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"Stop please." She whimpered as her arms were pinned down above her head. "Please..." Her pleads were growing more and more pathetic as the seconds passed and she already knew there was no way she was going to stop him this time. She had failed the last half a dozen times, why would her crying make this time any different.

"Shut up." The harshness in his voice just made more tears spill out from the corners of her dark brown eyes, running down her untouched porcelain skin and into her chestnut hair. "Do you want to wake your mom, huh?" He smirked, letting what little light there was in the room reflect off the two gold teeth he had toward the left side of his mouth. "You want her to see what a little slut you are?"

She didn't reply, cause she knew better. Answering him made her a little miss know it all and only caused her more pain. It may have took her a while to learn this, but now it was clear to her that if she just stayed quiet then it was over with much quicker and she had less bruises to take care of when morning rose to mark the beginning of a new day.

Annabelle craved to see the sunrise, it was what marked the start to making things better...not that she tried to. She was to scared, but the morning also meant that she was as far away from night fall as possible, when the demons came out to torture her for all the wrong she had done.

'Stop him.' The girl inside her head screamed as if she too was begging out of pain. 'Annabelle what are you doing?...Stop him!'

But Annabelle just let her head roll off to the side like she did every time, letting her eyes blur over with tears and forcing her mind to ignore all the senses her body could possibly feel. That particular voice had been with her for as long as she could remember. In school, teachers would constantly watch with fascination as instead of socialising with other children, she would sit in classes and during lunch playing and talking with herself in great depth. To some it caused concern, but to most she was just a young girl with a very wide imagination. That's all Annabelle thought of it too, all the other kids had imaginary friends, that's all Lola was; a fictional friend for her to talk to. But then as the years passed, and Annabelle grew older and smarter she knew that the voice wasn't normal. She wasn't telling Lola what to say, it was as if she had a voice of her own and was just a little person trapped inside her head. And Annabelle couldn't forget about her and move on, as the years went by she stayed, always there as a person Annabelle to console in. There was no one else after all.

Because if this Annabelle didn't mind, she saw nothing wrong with it, until one night she had her first episode. First, the loud ringing in head head began, then slowly began to grow until it was screaming at her. Her head began to pound and she could hear Lola calling out to her, louder and louder, stronger and stronger until darkness fell over Annabelle's eyes and she fell into what she felt like was a deep sleep. In reality, her body had still been awake and fully functioning. When morning came, she found drawings on her desk that she had no recollection of making and at the bottom right hand side of the paper 'Lola Moore, Age 14' was marked. The age was correct but the name matched the girl inside here head. This sent Annabelle into a panic, how could she have been awake but unconscious. Something was wrong but she dealt with it herself, not daring to approach her mother.

'Annabelle! Stop him!' Lola shrieked, starting to sound like she was crying too. 'Why don't you just stop him?' Annabelle couldn't stop him, she didn't have the strength to push the fully grown man off her or the courage to scream for her mother who was in the next room, knowing that if she did it would all be Annabelle's fault anyway and then she might end up getting an even worse beating.

'Leave it, you know she won't listen.' Another voice said, a darker one.

This had been the second sign to tell Annabelle this wasn't normal, two years ago, when Annabelle was just 15 years old the voice who preferred to remain unnamed spoke up talking of things that Annabelle couldn't even bring herself to listen to. She talked of awful things, thing that would make her mother pay for how she made Annabelle feel, things that would punish her for blaming Annabelle for her own fathers disappearance. She didn't see any good in people other than the ones who ruled and had power, she saw disregard to life as a good feature for a human to have. The 'unknown' stated she didn't need a name to separate her from the rest, she didn't want to be classed as a Linda or Barbara she just wanted to show people how they could live.

'Why doesn't she do anything?' Lola begged for an answer, she didn't like the unnamed either and told this to Annabelle regularly. 'Never let her get control like I have before." She had warned one night as more voices whispered evil in the background. And Annabelle hadn't let her, not yet.

'Cause she's nothing more than a submissive baby, she'll let people do this until the day she dies...haha.' SHE chuckled darkly, as if she enjoyed it. 'Which won't be too long away if she keeps letting ares holes like this into her bed.'

As the voices continued on with each other, Annabelle completely phased out, remaining to listen to the opinions being spoken but ignoring the grunts of the man on top of her and the feeling of his nails digging and breaking the skin all over her body.

'Don't say that! You'll scare here.' Lola scolded.

'Good. Maybe the fear will finally make her stick up for herself and bite back.' She had no sympathy for Annabelle, given the chance she would use that body so much more wisely. She would make them all so much more...inspiring.

It wasn't long until it was all over and he kept back into her mothers bed, leaving Annabelle to stay and wait silently through another sleepless night until the sky turned red.

'Its all going to change soon Annie.' She taunted in the new found silence. 'You can't keep me back much longer, I need to live. You're getting weaker.'

"Shut up, just...leave me alone...please." Annabelle whispered, finally finding her voice again. She wasn't up to arguing with her right now, not tonight. Because on a night like this, she feared that she would actually give into her just so she would be able to rest and not think for a little while.

'As you wish, your majesty.' She laughed more minimally, she was growing stronger and Annabelle knew that, she could feel it.