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Not Dame-Tsuna

Chapter 1

"Hey… he's here."

"Quick! Let's make a run for it!"

"Don't let him see you or else he'll beat you into a pulp!"

"He's a scary guy… that Sawada Tsunayoshi."

A short brunet passed by the murmuring crowd with a blank look. He glared at his side, and immediately the people backed away while some ran. And just as he turned back, a girl carrying a tall stack of papers bumped into him.

"I-I'm—" She couldn't hold back the horrified gasp that came out once she realized who she had bumped into.

"Ah poor girl."

Tsuna ignored her and went on. The girl slumped to the ground in obvious relief before scrambling to grab the fallen papers, looking a bit shaky.

"What's up with that guy? What's with him? Wasn't he Dame-Tsuna when we were kids? Remember-"

"QUIET YOU IDIOT! If he hears you, you're dead!"

Both boys stiffened as the brunet passed by them. As soon as Tsuna finally left and was out of ear-shot they sighed in relief.

"What the-? What's the big deal? He doesn't look that dangerous."

"You really should stop judging a book by its cover." His friend muttered while making sure that Tsuna was far enough, "It was back when we were kids he was known to be… "Dame-Tsuna". But just as soon as that name started spreading like wild fire… he immediately extinguished it."

"What do you mean? Man, I really should be more updated."

"Well, it happened after you left for America." The student crossed his arms and sighed, "Word started to spread that Sawada was getting into fights. At first we thought it was just the usual bullying… but to our surprise, it was him who kept starting the fights."

"That guy is twisted."

"Of course he kept losing at first. But as he got into more fights, the more he became skilled until finally, he got what he wanted." The other continued, "He kept winning and whenever people would call him "No-good" he would never hesitate to beat that person into a pulp. This went on for years until everyone couldn't help but fear him. He is practically one of Nami-chu's biggest bullies next to Hibari-san!"


Both boys stiffened as they undoubtedly heard the familiar voice of their school's disciplinary president. Slowly they turned with fearful looks and gulped as they saw the infamous Hibari Kyoya.

"For loitering around the school grounds." He held out his tonfa, "I'll bite you to death."

It was always the same day for Sawada Tsunayoshi. The same dull boring life. The same scared looks that surrounded him. The same annoying, gossiping students.

It can't be helped. This was what he wanted, and it was what he got. He was tired of being pushed around and taken advantage of. He wanted to stand up for himself and there was no other solution to that than to fight. And… to keep on fighting.

Early morning he woke up from another dream that consisted his past. In his dream he saw his child self, surrounded by people laughing and calling him names. Hurt was the first thing he felt, then followed by anger. His big brown eyes now saw the world in a different light and slowly his small little hands clenched into fists as he swore to the people,

Someday, you'll see… I'll become stronger and you can never call me no-good!

And after that he woke up thanks to the slamming of the door. He pulled the sheets over his head, wanting nothing more than to ignore the person by the door.

"Oi Dame-Tsuna! It's time for breakfast!"

He felt a vein popped and as he heard the footsteps grow nearer to his bed, he quickly pushed away the blankets and tried to kick the infant standing by his coffee table. However, he missed as the other easily dodged his foot and hopped on his leg. And before the brunet knew it, a small fist hit him on the cheek.

For a baby, he was strong.

"Dammit! Reborn!" Tsuna growled as he cupped his bruised cheek.

"You started it." The baby named Reborn said while shrugging innocently, "Now if you don't want both of your cheeks swelling, start making breakfast."

He eyed the baby who walked out of the room and grumbled as he slowly stood up. Reborn had come into his life to "tutor" him in becoming a "mafia boss". Of course, the brunet's first reaction to that was by slamming the door in front of his face. But after that, some unfortunate, and dangerous events led to here and there until finally Tsuna had no choice but to accept the hitman into his home.

Tsuna puts on his uniform (though he wasn't wearing his vest) and prepared his other stuff. He descended downstairs and directly went to the kitchen. He then grabbed the apron that hung by the refrigerator, which he later opened to take out some eggs and sausages.

While frying the ingredients for breakfast he couldn't help but murmur, "Stupid, ungrateful baby. I'm going to kick you out of this house one day."

"You keep saying that but you're still making me breakfast." Came the squeaky voice behind him. He didn't have to turn around to know that Reborn was seating at his usual seat by the dining table, reading the morning newspaper while drinking a cup of coffee, "You really are no-good."

Another vein popped and Tsuna threw the spatula to Reborn like it was a knife. The hitman merely leaned to the side causing the cooking tool to be embedded to the wall behind to him, "Stop calling me that!" He growled.

Reborn ignored him and stared at the wall instead, "You should stop ruining the house. You're only going to add to your parents' bills."

The brunet's fists clenched at the mention of his parents, "Tch. As long as they're happy together in Italy, something like a crack on the wall won't bother them. Not even if the whole house goes on fire."

The hitman turned to the brunet and frowned, "Tsuna…"

"Here." Tsuna sets the plate of eggs and octopus-shaped sausages in front of the infant, "There's more in the pan."

Reborn watched as his student took off his apron and grabbed a juice box from the fridge, "Juice again, huh? No wonder why you're so small and skinny."

"I'm late." Tsuna simply said as he headed to the door.

Reborn smirked as he picked up one sausage and stared at its octopus shape, "Even you still make this kind of stuff."

The brunet felt his face heat up, "Shut up already!" And with that he slammed the door behind him.

Tsuna was a little surprised to see a certain silver haired teen standing outside his gate.

"Gokudera Hayato." He said while looking at him blankly, "What are you doing here? Are you trying to challenge me for another battle?" He walked out of the gate and eyed him coolly.

Gokudera looked down and clenched his trembling fists, "No. I… I… lost. And as promised, I shall become your right-hand man. Juu… Juudaime."

Tsuna sipped on his juice and analyzed him. With a bored look, he finally spoke up, "I don't need a right-hand man. Especially not someone as weak as you." He watched for the other's reaction and he could tell by the widening of those forest green eyes that Gokudera looked more hopeful than insulted.

It's not like he really needed such a weak person who's only dependent with bombs as weapons. It was a pathetic fight to the brunet's point of view. Gokudera Hayato is apparently a part of the mafia business his tutor was mixed up with since he seemed to know the infant as well. Reborn had set up the battle for his supposed training and also made a deal with Gokudera that if he won he gets to be the Vongola Tenth, which is apparently the position Tsuna is supposed to fill. And of course, if Gokudera lost he has no choice but to serve the brunet as his right-hand man. And obviously… he lost…

Pathetically if he may add…

"Why don't you just go back to that club filled with weirdos? I'm pretty sure you'd be more useful there." Tsuna said as he walked away, "And please don't bother me again."

"If…" The brunet turned curiously at what Gokudera had to say. He immediately noticed how stunned he was as if he just found a loop-hole to his problem, "If Juudaime says so…"

'As I thought…' Tsuna sipped his juice once more and continued on his way, not bothering to look back again as he completely ignored the disappointment he was feeling.

As he arrived to school, students immediately backed away and stopped chattering. He ignored them and went on. Once in a while he would glare at the students that would whisper annoyingly. He then noticed Sasagawa Kyoko by the crowd and he watched as those hazel eyes look away from him. Because of this distraction he accidentally bumped into a girl who was busy carrying a stack of papers.

The girl practically trembled in fear as she suddenly realized who she had bumped into. He then decided to ignore her by moving on his way. Not bothering to look back at Kyoko.

As he walked down the hallways he heard a familiar laugh and looked up to see Yamamoto Takeshi, the popular baseball player of the whole school. The tall teen was talking to some of his teammates but as soon as one of his friends saw Tsuna he quickly tried to point it out to his other friends. All of them eventually quieted down, but Tsuna didn't care about this as he looked at Yamamoto dully.

Yamamoto immediately noticed the silence and turned to look at the source of his friends' sudden fearful looks. As he soon realized it was Tsuna, his confusion no sooner turned into guilt. Guilty over what? The brunet didn't want to remember as he quickly turned away before Yamamoto could even call him.

He really had no time for other people.



Tsuna reluctantly turned around to see Hibari who glared at him. Murmurs immediately surrounded them as students all looked at the two strongest people in school. This wasn't the first time they had a face off but people would always watch their fight, because it was truly a sight to see.

"You're not wearing your complete uniform." Hibari scowled, "I'll bite you to death."

And just as Tsuna was about to prepare himself for the fight that was surely coming –someone interrupts them.

"Wait! Hibari-san! Sawada-san!"

The two turned to who it was and as if on cue the students immediately made way for a girl named Yuni Giglionero, one of the popular girls in school, known for her charms and bright smiles. No one could ever find themselves bad-mouthing the sweet girl.

Tsuna, however knew about the secret the girl hid as his eyes travelled to the small pouch she wore around her neck.

"It's my fault that Sawada-san isn't wearing his vest. I took it home to have it fixed because it got all torn up." She explained while handing Tsuna the clothing, "Here you go Sawada-san."

She smiled brightly at him, but the brunet's expression remained blank as he looked down at his vest, "Ah…"

Hibari's frown deepened but in the end he walked away, looking a little more pissed than before. Thus, causing most of the people to leave, not wanting to experience the skylark's rage.

"Saa, let's go to our class, Sawada-san!"

Tsuna had no choice but to follow the girl, not that he really minded though. Yuni had gained his respect in ways that she could tolerate him despite his attitude and still remain cheerful. Her bright blue eyes then landed on the empty juice box that stuck out of his bag.

"Sawada-san, did you have that for breakfast again?" She asked as she pointed at it with a frown, "You know that's not healthy."

"It's fine…" Tsuna muttered while stuffing the trash deeper into his bag.

Yuni's frown only grew deeper. Her eyes then widened in worry as she immediately noticed the bandage on his check, "Your cheek! What happened? Did you get into a fight again?" She was about to touch it but the brunet slapped her hand away.

"I'm fine." He firmly said. He actually meant no harm, he really just wasn't used to someone worrying over him- though he should be used to it by now since Yuni never stopped worrying.

In all his life, all he ever really did was fight, stand up and fight again. No time for worrying because every second and minute of his life he always had to keep fighting to keep strong and be strong. Everyone has to fight their own battles because no one will ever fight them for you.

He walked towards his classroom and slid the door open.

"Oi Sawada!"

Big-looking guys stood in front of him. Apparently they have been waiting for the brunet's arrival. Immediately, he felt Yuni pull his arm as she, too, knew where this was going.

"We're back for Round 2." The leader of the gang said with a sneer.

"Sawada-san… please…" He heard Yuni beg behind him. However, he merely pulled his arm off her grip and handed to her his bag and vest. There were murmurs from the students inside the room, some immediately heading off to call a teacher or probably run away.


"Sawada-san-!" Tsuna pushed Yuni outside and shut the door behind him. He quickly dodged the fist that targeted his face and made an uppercut to the guy who attacked. He swiftly kicked the next guy that tried to lunge at him and successfully threw him off at the other side of the room while slamming into desks as well.

Tsuna grabbed the next fist that was about to hit him and twisted the arm into a painful angle. From the corner of his eye he saw one of the attackers standing back up and quickly kicked the guy he held towards him, thus causing them to painfully collide against each other.

"Keh. You're really strong huh." Of course, the leader was always the last man standing since it's always in his nature to hide behind other people's backs as they fight. Dull brown eyes narrowed at what the guy held.

A cutter. Typical.

And just as he was ready to disarm the guy, someone grabs him from behind, successfully immobilizing him.

"Stay still and let me complete my revenge for shaming me!" The guy lunged at him with the blade outstretched.

Yuni opened the door just in time to see what was happening and her eyes widened in horror, "Sawada-san!"

The brunet scowled.

Yap… this was the road he chose. This was his life.

End of Chapter

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