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First Year

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."-Lao-tzu

Chapter 1

The Sorting Ceremony and the Surprises that Follow or Surprise

Rose enters the train. It's bustling with students, rushing to greet the friends they haven't seen in months, talking and laughing while looking for compartments. They seem so comfortable, like they know where they belong and it's not even of any significance. She turns around to her cousin, Albus, nods towards the corridor, and makes her way forward. Albus follows, helping her search for the rooms that hold their extended family.

A few minutes later they stumble across his brother James and their cousin Fred and decide to join them. Within the next five minutes though, the compartment is overflowing with James and Fred's friends and other members of the Weasley-Potter Clan. Rose, who has been trying to read her rather lovely new book, Hogwarts: A History, Second Edition, simply cannot concentrate with the noise of her company's horseplay. She tells Al she'll meet him by the boats and leaves the compartment in search of a quitter place to read.

After searching for at least ten minutes she finds a compartment that appears to be empty. She knocks, just to be sure, and as suspected there is no reply. Opening the door, however, she notices a sole figure fixated on the passing scenery. The figure is a male, she can tell as much, one with familiar pale blonde hair. At the sound of the door slamming shut, he turns. Scorpius Malfoy. Well, it's too late to leave now. That would be horridly rude.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Rose asks politely.

He shakes his head slightly, implying he doesn't mind, and returns to the window. She takes a seat on the opposite side of the table, far, far away from the window, and opens her book. She has already read it twice, having received it for her birthday a few weeks ago, yet it still manages to fascinate her. It also provides a nice distraction from the worries that are causing her stomach to churn unpleasantly. What if I don't get into Gryffindor? What if I'm not as smart as Mum? What if no one likes me? What if I fail? What if I disappoint them? What if I disappoint Dad? Her mother is Hermione Weasley, nee Granger, the "Brightest Witch of Her Age," current head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, the woman who aided the Harry Potter in his hunt for the horcruxes, the Freer of the House Elves, and overall, Mum, the caster of the world's biggest shadow. Her father is Ron Weasley, cohead of the Auror Office, the best friend of Harry Potter who also helped find and destroy Voldemort's horcuxes, the man who sent over a hundred Death Eaters to Azkaban, and her Daddy, the person she least wishes to disappoint. Her parents make up two thirds of the Golden Trio. Although they've tried to hide their fame, Rose has known for quite some time about their past. It's hard to overlook the fact that your family's name is mentioned in the "recent events" section of every history book you've ever read. She wants so desperately to please them, to live up to their reputation. She pushes the thoughts aside and pretends that the Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, involved the closing of the Chamber of Secrets are someone else's parents, or better yet mere fictional characters.

Malfoy doesn't look up once. Rose is tempted, more than once, to ask him a question, to say hello, but his cold demeanor, and her father's warning ("Don't get too friendly with him, though Rosie") stops her. Eventually they are nearing the end of the trip, and Rose leaves the compartment to allow him to change. She takes a trip to the lavatory, returning in fifteen minutes time (the loos are on each side of the train and their compartment is right in the middle). When she returns, however, Malfoy has left his post by the window. She presumes he has found some friends, or perhaps didn't want to share a compartment with a Weasley.

Nearly twelve feet tall, three feet wide, hairy, with thick black hair. The description could fit two people: the American legend Big Foot or Rose's favorite half-giant, Rubeus Hagrid.

"Firs' years! Firs' years over here!" he yells, beckoning the other children who will be beginning their first out of seven years of education at Hogwarts this year.

She runs up and give him a hug, grinning at the sight of one of her many favorite honorary family members.

"Blimey Rose, look at yeh. Yer growin' up so fast, already here at Hogwarts." He says wrapping his arms around her.

"Hello Hagrid," she smiles as she pulls away, "Al and I will be coming around at nine on Saturday. Speaking of him, have you—"

"Rose!" She turns to see just the cousin she was looking for.

"Nevermind, we'll see you Saturday?"

"Lookin' forward to it."

Al pulls her along into a boat and they make small talk as they wait for the ride to begin.

When it does, Rose can't help but be startled by the beauty of the view. The black lake glistens under the sun, the mountains are lovely, covered in snow, and the castle—the castle is like something out of a fairytale, only better: it's real!

When the group arrives at school they are led into the castle, then promptly escorted by a woman, who introduces herself as Professor Hurst, to a chamber off the entrance hall.

There she explains the Sorting Ceremony, "Hogwarts consists of four houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Within the next ten minutes you will be sorted to your house. Your house will be your family here. You will gain house points for your achievements and lose them for your misdemeanors. At the end of the year the house with the most points will receive the house cup. Understand?"

The group of eleven year olds stare at her, a few murmuring "Yes." She takes this as an understanding and orders them to line up, proceeding to lead them inside the Great Hall.

Rose has heard a many accounts on the hall, most of them first hand, but none truly captured its magnificence. The ceiling is charmed to look like the starry sky and there are candles floating in the air filling the room with light. The furniture, although old, gives the hall a picturesque. Many of the incoming first years "ooh" and "ahh" at the sight.

In front of the four large tables that organize the houses, stands a stool center stage. On the stool is a ratty old hat, with patches sewn on and threadbare holes. Other kids look unimpressed, some even confused, but Rose has already been told all about the Sorting Hat and remains rather unfazed. Then the hat begins to sing:

"While I may not be the prettiest hat you'll find on the earth

I can assure you now that I am certainly the one of most worth,

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Huffflepuff, and Slytherin: noble wizards all,

Gave me a mind to think some years ago in this Hogwarts hall,

The house you will enter, I will expertly choose,

Whichever becomes yours, you will not lose,

There's the one by name of Gryffindor

Valiant, honorable, chivalrous, and sure

Then Ravenclaw house which will always treasure

Those who are wise and have "wit beyond measure"

Slytherin's house you can easily tell

Is where those cunning, clever, and ambitious dwell

Hufflepuff, both loyal and true,

If you value fairness, it may be for you.

But remember between us there are no true divides

For the houses make up the one school in which we reside

So put me on and only a moment wait

To be told your fitting fate."

As it finishes the whole room bursts into applause. Not a moment is wasted though: the Sorting Ceremony commences immediately with "Adams, Harper" who is placed in Gryffindor.

Instead of bothering to watch the ceremony, Rose searches for her cousins in the crowd. She first spots James and Fred laughing together in a corner of one of the long Gryffindor tables. The Terrible Twins, are as alike in personality as possible, yet differ greatly in appearance. James looks like his father, not as much as Al, but still recognizably so. His black hair is always array. Hazel and sporting a permanent devilish sparkle, his eyes resemble yes, his father's, but even more so his grandfather's. Rose supposes he's rather tall for his age; he got his first growthspurt this summer and went around bragging about how he was taller than Fred. The other cousin in question has dark brown hair that matches his dark brown eyes. They look so innocent and caring that, at first glance you wouldn't believe the amount of trouble he's capable of. His skin is a light, cinnamon color, the perfect mix of his father's pale skin and his mother's cocoa brown skin. Despite their different exteriors, sometimes you forget they aren't really twins. They both have their own real siblings though. James has Al, of course, and a little sister, Lily who's nine and attends a muggle primary school. Fred has his actual twin Roxanne, who's currently chatting with her best friend, Alice Longbottom, several seats away.

Roxanne is one of the prettiest Weasley Girls Rose knows. Her dark hair is silky and wavy, coming down many inches past her shoulders. Her skin tone is the same of her brothers. Her eyes are big and brown and have an air of mystery in them. Her best friend is her opposite in looks, the light to her dark. Alice is pale, and blonde, and even has clear blue eyes. She is short (unlike Roxanne who is taller than her brother). Her eyes are clear and seem to look into you and see your secrets. She is also rather plump,in a good way, unlike Roxanne with her model thin figure.

After Roxanne, James, and Fred, there is only one other Weasley-Potter in Gryffindor: Dominique. Currently a fifth year, Dom was the first of the entire clan to get sorted into Gyffindor, and there really isn't any surprise why. She's so confident and brave, sometimes foolhardily, and has nerves of steel. Really though, she's a lovely (albeit loud) little thing, who's known for her reckless streak. She's dazzlingly beautiful in the most unconventional way. Her straight, light strawberry blonde hair has been layered and streaked varying of colors over the past few years: bubble gum pink, Gryffindor gold, and electric blue to name a few. This year the tips are plum purple. Her eyelashes are the same color, which draws you to her eyes. Her large eyes are dark blue, and have an eccentric gleam in them when she gets an idea. Luckily she doesn't have that look in her eyes now. Nope, she's giving her longtime boyfriend, Davy Wood, goo goo eyes. The couple is sitting in the front of the table ready to welcome new Gryffindors. Dom catches Roses gaze and winks at her.

"Good luck," her eyes seem to say.

Dominique is actually the middle child with an older sister, Victoire, and a younger brother, Louis. Victoire Weasley is Rose's oldest cousin (with the exception of her honorary cousin Teddy who's apparently Victoire's boyfriend.), and is currently in her last year at Hogwarts, enjoying the privilege of being Head Girl. Victoire, like her sister, inherited her mother's Veela charm and beauty. Her looks are more of a "traditional beautiful," though. She is one of the only Weasleys with blonde hair, in fact a sunny gold shade. Her big eyes are bright blue and inviting. Her nose and mouth are dainty and ladylike. She is tall and womanly and carries herself with an air of grace. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also kind and one of the smartest people Rose knows, the true Ravenclaw. In a sense, she's perfect. Victoire and Dom's younger brother Louis is the only Weasley to be sorted into Slytherin, but his sorting makes complete sense. He, surprisingly, also inherited the Veela charm, and some may say he got the most out of the three of them. He's charming and gorgeous. Even though he's only in his second year, he's has had more girlfriends than Victoire and Dom combined have had boyfriends. With his charm and ambition (he wants to be the youngest Minister of Magic) you'd be worried he'd become too manipulative if you hadn't met him. Rose can assure you he's far from it. Louis is probably one of the most caring, sweetest kids you will ever meet. However, good luck to you if you manage to upset him: the boy can do revenge better than Salazar Slytherin himself.

Rose's last cousin attending Hogwarts is Molly, the daughter of her Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey, who's a fourth year Hufflepuff. From her looks you wouldn't guess Weasley. Brown hair and brown eyes and not a single freckle on her entire body. But if you talk to her for a minute it's obvious that she's Uncle Percy's daughter. She is ambitious and loud, boisterous even, yet she is also kind and fiercely loyal. Her younger sister Lucy will start in two years with Lily and Hugo.

By the time she has counted for all of her cousins, "Longbottom, Frank" is being called to the stool.

Within a few seconds he is sorted into "GRYFFINDOR" and is greeted with the loudest applause heard that day from his house. As Rose looked around, she swore she saw tears of pride coming from Neville—sorry, Professor Longbottom's eyes. Of course he had reason to be proud, he was the Head of House for Gryffindor.

The next name on the list meets whispers: "Malfoy, Scorpius." Rose turned to the front of the stage to get a better look at him and is absolutely shocked by the sight. Both of Malfoy's eyes are black and blue, what is seen of his body is bruised like an old apple, he's walking with a limp, and if that weren't enough his arm is bent in the wrong direction. Despite his awful injuries, he manages to walk over to the stool with dignity and a calm attitude, obviously masking great pain. The entire room waits for at least a few minutes (which feel like an hour at least, to Rose) until the hat finally screams "GRYFFINDOR!"

Instead of being met with applause and walking to his table Malfoy—Scorpius—is led out of the Great Hall by Madame Longbottom. The room remains so quite that if a pin fell on the other side of the room, Rose would be able to hear it. Rose doesn't pay much attention to for the next few sortings. All she can think about is how unfair it was for Scorpius to be beaten up, presumably only because of his family name. Then she stops to think of her own actions. She thought that he had left the compartment because he didn't want to be around a Weasley. She presumed he was too arrogant to make conversation with her. Her deeds, although none too rude, disgust herself, and she resolves to make amends for her prejudice.

She hears Al get sorted into Gryffindor, but doesn't give much thought to it, still thinking about Malf—Scorpius, and as her stomach growls she begins to formulate an idea.

"Weasley, Rose,"

Her idea will have to wait.

Trying to show a collected look and attempting to control her nerves, she walks steadily to the stool.

"Another Weasley," the hat says in her mind.

"Curious, you're in my mind. How does this work?" She responds.

"Just like your mother though aren't you. Hmm, greatly intelligent, creative yes, but also quite clever and ambitious. Brave for sure, and you value fairness and are hardworking. Very well rounded young lady."

"Thank you?" she responds to the hat, still pondering its mechanisms.

"Hmm you value intelligence and wisdom more so than your mother, and no offense, but you lack the bit of recklessness tied to being a Gryffindor. Too rational. And really you're a bit too selfish to be a true Hufflepuff—"


"Yet not enough to be a Slytherin. Better be—"

"RAVENCLAW!" it screams.

Rose isn't surprised, but for a split second she's worried about what her dad will think. The worry fades as soon as she remembers the impending promise of food.

Finally, after "Zhang, Diana" joints her in "RAVENCLAW!", Headmaster Fallens begins the feast.

Even with her mind riddled with guilt, she can't help but enjoy the food. The roasted chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy are her particular favorite. She listens to the first years around her and lets her eyes wander, peering at other students and even teachers. By the time she is on her second plate, she wonders how Scorpius is doing once more. It must be lonely in the Hospital Wing, and he's probably hungry. Lonely and hungry and in extreme pain, while the rest of the students, even the ones who landed him in this situation, are surrounded with friends and are filling their stomachs comfortably. He's not going to be able to enjoy his first feast. The unfairness of it all gets her thinking again. She loads a bunch of food on to a plate and grabs a cup of pumpkin juice. Then, when she is certain no one is watching, she shrinks them and puts them safely in her pocket. When dessert comes she fills up on treacle tart and pie with ice cream. When she simply cannot have another bite, she repeats the process with a variety of desserts.

As the feast comes to a close, Headmaster Fallen's begins his speech. Rose pays little attention, her mind drifting back and forth between novels she has is in the middle of. She does however catch the lovely pointed looks the Headmaster gives to James and Fred when addressing what is not allowed. His speech is rather short and the prefects begin to corral students together leading them to their common rooms, before Rose gets too antsy.

When they reach the top of Ravenclaw tower the prefect stops and turns to them, "My name is Madeline Pince and I am one of many Ravenclaw prefects. This," she gestures towards the door they have come to, "is where the commons are located, in order to get in you have to answer a riddle. If you answer incorrectly you will be locked out until someone else comes along and answers one correctly. When we enter remember, boys on the right, and girls on the left. I will answer the first riddle, just to show you how it works."

Madeline turns to the door, and to the first years surprise the little, owl-shaped knocker becomes animated and asks, "I'm the part of the bird that's not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry. What am I?"

Madeline doesn't hesitate in her answer, "A Shadow."

Then the door opens revealing a large room filled with organized sitting areas with carefully arranged sofas and armchairs around little tables and fireplaces. Workplaces and desks are located all around the room, and rows and rows of bookshelves, stuffed with tightly packed books, surround the room. The room gives off the same warm and happy feeling as a library.

While Rose surveys the room, most of the other kids go along to their dormitories to unpack or take a seat in one of the comfortable chairs to read or talk. Rose opts to do the first. The doors of each room are labeled like apartments, a shiny silver number and a list of names of the room's occupants adorning them. She makes her way down the corridor. When she gets to room 18 she finds her name in pretty, silver cursive. Opening the door, she is greeted with eight four-poster beds one of which has a her trunk ontop of it and her name in the same cursive, silver font on the headboard. She unpacks her things quickly and within minutes, a book in hand, she is out the door.

Finding the Hospital Wing is no problem at all. Down the stairs, take a left, go straight till at a fork and then take a right and viola.

The Hospital Wing.

Rose takes a deep breath, opening the door. The room is rather large, lined with empty sickbeds and near the back a little office. The only occupied bed is at the far back and the occupant in question is peering out the window, probably wishing to be anywhere but there. The nurse doesn't seem to be present. Perfect. Rose walks tentatively toward only other person present in the room. He turns his head, his bored expression changing to a surprised one as he notices his visitor.

"Hi," she begins, now standing to the right of his bed, "I sat next to you on the train. I never introduced myself, I'm Rose."

She doesn't get a verbal response. M—Scorpius only looks up at her. His large, grey eyes seem to stare into her.

She decides to continue, "I thought you might be lonely. Plus, you missed your first feast, which is simply unfair, so I thought you could have your own feast."

He gives her a curious look as she rummages through her pockets and comes up with two unidentifiable objects.


As if out of thin air two heaping plates of food appear. Scorpius' eyes widen. Rose gets out a the utensils and napkins she stole and places the food on the nightstand. She then looks around for a chair, finding and bringing over one from outside the little office. She takes her seat next to Scorpius, on his right again. With his left arm broken he needs a bit help carrying the plate, but he is able to finish the entire "dinner" and all of the "dessert." The food is still at the right temperature, and by the look on Scorpius' face, tastes just as good as it did an hour ago.

When he is done she shrinks the plates and utensils, smiling to herself at her success with not only one but two charms they aren't supposed to learn till second year.

"I brought a book. Do you want me to read it aloud?" she offers, wondering if the boy will actually talk to her this time.

He nods slightly.

Though somewhat dissatisfied at his nonverbal communication, she gets out her novel.

"It's one of my favorites. I read it for the first time when I was eight." She hold up the book so he can see the title: Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens.

Skipping the Foreward, in her best reading voice, she begins to tell the Scorpius the story of a little boy named Pip who lives with his adult sister.

However, she has barely begun the second chapter when someone interrupts.

"What are you doing here?"

Rose turns around to see Madame Longbottom, who she knows as Hannah during visits.

"I'm reading to a patient."

The matron has a speculative look on her face, but without a single remark escaping her lips, she returns to her office, allowing Rose to return to reading..

Within a few minutes she returns to check on how the young Malfoy is fairing.

"Well your arm is healing nicely. Should be better by Monday. Your nose healed and your eyes are fine. Twisted ankle is also healing. No bruises. Good, Good. Mr. Malfoy your condition seems to have improved greatly. You'll need to stick around for a few more days, but you'll be okay to start class on Monday." She says to Scorpius after a quick check up.

"Nice to see you again, Rosie."

Rose smiles back at the familiar face, then continues to read.

She's only halfway through when Madame Longbottom suggests she go back to her dorm, as "it's only half an hour till curfew, Rosie". Not wanting to get in trouble, Rose complies, waving goodbye to the ever-so-silent Scorpius.

A girl with dirty blonde hair opens the door, "Hi, I'm Evangeline Taylor Collins. But call me Evangeline, even once and I will punch you. I go by Taylor."

Rose can't help but be startled. This girl introduced herself by threatening to hurt her. Okay then.

The girl on the far left bed laughs, "It's okay Eva's cool she won't actually hurt you."

Eva/Taylor shoots her a dirty look, "Don't call me that, Wilhelmina."

Wilhelmina laughs again and turns her head to Rose. "Call me Minnie. My little brother has an obsession with Disney."

The Asian girl on her right smirks, "Yeah and you're kinda tiny."

It's true. Minnie looks to be barely a hundred centimeters.

"I'm Diana, plain and simple. I think we sat together for dinner." The Asian girl, Diana, says, "and to my right here is Katerina, but you can call her Kat."

Kat waves.

"Then there's Emmaline. And apparently even though its spelled with an e at the end its pronounced 'lin." If you call her EmmaLINE she will be more likely to punch you than Eva. Next is Harmony, then you have Fiona."

Rose nods, "I'm Rose."

"Yeah, Rose Weasley." Taylor responds with dangerous enthusiasm, "What's it like being the daughter of 2/3s of the Golden Trio?"

Rose makes her way to her bed, "Just like being the daughter of normal people, except you get stared at, asked for pictures, and asked questions like this."

She grabs a pair of pajamas and heads over to the bathroom to change (she's not comfortable of stripping to her pants infront of them). She brushes her teeth and returns to her bed.

"So what were you doing out so late?" asks Diana.

"Visiting the Hospital Wing."

"Right Malfoy. How is he?"

"Scorpius is healing."

Diana nods. Rose can tell she wants to say something, but she's biting her tongue.

They make conversation for a while then, almost all at once, they turn of their lights.

On impulse Rose is up by six.

Early to bed and Early to rise, Rose.

She changes into muggle clothes: a pair of denim shorts and a comfortable t-shirt. Combing her hair is a challenge, it's a long mass of curly red that comes down half her back. Her hair color is special, not a ginger "red" like her cousins, but an actual red, the color of, of course, rose. Rose loathes roses. Bloody annoying things.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that no one is Great Hall, because she is literally the only living body present. That's good. She fills up two plates with eggs, toast, sausages, and donuts, then shinks them. She's beginning to think she's gotten quite good at shrinking.

Scorpius is still asleep when she arrives in the Hospital Wing. Rose doesn't mind. She takes her seat next to him and starts nibbling at her scone. She notices he drools and snores. She's not sure whether it's cute or disgusting. He wakes up before she can make up her mind.

She laughs as he opens his eyes groggily. "You know, you drool when you sleep."

He murmurs something unintelligible, turns on his side, and when he thinks she's not looking, wipes his mouth.

"Here, I brought you breakfast." She says holding out his plate.

He rubs his eyes, then grabs a bit of toast. They eat in silence. Then she brings out the novel. Her day is a cycle from then. Read. Watch Scorpius take medicine. Read. Watch Scorpius get a checkup. Repeat.

Though it sounds boring, it really isn't. She loves the book, and honestly she'd be reading, anyway. They finish the novel by lunch time, and Madame Longbottom, kindly but frankly, insists she let Scorpius rest.

He still hasn't spoken a word to her. Why though? Is their something wrong with her? Or is he just shy?

She spends the remainder of her day unpacking and organizing her things. Her books are in alphabetical order, by genre, and her other possessions are colour coordinated.

She visits him again after dinner. This time she hasn't bothered to bring him food. She's afraid someone will start to notice all the plates disappearing. He still refuses to talk to her. She reads Oliver Twist to him. He hangs on to her every word.

When she finishes it's nearly curfew. She gathers her things and is on her way out.

"Thank you."

She turns around.

It was barely above a whisper, but it was something.

"You're welcome." She smiles brightly.

She lays in bed pondering about the strange boy who refuses to really speak to her. He's a Gryffindor; aren't they supposed to be brave? She wonders exactly how did he get hurt so badly. She wonders how much of it had to do with his heritage. She wonders if he's ever going to actually speak to her.

"Hullo, Rose."

She looks up from her textbook. She's in the library, sitting alone at the same table she's been in since she came after her early breakfast. She figured it would be a good time to briefly review her textbooks before class the next day.

She is surprised to see Scorpius. He's in crutches. She knows what they are because Hugo broke his leg at school when he was seven. He had to go to a muggle doctor and was forced to get a cast and walk around with crutches.

Scorpius' arm is actually in a cast too, however he looks much better. His face, previously deathly pale, has regained some colour, and is no longer scarred and bruised. His eyes and nose are completely healed.

And apparently he remembers how to talk.

"Good morning, Scorpius," She smiles.

"Actually it would be afternoon," He motions to the large grandfather clock that reads 12:01.

"Wow, that late already. I thought I had only been hear for an hour. Not five." She mumbles to herself.

He's heard her, "It's easy to lose track of time while studying."

He's actually speaking with her. Rose is surprised. He has a nice voice, sort of soft and calming. They discuss classes and eventually, Rose completely disregards her textbooks, as he envelopes her into a debate on role of magic in Muggle Science. He surprises her again with his knowledge on the topic.

"My mother sent me to muggle primary school; science was by far my favorite subject." He explains, "I got The Physics of Magic for my birthday last year and I think I could practically recite what it says about how magic obeys the law of conservation of matter."

"Really?! I've never heard of it," Rose is yet again surprised. This is first time she hasn't heard of a book.

He explains the theories excitedly. They become so engrossed in their discussion, their voices reach an inappropriate decibel, and they are asked to leave the library.

The two return to the Hospital Wing and Scorpius returns the crutches and takes some more medicine.

Then he takes her to Gryffindor Tower, to show her the book.

She feels slightly guilty. She's been at Hogwarts for two days and she hasn't said a word to Al. She has talked more to her the son of her father's nemesis than her own cousin. And now she going to his common room with said son. She's an awful cousin.

Al is nowhere to be found, however. Scorpius goes and gets the novel, telling Rose to take a seat in the commons. She feels awkward. Despite the lack of people watching her, she's still an eagle in the lion's den. She's thought to soon. Dominique struts out from the girls dormitories. Her strawberry blonde hair hangs loosely around past her shoulders in large curls. Her eyes look extra blue and her lips cherry red, with the help of her perfectly done make up. She looks like a punk model in her tight black mini skirt and low cut white blouse that match surprisingly well with her black combat boots and assorted jewelry. Dom is gorgeous and, frankly, quite intimidating.

"Hey, Red, What are you doing here?" She smiles at Rose.

"My friend is showing me a book." She answers, and as if on cue, Scorpius comes out of the boys dormitories with a textbook in his hands.

Dom raises her eyebrows, "Little Malfoy, Red?"

Rose gulps, and nods nervously.

"Wait till Uncle Ron finds out." Her cousin muses, "Anyway, have fun, Red"

She saunters off.

After an awkward glance, the two first years take a seat in one of the long couches and promptly begin to pour over the book.

An hour later, Rose believes herself to have been enlightened and famished.

The two head to the Hospital Wing so Scorpius can take some more medicine and ditch the bothersome crutches, then proceed to the Great Hall.

Rose leads Scorpius to Al, who is sitting with Frank.

"Hullo Al, this is Scorpius." She introduces, "And Scorpius, this is my cousin Albus."

The boys glance at each other, then Albus returns to discussing the new nimbus with Frank.

Scorpius, after enjoying a plate of food, joins their discussion, "While the Nimbus 10000 is an all-around good broom, I'd have to say the Galaxy 2000 is on another level in terms of speed."

The young Potter stares at him for a second, "Then you have to consider the Voyager league; they can go up to 100 kilometers per hour."

They begin a full on debate on brooms and Rose starts to tune out. Al took Scorpius better than she had thought he would. He was a relatively judgmental person. Rose thought he would have, at best, ignored Scorpius, and at worst, threw a sort of fit. As she looks back on it though, she supposes it isn't quite in his nature to get openly upset that easily.

She tunes back into the conversation when they mention classes. Al and Scorpius, both being Gryffindor, have every class together. As she glances over her own timetable she realizes she's lucky. She has transfig, defense, astronomy/flying, and history of magic with them.

By the time they have finished discussing classes, which ones they think they'll enjoy (Defense and Charms), which ones they think will be difficult (Transfiguration and History—only because it will be hard to stay awake), and which ones they think ought to be..interesting (Astronomy and Flying), they are done with dinner.

Scorpius walks with her to her dorm, while Al and Frank head the opposite direction to Gryffindor tower.

"Your cousin is nice," he says, after a few minutes of awkward silence.

She smiles, "Yeah, Al's cool, when he's not being a twat."

They walk in silence a little longer. She looks at him. He's completely healed, not even a bruise left to showcase the disaster that occurred before the Sorting Ceremony. As they approach Ravenclaw Tower, she gets the courage to ask him about it.

"So, uh, you're all better now. Not a single scar or bruise." She prompts.

He nods. They are right at the stairwell.

"So, how did it happen anyway?" she blurts out.

He gives her a look, somewhat sad and uncertain, yet also somewhat trusting.

"After you left the compartment some seventh years came in. They had lost their relatives to the war and had a vendetta against me personally due to the mistakes of my family. In the fifteen minutes we had left on the train they ambushed me." He takes a breath, "To be honest, if I hadn't known how to cast Expelliarmus and the Shield Charm, I might not be alive today."

If he'd been a character in a novel, she would have laughed at his cliche words. But he's not.

She nods, not trusting herself to make a verbal response. On an impulse, she gives him a hug. She doesn't know what she wants the hug to mean. I'm sorry? It's going to be alright? No. I'm here.

When he pulls back he waves goodnight and Rose trudges up the stairwell. Her footsteps are heavy, as her heart is. The steps, that yesterday she could run up in minutes, feel endless. Finally, half way up the steps she recollects herself. She pushes aside the overwhelming feelings of sorrow and sympathy.

A week ago, Rose would not have believed she'd be sad the night before classes. Honestly a week ago, she wouldn't believe she would be walking up the steps of Ravenclaw Tower. A week ago, she definitely wouldn't believe she'd made friends, of sorts with the son of her father's nemesis. A week ago, she wouldn't have believed that a Malfoy was in Gryffindor.

And yet, surprise after surprise, it all happened.

It all happened.

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