Chapter 7: Cake

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Rated M for…more… adult stuff. Warning: Sticky loving?

Craig awoke to the sweet smell of Butters' cooking, God damn he'd have to start paying that boy! He stumbled sleepily out into the kitchen where Butters was busying himself pouring pancake batter into a hot pan. "I h-hope you don't mind having syrup again?" Butters said, nervously eyeing his new roommate.

"Whatever it is I'm sure it's fucking amazing, as usual." He said with very little emotion, sitting down to read his trashy novel.

Butters blushed at the thought of what Craig was reading. The pancakes smelled like hot cinnamon rolls, how did that boy stay so thin? Craig was sure he'd already gained five or so pounds from Butters' offerings.

"Where's your fat lump of a boyfriend?" Craig grumbled.

Butters chuckled at Craig's insult, "He's sleeping of course."

"Of course…" Speaking of the devil, Clyde treaded into the living room like a zombie sniffing at the cinnamon flavored air. "It's alive!" Craig mocked as his friend plopped down in front of the huge plate of pancakes Butters had left for him.

"Morning Butters…" Clyde decided to ignore Craig's insults.

"Well, hey there." The perpetually happy boy grinned at his boyfriend. Clyde blushed when he saw Butters' knowing grin.

They'd had had sex last night, it was all coming back to him, life changing fornication. Did the morning gossip twins talk about it this morning? He glanced over at Craig who had his head buried in his kindle sucking some syrup off one of his spidery digits. Now way, Craig hadn't cracked any jokes about it, and he would have.

"I don't have to work today, we could go do something?" Butters suggested, snapping Clyde out of his thoughts.

"Like what?"

"I don't know, we could go out to eat somewhere fancy for lunch." Butters shrugged.

Fancy, not like Shakey's pizza. "I'm kind of broke." Clyde frowned.

"We could cook something together; I could show you how to make anything you want!" Butters really had a passion for cooking.

"Chocolate cake? Devil's food?" Clyde wiggled his eyebrows.

"Sure, that's easy!"

"Cake is a lie." Craig mumbled at the two.

After Craig had left for work and Butters had returned from his quick trip to the store the two boys set up their ingredients for the cake. "This is going to be so much fun!" Butters clapped his hands together enthusiastically.

Clyde sighed, he was glad to be spending time with his new object of desire, but this already seemed daunting and boring at the same time. Butters kept trying to get Clyde involved but all he wanted was to eat the cake. Clyde watched as Butters scrambled around, boiling water, mixing, spraying the pan, preheating the oven. Butters was measuring, Clyde was stirring, and it was god-awful boring. He was relieved when the cake finally made it into the oven, Clyde could sit down now… "Frosting." Butters said setting a bowl in front of Clyde. He groaned in misery internally.

"Since when is there Mayonnaise in frosting?" Clyde mumbled while Butters was adding ingredients for Clyde to stir.

"My frosting has mayonnaise." Butters giggled. "Don't worry! It's really good." The small boy poured melted chocolate in Clyde's concoction.

"Is it done?" Clyde whined, his arm cramping from all the stirring.

"Yes." Butters stuck his finger in the bowl and brought the chunk of sugar up to Clyde's lips. Clyde grinned and sucked the frosting off Butters' extremity.

"Wow." He said smiling widely, "That's fucking awesome."

Butters sucked the remaining treat from his finger, leaving a small bit on the corner of his mouth. What could be better than chocolate covered Butters? Clyde leaned over and licked the frosting from Butter's face. Nothing is better…

Butters' grinned wickedly, he dipped his finger back into the bowl and smeared some frosting on Clyde's lower lip before attacking him in a passionate kiss. "Everything tastes better covered in chocolate." Butters whispered against Clyde's lips, as if he'd read Clyde's mind… his dirty dirty mind.

The blonde turned away from him and began busying himself filling a pastry bag with the fresh frosting, he tucked the bowl into the fridge to stay cool and wandered over to Clyde. "Frosting's my favorite part of cake." Butters said, scooting himself up onto the counter.

"Isn't it everyone's favorite part?"

"My mom scrapes it off." Butters replied pointedly. He grabbed Clyde's hand and started writing on his middle finger with the pastry bag, his small but steady hands digging into Clyde's flesh slightly. The frosting crawled out in decorated tendrils as Butters drew an astoundingly beautiful yet small loopy version of Clyde's name on his finger.

"You have nice handwriting." Clyde said dumbly. Butters pulled the limb toward himself and stuck it In his mouth. "You ruined it." He frowned. Butters didn't let go, he kept the digit in his mouth and was sucking it gently. Clyde was getting aroused, he blushed and tried to pull his hand away from Butters who held on tight.

"Stop it, you're giving me a boner!" Clyde yanked at his arm again.

Butters pulled his mouth away and laughed, "That's the idea."

"Oh." Clyde found himself being dragged to the bedroom speedily. Butters still had the pastry bag hanging from one hand. "What are you bringing that for?" Clyde pointed at the frosting.

"To eat." Butters threw the bag on Clyde's nightstand and pulled his shirt off.

"oh…" Clyde started undressing as well, not really sure what his boyfriend's intentions were.

Butters grabbed the condiment and slid down to his knees. He yanked Clyde's button open and pulled him from his pants. Butters now had a lot more surface area to write as he brought up the pastry bag, Clyde's dick was a lot bigger than his middle finger! Butters wrote 'Butters' lunch' across the organ in the same loopy cursive and Clyde chuckled.

This time Butters smeared the writing before sticking it in his mouth, he smeared it all over. Clyde hoped it wouldn't be too hard to clean but Butters seemed quite willing and able to consume every last grain of sugar as he took Clyde into his mouth as far as he possibly could without gagging. Clyde looked up at the ceiling, watching Butters down there was too much to handle, he would cum way too soon.

He could imagine it was really delicious down there, more than usual with the dark chocolate frosting covering him. He couldn't help thrusting toward the mouth consuming him while he was imagining Butters savoring the taste. Clyde held out as long as he could but the sensation and even the idea was too maddening to continue, he didn't have time to warn Butters of his release but the other didn't complain.

Clyde playfully pushed the other boy down onto his bed and grabbed the messy pastry bag, he began writing on Butters' own organ in sloppy terrible writing 'yummy', the pastry bag was a lot harder to control than a pen, Butters laughed at his attempt (It didn't matter how it looked anyways). Clyde was insanely hungry for the delicious chocolate frosting and greedily licked it from Butters.

Butters thought to himself that Clyde was doing a lot better with the food there, he wasn't using too much teeth and he was excitingly eager about it. Maybe they should use food every time they do this? Butters certainly didn't mind, he was obsessed with sweets and this felt so good.

Butters took a little longer than Clyde, but they were both euphoric, collapsed on Clyde's bed when the over timer dinged. Butters scrambled up and pulled his boxers on before scurrying out to the kitchen. Clyde lazily pulled on his own underwear and jeans before trudging out to the kitchen, it smelled like hot chocolate. Butters had removed their cake from the oven and was retrieving the remaining frosting. Clyde stood behind his lover, wrapping his arms around the small boy's waist and watching him spread the frosting evenly across the desert. "mmmmm…" Clyde hummed against the blonde's shoulder.

Craig walked in the door and cringed, his two roommates were in the kitchen shirtless and cuddling over their stupid cake, and Butters wasn't wearing pants! "Get a fucking room." He growled storming off to his cave.

The other two laughed and Butters retreated to the bedroom to get some pants on.

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