A/N: Guys, I want an honest opinion here. Due to my schedule this story had been ' waaay ' too fast, and I'm sorry for that. With all the work and school stuffs I'm too busy to put much work into my writing. However that right now has changed a bit, as of right now I'm working but my work doesn't require me to leave the house too often, and they've allowed me to do whatever I want even in my work time as long as it doesn't interrupt me from doing my job properly.

Honest Opinion Please!

"I want to delete this story and redo all of it. I mean all of it, that means putting more details in the story plus give it a few more twist and surprises. Will you guys agree with it?"

Sure more details means a bit more of time to update. Should I "Redo" or "Continue" this one? Also for my other fics I won't be redoing them, I'll just put more detail, it's just that in this story it was too rushed.

Restart or Continue?