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"Look at her."

She was quiet inside. Most likely shaking in the same little shell she'd hid in for years. Rocking back and forth, replaying the images of what she'd just witnessed through her own eyes but had no control over.

"Look at her."

The woman lay, quivering, unable to stop herself from glancing at the young girl crouched over her. She was saying something. But all she could here was gargling. Thick and dirty liquid bubbling out of her mouth and running down her face, seeping into the dark floorboards.

The girls eyes weren't focused on anything. There was no one she was directly speaking to, not to the woman, not to an object like someone would, just to the air. She was just talking to herself, but something behind her eyes, something in the emotions put into her words, told even the simplest of people that there was more to this than just a young girl talking to herself. She was talking to someone inside herself.

Annabelle however was still silent.

"You'll have to look at her at some point Annie." Her voice rolled like lava did through rock. Melting everything in it's path violently. "She's your mother. I'd hate for you to regret not having any last words for her." Annabelle hated being laughed at, even the slightest giggle the redness rose to her cheeks like blood spreading around a gun shot wound.

But still, Annabelle was silent, although she could here the small sniffles and huffs coming from that dark hiding place SHE had been captive in for a long time, years before she first ventured out to let Annabelle here the voice of justice.

"No?" Her eyebrows raised and lips pursed as she swung to rest her weight in the other leg. This gave her less of a view of the action happening beneath her but she could feel the warmth off the woman decreasing. "Well then..." With a sigh, she rolled her eyes and jumped with a unique grace so she straddled the woman's middle. "I guess I'll have to say them for you..."

Her slender fingers wrapped around the woman's throat and gripped onto the paling skin. Breathing became more laboured. Blood soaked her hand. And she fed off the fear that swarmed the mothers eyes.

"You didn't deserve this, you deserved to suffer more...but I know this is what she would've wanted." She squeezed her hand harder, grinning all the while. This was all too much fun, more than she could almost handle. The woman jumped when the girl raised the sharpened scissors above her stomach for the second time. Sinking down so her pale lips, splashed with red paint, met the mothers ear, she chuckled under her breath and whispered "And here's to make sure you can't make another psychopath."

The sun was beginning to rise. And like the moon grows tired of the suns company, she was growing tired of theirs. Well one wasn't exactly...there anymore. But she'd decided to let the other one struggle for breath at the end of her own bed.

"Time to go." Letting one foot fall in front of the other, she marched her way out the bedroom and to the head of the stairs. "You wanting to bring anything princess?" Smirking at herself, she didn't wait for the answer she knew she wouldn't get and set off. There were no clothes of her preference lying in the wardrobe so she had to make do with a plain white t-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of white plimsoles. Only a navy hoodie protected her skin from the harsh city weather outside.

When she opened the front door, even HER fearless heart stopped and glanced back up the stairs. After she left today she would not be coming back. Not to see her. Not to save her. Not even to save herself. They all knew that, each little girl inside her head. She may only be 17 but she was going to make things work. SHE was stronger than the others put together and there was no way she was going to stay here and suffocate. No doubt that someone would find them dead, maybe ever mother alive. She wasn't stupid, she knew they'd suspect her first and would be on full look out for her. But she only had to keep hidden for a little while, Annabelle held little importance in the world, within a few weeks she's be out the papers and in the gutter. However SHE...she would rise, she'd make a name for herself whether she gave it to herself or they decided one for her. A day would come where everyone would be brought to justice, whether it was personal or not. For she knew there were others like her out there, others that didn't have a get out of jail free card. Annabelle was a silly little bitch, she knew that, but that didn't mean she wasn't angry at the ones who abused her. After all, it was her body too they were bruising.

She had no plan, but she had ideas on places to go. Obvious first choice was the narrows, they would never expect a young girl to voluntarily head to the underworld of Gotham. And there was plenty of shelter spare. So pulling up her hood, she ran.