So what's up Will. You look like you have seen a ghost or something. Nothing bad happen to you at the club tonight did it Will? I haven't heard from the police which is weird unless they called John instead again?"

Will, looking directly at Noah asked if he could have a coffee before going into his dilemma

"Noah man, before I go into it, I think we both need a coffee because this is a biggie and no nothing happened at the club, well besides me leaving early because of this situation"

Noah looked at Will who could tell it was something serious on his mind. Quickly turning the kettle on and preparing the coffee, he turned to Will who then began telling him the issue

"So basically its a case of the ex, my first and only one true love, true man came back and has tracked me down, thats what"

After an hour of explaining his story right from the beginning and at least a couple of coffee's later, Noah had been fully informed

"So what are you going to do?" Noah asked looking directly who at Will who he could tell was still somewhat confused, dazed and even looking quite pale in the face.

He too could understand what he was going through given his own issue in the beginning with his relationship with Luke and coming to terms with who he was, or at least thought he knew who he was until Luke turned his life upside down and for the better.

Will looked at Noah then back at his empty mug before replying "I honestly don't know. I mean I know I said I would met with him tomorrow, well later on today" Checking and pointing towards the clock

Will continued "but the issue is, what do I honestly tell him without upsetting him too much. I mean my head and emotions are all over the place and quite frankly i'm not sure I can honestly tell him how I truly feel and what I want given it has been so long"

Noah looked at Will and quickly grabbed his hands and placed them with Will's

"Will, your a good person. I think you need to tell him how you feel and tell him everything from the beginning like you have with me" Noah stated giving Will a small smile as he continued "I mean there is no easy way of telling him how you feel and don't get me wrong, there will be questions because of the length of time and you have to be prepared for him to want to resent you at first but I am sure if you both talk to each other and see if you can patch things up, I am sure it will be fine and work out in the end" Noah again stated with a small smile to Will who was looking at him shyly.

"However you also have to prepare yourself in case it's not fine and that he won't listen to anything you have to say. Either way you just have to go for it" Noah stated as he got up and took their mugs to dishwasher

Noah's words really began to sink in for Will who understood that he had to talk to Sonny regardless of the fact it had been quite a long period and quite a few kilometres away from where they first knew each other.

"I guess your right Noah and thanks for hearing me out" Will state as he got up off his seat and walked over to Noah to give him a hug

"No worries man, any time" Noah replied as he hugged Will before stating that Will should stay over the rest of the evening

"Anyway its late and we should both get some shut eye" Noah stated pointing to the clock that stated it was 3.30 am

"How about you stay here and crash on the couch or better yet, the spare room is there with a couple of your spare clothes in the wardrobe if you want to stay without rushing back home to change in the morning?" Noah stated to Will

Will was unsure if he should stay the night but decided on staying as he felt exhausted and wasn't sure he could drive for the rest of the night

"Yeah sure. I'll stay in the spare room. Thanks once again Noah" Will stated as he and Noah headed up the stairs before whispering a good night to each other.

Once in the bed room and stopped off down to his jockstrap and laid on the bed looking up at the ceiling wondering what tomorrow will bring for him with meeting Sonny.

He hoped all would go well if anything.