Title; A Party to Boston

Disclaimer; not mine, I am just playing with them

Rating; T

Criminal Minds and Rizzoli and Isles. Emily bumps into an old friend in Boston and all sorts of secrets end up being revealed. Pairings, JJ/ E Prentiss and J

Rizzoli and M Isles. Not part of the Hunger series

Thank you to my Beta EmBonesAddict

Part 1


And when somebody knows you well

Well there's no comfort like that

And when somebody needs you

Well there's no drug Iike that

London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)

Heather Nova

JJ came out from her office, " Hey guys conference room in 10 minutes." She heard the collective groan go round. "I know it's Friday night, but we've got a biggie."


JJ watched as everyone assembled around the table. She could tell how tired they all were. They had only been home three days after closing a distressing child case in Nevada. "OK, I have just come off the phone with a Detective Rizzoli from Boston PD. A large body dump was found in a national park just outside Boston. There are over 20 young female bodies. The M.E. has stated that the remains are between 2 months to 5 years old. Although not wanting to go out on a limb she has also stated that the newest set of remains shows signs of manual strangulation. She is the only one they have an I.D on. She is 17 year suspected runaway, Shannon Rooney."

"Any sign of sexual assault?" asked Morgan.

"Not at the moment, but the M.E. says it is hard to tell because the remains are in such poor condition," answered JJ.

"The unsub must be picfking girls with high risk life styles to be able to get away with this for so long," stated Reid. "We need Garcia to liaise with Boston on runaways, the homeless and prostitutes."

"This unsub is not going to be happy that his dumping ground has been discovered," said Rossi. "There is no knowing how they will react."

"That's exactly what Boston is worried about," said JJ

Hotch looked pensive for a moment. "I think with this size of a body dump it might be wise to take Garcia with us. It will take a lot of digging to identity some of these remains. Wheels up in 30."


Jane had finally persuaded Maura to come out of the morgue long enough for something to eat and a coffee.

Her friend looked exhausted. She had been working meticulously since the bodies had been found the day before. "I hope I have made the right decision talking to the Feds," stated Jane.

Maura knew her friend didn't like to admit she needed help, but everyone was overwhelmed with the sheer numbers they had discovered. "The BAU has a very good reputation," said Maura, picking at her chicken salad. She didn't feel her usual bubbly self. She was used to dealing with death every day and she knew some of the cops had nicked named her 'Queen of the Dead', but even she felt a bit helpless with the weight of these numbers.

"Jane, we are closing up soon" said her mother, Angela, from behind the counter. "Do you girls want anything before I do?"

"If you could tell me who the perp is before the Feds get here I will love you forever, Ma."

Angela looked at her daughter and friend. She had never seen them both look so defeated. Along with the fact that Frankie had been put on the task force, she couldn't help but worry for all of them. She crossed herself, and prayed the incomers would get this finished as soon as possible for the sake of all their healths.


Frankie watched with excitement as the SUVs pulled up. While the older members of the squad were feeling weary, he was newly promoted to Detective and to be involved in a big investigation like this was exactly what he wanted.

"I am Detective Rizzoli, I will take you upstairs to meet the rest of the squad."

Hotch shook his hand and shot JJ a funny look before stating, "I am SSA Hotchner. I apologize, but I was under the impression that Detective Rizzoli was a woman."

"That would be my sister. She is upstairs talking to Mau- I mean the M.E."

"Good," said Hotch pleased that everything was so organized. It helped him when the locals were willing to help and not hinder during a case.

They all trooped into an office that had been cleared to house the task force that Lieutenant Cavanaugh had set up. There was a tall, intimidating brunette standing just inside the doorway. JJ stepped forward, guessing that this was the person she had spoken to earlier. "Detective Rizzoli, I am Agent Jareau. We talked earlier."

Jane shook her hand and ushered them in. Before they could begin a proper meet and greet an excited voice behind her exclaimed "Emily!" before launching into an eager stream of French. She was almost knocked over by the strawberry blonde as she rushed forward in her haste to get to the other brunette.

"Maura!" laughed Emily as she was enveloped by the smaller woman's frame before she too began to speak in fast, excited French.

Garcia nudged Morgan gesturing towards JJ and Jane. He noticed that the pairs of brown and blue eyes didn't look at all amused about the situation at hand. "Oh, baby girl, we are in for some fun times," he whispered in her ear.