Ki was running to a kaiba dome to see if she could join into duel academy. As she was running, ki bumped into someone." I'm so sorry that I bumped into you." She said as she was picking up her duel monster cards. When she got up, she saw the guy that she bumped into. It was the legendary yugi muto himself." Its ok and here you might need this."

Ki took the card and saw that it was the legendary warrior of harmony, saiyamon." Thank you sir. I wont let you down." Ki started running again and soon was at the dome. Ki walked up to the registration table and the lady running it said," are you here to try to get into duel academy?" Ki nodded yes." Well then write your name, and type of deck right here." Ki wrote down the information and went inside. When she got in there she saw a blue haired boy talking to a brown and orange haired boy. She walked up to them and right when she got to the she heared." KI MINAMOTA TO DUEL RINK ONE PLEASE KI MINAMOTA TO DUEL RINK ONE! "

Ki Walked down to the rink and saw that her father was her duel prostecter." Ki/papa?!" They were suprised but the started the duel anyway.

( klp:4000/kjlp:4000)

ki: i go first. Draw. I summon the legendary warrior of harmony, SAIYAMON! In defense mode

kouji: i didn`t know you had that card.

ki: thats because i just got this card today from the one and only yugi muto. Next i lay down a face down and that ends my turn.

kouji: ok then my draw. I play my electro dino. Now attack her saiyamon with electrical sphere.

ki: ha! I activate my face down dark reflection. It stops your attack from hitting my monster and it shoots back at yours.

kouji: well then I set one card face down and end my turn.

(Klp:4000/kj: 2300)

ki: draw. I summon agunimon the warrior of flames. next I use the spell card polymerisation to fuse my agunimon and my burninggreymon to summon... ALDAMON. Now aldamon attack him with ATTOMIC INFERNO.


ki: now saiyamon attack with KI BLAST HUHURRICANE.


The holograms disappeared and ki walked over to her dad and he said,"welcome to slifer red ki. I am proud of you. Good luck this year." Ki got her outfit with had a red jacket, black skirt, red with black trim gloves, and black with red trim boots. She walked away and saw the boys she was looking for. She walked over to them and said hi." Man that was a sweet duel. Hey I`m jaden yuki and this guy is syrus. What is your name?" Ki told them," nice to meet you jaden and syrus. My name is ki. I duel with my legendary warriors. Hey did you know that the first monster I summoned was given to me by yugi muto?" They said nope.

they were soon on the helicopter going to duel academy. Jaden, syrus, and ki got into slifer red. Ki was wearing a red blazer with a black skirt and her boots were red with black on them. She fell asleep on the way there and was using syrus as a pillow.

Jaden woke her up and soon they were unpacking into their rooms. Ki got her 2 fav poster out of her suitcase and as she was putting it up, jaden, syrus, and another slifer red walked into her room." Hey ki whats that a poster of?" she showed them her posters and told them" the one closest to my bed is of the chicago blackhawks from silvis illinois, USA. The next poster is of my deck, the legendary warriors. Cool huh?" The said yeah and were soon in class. After classes ended, they were walking to their dorm rooms when an obelisk blue came and took ki away from her friends." Hey cutie. Why aren`t you in obelisk blue? You should be in my do-" Before he could finish his sentence, ki grabbed his arm holding her left wrist and sqeesed it really hard.

"NEVER TAKE MY WRISTS AND DRAG ME BY THEM OR I WILL BRING OUT MY SAIYAMON AND SHE WILL HURT YOU!" Ki yelled at him and walked back to her friends. They got back to their rooms and went into jaden and syrus`s room and they talked for a bit.