A/N: This is a reset of everything in OP. Different beginning but some of the crew will remain their own characteristics. Luffy will be a little dark here.

Prologue: Luffy was with Ace when he left to become a pirate, at first he was more of a burden that was until Ace ate the Mera-Mera no Mi and was found by Edward Newgate, Whitebeard both adopted the two young boys and treated them as if they were his own son. It was nightfall when Luffy was getting hungry for the third time at that same hour, that was when he saw the Yami-Yami no Mi and saw how delicious looking it was even though it wasn't meat.

"That's the way to do it! brothers sparring without the use of their own devil fruit powers!" Marco yelled, standing beside none other than Whitebeard, watching the two boys brawl over who gets the last piece of meat.

"This will be much cooler if the reason wasn't about meat" Another member of the crew said.

"Yeah, but those two.. are different" another guy said.

"I don't think the word 'different' is enough" Marco said, all them of sweat drop, what the first mate have just said was true.

"What do you think?" Marco said to Whitebeard while he began to stroke his moustache.

"Well, Ace, for one is already part of the crew and he might be as strong as you" Whitebeard took a mug and started chugging down the ale that was in there.
"I might make him a division commander, those two aren't relying too much on their devil fruit and that's what makes them ten times stronger than any user." he added.

"What about Luffy?" Marco was now seeing that there has been a 'but' on that sentence.

Whispering to his first mate "Having two 'D' in my crew smells trouble, so much trouble" he began to become a little desperate, remembering the times when those two had caused trouble or they were the trouble.

Chuckling to what his captain just said "So, what are you planning?"

"Well, I wouldn't throw him away, he's welcome to join us if he wants to but like his brother he's still so young."

"Let's hope for the best shall we?" Marco smiling to his 'father'.

"Mhhmm" Whitebeard nodding in agreement.

The crew gathered on the deck of Moby Dick, requested by their Captain.

"Luffy, step forward" Newgate's voice was calm yet full of authority "As promised, when you hit the age of 17 you are now able to join my crew." beside him Marco was standing still, listening to his Captain. "Do you accept my invitation to join the Whitebeards?"

"No." his response was simple yet it wasn't as disrespectful as it sounds. Ace who was one of the persons watching in the crowd stood frozen in shock, when they were both taken in by the Whitebeard Luffy was all 'I'll join even if it kills me' though realizing that he's grown up so much back then, he could use the Conqueror's Haki and has mastered it well, his powers the Yami-Yami no Mi was as strong as his Mero-Mero no Mi, he felt as if it was fate that decided that the two brothers will not be united in the same goal of reaching the island of Raftel. Ace was sad yet he understood how his brother felt.

"I see, then what are you planning to do?" Newgate questioned though he could feel his answer, Luffy returned a smirk and that assured him that his time raising this boy was not left to waste. Though he hated to part ways with one of his sons sometimes we just have to let go of the things we loved.

"I'm gonna build my own crew and become the Pirate King!" the boy said, full of determination, passion, and strength.

As Luffy said his goodbyes to his brothers and sisters, Luffy and Ace both shed tears it was saddening that these two brothers ain't going to be side by side.
Luffy bowed in respect to Edward Newgate "Thank you for everything, Dad" he said, and that break whitebeard, well at least for a moment, the crew laugh by the sight that they all saw Edward Newgate one of the Yonkou, crying as one of his 'member yet non-member' of his family is leaving.

"Take my ride, Luffy" Ace said, motioning his hand toward his private boat that's powered by his devil fruit "Be careful, you hear?" Ace said and giving his brother one last long hug.

"Boy! Remember, Family is the thing that we all must treasure the most!" Newgate using a little of his power to turn the tide of sea in favor of the young boy

"Oh, and take this!" Ace said throwing a Log Pose "Go there first and take a ride towards east blue, visit them for me!" Ace waves his hand in goodbye.

He smiled back and takes a look at the Log Pose "Alabasta..." he said.

A/N : It isn't much yes but it's still part of the prologue, the next chapter will start his adventure, and it may not follow the canon and Luffy is kinda OC in here.