Welcome to Tale of Years: Prequel One-Shots and Outtakes! This began as a catch-all for outtakes to the main stories: existing scenes in another character's POV, scenes off-stage of Edward, etc. It's expanding now to also include any and all one-shots set before the Saga begins (so anything from Amun's creation to the day Bella starts at Forks High School in 2005). So while not all the one-shots will relate directly to a particular story in the Series, it's all Tale of Years (a.k.a. my prequel head-canon). It's pretty easy to tell from the years given which ones are outtake scenes to a main story, and which ones are stand-alone one shots. But most of the outtakes could probably be read alone, as well. A couple could be considered spoilers for some part of a main story, so I've put a warning note at the top of those.

I would really like to have a lot of reader input for the ideas, so please feel free to request outtakes or one-shots as you go along. I think this will be a fun way for everyone to pitch in and have a hand in the writing, and it can be my way of saying thank you to everyone who has been enjoying Tale of Years along with me. I am having a blast with this series- the writing itself has been such a growing experience for me, but also the feedback and interest of everyone is always such an inspiration, and makes it really fun. THANK YOU! :) You have all given me so many great ideas, from Demetri's change to Rosalie and Emmett's first date to Peter and Charlotte meeting the Cullens... the possibilities are endless! I'm so excited! :)

Here is an index of the outtakes and one-shots that you will find here, in chronological order by year (continually updated):

22. 1300-900 BCE: Pygmalion (Aro's first few centuries)

31. 1240: Untouchable 1 of 2 (Renata's childhood)

32. 1260: Untouchable 2 of 3 (Renata's years with Luca)

33. 1275: Untouchable 3 of 3 (Renata comes to Volterra)

24. 1663-1935: Last Meal (what each of the Cullens ate last in their human lives)

16. 1862: Christmas in Gray (Jasper's cavalry regiment arrives in Galveston)

17. 1863: New Year's in Red (Jasper in the Battle of Galveston)

18. 1863: Eternity in White (Jasper's evacuation mission and transformation)

38. 1908 and 1919: Trains (Human Edward, Alice, and Esme riding on trains)

23. 1918: Edward Cullen 1 of 2 (Carlisle changes Edward)

25. 1918: Edward Cullen 2 of 2 (Edward's awakening, first hunt)

3. 1920-42ish: Awakening (Alice's awakening and visions)

2. 1921: Monster (Carlisle finds out the truth about Charles Evenson)

4. 1927: Daydream (Edward fantasizing about human blood a few weeks before he leaves)

7. 1927: Failure (Carlisle's POV of Edward's departure and the day following)

8. 1931: Complete 1 of 2 (Carlisle's POV of Edward's return)

9. 1931: Complete 2 of 2 (Carlisle's POV of Edward's return)

28. 1933: The Girl in the Mirror (newborn Rosalie)

15. 1935: Joyful Duty (Carlisle's sermon and POV of Rosalie and Emmett's wedding)

29. 1936: The Girl in my Arms (Emmett and Rosalie's first date)

20. 1936: Journey to the Center of the Earth (Charlotte/Peter part 1)

21. 1936: From the Earth to the Moon (Charlotte/Peter part 2)

... ..1941: Sic Semper Tyrannis, chapters 1-3 (Jasper's last weeks with Maria and escape)***

5. 1948: Finally! (Alice's POV of the day she meets Jasper)

6. 1948: Hope (Jasper's POV of the day he meets Alice)

13. 1949: Glory Days (Maria decides to go looking for Jasper)

19. 1950: The Three Musketeers (Nick's POV of a studying/basketball night)

14. 1950: Barely Human (Carlisle acts human at work)

10. 1950: Arrival 1 of 2 (Jasper's reflections of his two years alone with Alice)

11. 1950: Arrival 2 of 2 (Jasper's POV of their journey and meeting the Cullens)

12. 1950: First Shopping Trip (Esme and Rosalie taking Alice shopping for the first time)

27. 1950: Jaundice (Maria's POV of the Calgary Incident)

26. 1955: Recital (Edward's Senior Recital, Esme POV)

37. 1963: Delivery (Christmas one-shot)

30. 1969: The Mysterious Island (Peter and Charlotte meet the Cullens)

34. 1970: Requiem (Edward "dies" and inherits from himself)

39. 1983: Almost (Esme has a tough day, Carlisle almost changes someone)

36. 1985: Oops (Edward accidentally puts a red sock in his white laundry; angst abounds)

35. 1992: Gift (Edward gives Esme more of his mother's jewelry)

40. 2003: Someone to Watch Over Me (Jasper struggles with his thirst)

***Sic Semper Tyrannis (SST) is a separate story that splits off into an AU timeline, but its first three chapters are still in canon and so they can double as prequel chapters here.