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Chapter 1- New friends for a change

Normal Pov-

Two silent youngsters have never spoken in class. Phone calls,conferences were organised. Nothings changed since the first day of school. Others just assumed they were anti-social. Why? Well, because Amu does not like to talk and neither does Ikuto. It is as if they're living in a daydream. The teacher has decided enough is enough and the pair will work together. Today's lesson is to work on a puzzle piece together. Mr. Nikaido thought that putting them to work will teach them compatibility skills. Considering their age, that means nothing to them as long as they have fun doing it.

One of the students helped the teacher pass out class sets of jig saw puzzles. It was fairly easy so nothing to advanced for the little ones. Each box had the full and complete image plastered to the top of the box. Every one chose a spot around the carpeted room to play. Amu and Ikuto walked over to a table instead of sitting on the ground. Very expected of them to do so. With their underdeveloped brains it took a while for them topiece the picture together. After all they were only in kindergarten.

Amu was silently putting the pieces herself as Ikuto sat silently observing her closely. She was getting agitated at his actions but didn't know how to respond. 'It was worth a try' Amu thought.

"Hey! Stop staring at me. It creeps me out," Amu said, snapping Ikuto out of his deep trance. She muttered 'Weirdo' under her breath but it didn't go unnoticed by the him.

Ikuto looked off to the side with the slightest tint of pink on his cheeks. He forgot the last time he's ever blushed even if it was barely noticeable.

"Would you please put your hands to use...?" Amu said trailing off to think about his name. Ikuto noticed her drift and responded ever so quickly.

"Ikuto Tsukiyomi,"He said,while raising his hand to flip the pieces that showed only cardboard to the color of yellow.

"Ah Ikuto, well thanks. Now get to work. I wish to read a picture book soon," Amu said in a sassy voice.

This made Ikuto chuckle as well as the girl sitting across him. They began to play around which surprised many others, especially the teacher. He didn't expect that quick of an improvement.

Curiosity got the best of Ikuto and asked Amu what's been edging him since he first saw her.

"Is that really your natural hair?" He asked innocently.

Amu sighed at first but smiled gently.

"Alright. I'm only going to tell you once so listen up. This is indeed the hair color i was born with. How, you may ask? The world will never know," Amu said remembering that one Tootsie pop commercial. They both chuckled and went back to the puzzle.

"Same goes for me on the hair," Ikuto said while picking up a piece from the floor.

They were down to the last piece. They both slid it into the empty slot and smiled at the image before them.

It was an image of a yellow smiley face that was shining over two kids. The pair did a high-five for their teacher was walking around with a video camera to send to the parents. He had permission and the only footage he got of Amu and Ikuto in school, were of them either reading or glaring at the camera lens with a straight face. Mr. Nikaido was happy to see a smile upon all of his students face. If only they didn't have to face what awaits for them in the years to come. Nikaido frowned but sighed and sent a gleaming smile at his students before the camera flew out of his hands.

"Catch it!" Was the last thing he said before face planting into the ground.

Everyone was paralyzed at the scene unfolding before them. Ikuto was quick with his feet and stepped up to the table and jumping into the air with the camera in hand. Then threw it to Amu as he landed on the ground.

"Amu! Catch!" Ikuto hollered before curling up into a ball before impact with the carpet.

With a great catch she held the camera in her hand. She gently placed it on the table as she hurried over to the boy lying on the ground. He had tears about to spill out of the rims of his eyes.

"Ikuto! Are you okay? Are you hurt?" Amu questioned placing his head on her lap.

Ikuto grunted before answering. "All good. Just a bruise. Nothing a little ice can't take care of. Thanks for the care," Ikuto said with a smirk that took some effort because of the pain on his back.

Amu blushed slightly and picked his head causing Ikuto's eyes to shot open and freeze. Next thing she did surprised everyone including herself.

"Ow!" Ikuto exclaimed while rubbing a sore spot on his head. The pink headed girl dropped his head on the ground. Both of them were laughing even with the situation at hand.

Nikaido sent Ikuto with Amu to help him to the nurse's office. After Ikuto was taken care of he sat down for a while before heading back to class. Amu and Ikuto sat in an awkward silence. Until one of them broke it.

"Thanks for back there. If you didn't come to me I think I may have cried," Ikuto said looking off to the side.

"It's ok. It wasn't really anything. I just care for my friends er...friend," Amu said when realizing that Ikuto was Amu's only friend.

"It's alright. I'll always be here for you. No matter what," Ikuto promised while looking at Amu in the eye.

She was on the verge of tears. Ikuto got out of his seat to go hug her.

"Just let it all out," Ikuto said simply

He didn't hear anything at first but then there was a whimper and hiccups. They got louder by the second and he felt tears stain his shirt. He didn't mind at all.

"Shh...it's going to be alright," Ikuto said while soothing Amu and rubbing her back.

"I've...I've never..have a...a...a friend," Amu said in between hiccups.

"I was so alone. I didn't know what to do. I thought I'd be alone for such a long time!" Amu said while stuffing her face in Ikuto's shoulder when she finished and let all her tears out.

"No no no. Of course not. You have me now. Never think differently," Ikuto said in a baby voice while rubbing her back.

He saw the nurse about to come in but alarmed his eyes and used his hands to motion her out. She raised her hand in defense and backed out of the room silently but stayed by the door where she couldn't be seen.

After Amu's cry fest they got up and she washed her face to erase all traces of tears. She hugged Ikuto once more and whispered a 'Thank you' In his ear.

'No problem' He replied. Then the nurse came in with a knowing smile and dismissed the two back to class.

When it was time to go home the two waved bye to each other,

"Make a new friend?" Both parents of the two said

"Yea," They both said simultaneously. Their parent smiled down at them and began walking home.

Before Amu and Ikuto left the classroom they made a pact. They would become more interactive with the other students and always be there for one another.

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