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Chapter I: Strategy X.

New York City Bayville High Night.

At a football game, a Caucasian girl with a tall and athletic figure was taking pictures for the school paper. She has long red hair, which she wears freely down her back and green eyes. She's wearing a form-fitting pale purple shirt with a slight V-neck that shows her navel, tan khakis and brown open-toed sandals. She also has gold bracelets on each of her wrists, and rings on her index fingers, and thumbs.

As she dropped her camera, a necklace was lowered in front of her, and her eyes widened. It's a heart-shaped diamond necklace with the inside hollowed out on a gold chain. "Like it Jean?" The now identified Jean turned around, and saw a spiky blonde-haired boy staring at her. He has blue eyes and three whisker marks on each cheek, wearing faded blue jeans, black boots, and a black shirt with a weird green leaf design on it. (Konaha's emblem.)

"Naruto... It's great but it must have..." Naruto cut her off with a kiss. "No big deal.. It's our one year anniversary." (1.) He said before hearing someone curse. "Oh man, my cash." He looked up to see a Caucasian boy with a tall and lean frame. He has clean-cut brown hair and wearing red lens glasses, hiding his eyes. He's wearing a blue sweater over a pale yellow shirt, and tan pants with a brown belt and light brown shoes.

He saw the boy stare at a person a seat down from him before noticing a pale hand take a wallet. The boy walked down, and Naruto sighed. "I better go help Scott." He said as he walked to Scott, and saw three of the football players standing over a small teen boy with light brown hair jeans with holes in the knees, un-tied tennis shoes, a white long sleeve shirt under a dark red short-sleeved one with black spiked bracelets. He sighed before speaking up.

"Come on Duncan.. You don't want to get in trouble, and get kicked off your gravy train do you?" The one in the middle took off his helmet showing short blonde hair, and brown eyes. "Why are you sticking up for this frog face, Uzumaki?" Naruto crossed his arms before speaking up. "It's the right thing to do." Duncan snorted before lifting the boy up. "I've got a better idea.. I'll finish Todd.. And then I'll go to you."

Scott pulled his glasses' down a little revealing a red glow before Naruto raised his hand. "I won't fight you Duncan.." Duncan threw Todd down, and was about to stomp him, until Naruto kicked him back in to the other two. Todd, seeing his chance, 'hopped' away like a frog. The other two players ran off after him. Duncan got up, and spat out some mud that got in his mouth.

"You're going to pay for that Uzumaki." He got up, and threw a punch at Naruto who lazily dodged, and the follow-up punch. Naruto kicked his knee making Duncan fall. Duncan got up and charged at Naruto who tensed. "Naruto, No!" Naruto turned, and saw Jean looking at them. Duncan tackled Naruto into Scott, knocking his glasses off, and having red beams shoot out of his eyes, and in to a propane tank at the snack bar.


The tank exploded having people run as part of the stand fell on Naruto who pushed an unconscious Duncan, and Scott who closed his eyes out-of-the-way. "Naruto!" Jean screamed, and raised her hands. Another explosion caused her to fall beside Scott's glasses'. She picked them up, and puts them on Scott who was sitting down, and covering his eyes.

"Jean.. I'm sorry it was a mis.." She interrupted him as she stood up. "I know." They heard a noise, and looked to see Naruto push the burning wood off of him with burns on his skin, and tears on his clothes. He groaned as he walked up to them, his burns healing. "I don't want to do that again." He said as Jean tackled him in a hug.

Later, the Paramedics, and Firemen was tending to the wounded, and injured as a '30s Rolls Royce stopped, and the window rolled down halfway. The car started after a moment, and left.

Morning, Xavier's School For The Gifted.

Naruto was banging on the door to Jeans room. "Come on Jean! We're going to be late!" He yelled, and after a second she replied. "Just a second!" Naruto sighed before pinching the bridge of his nose. "You said that an hour ago." He heard her chuckle on the other side. "Almost done." Naruto's eye-brow twitched before speaking up. "I'm going to blow this door down!"

The door opened, and a smiling Jean walked out. "Come on we're late." She said trailing a finger across his jaw. They walked to the stairs, and Jean grabbed her head for a second as a fox ran past them. "You ok?" He asked as the fox looked to them for a second before dashing in to Naruto's room.

"Yeah just a headache." He wrapped an arm around her waist, and looked to an opened door on the other end of a hall at the end of the stairs. "Hey Professor we're going out!" They stopped as a man spoke up. "Just a moment you two." They walked in where a bald man with brown eyes in a wheel chair with the wheel spokes in the shape of an 'X'. He's wearing dark slacks brown sweater under a lighter brown button up shirt beside a person wearing a cloak.

"What's up Charles?" Naruto asked as Charles gestured to the other person. "I'd like you to meet someone." The person took a step forward as Charles continued. "This is Kurt.. He arrived late last night." They both waved as Naruto introduced themselves. "Hello Kurt, I'm Naruto, and this is Jean." He held out his hand as Kurt hesitated.

"It's alright Kurt.. You're among friends." Charles said as Jean walked beside him, and Kurt shook Naruto's hand showing blue fur, and three fingers. "Hello." Kurt greeted in a German accent as Naruto smiled. "I was just telling Kurt about my School for gifted youngsters.. Youngsters whose gifts are not always an asset... Right Naruto?"

Naruto groaned as he looked to the ceiling. "You've heard already?" Charles smirked as he laced his fingers. "Yes.. It's all over the news... I've already talked to Scott." Naruto looked to him. "It wasn't my fault.. It wouldn't have happened if Jean didn't distract me.. She's at fault also." Jean looked at him wide-eyed. "You're going to drag your girlfriend down with you?"

Naruto nodded her before smirking. "Yes because if you didn't distract me, Duncan wouldn't have tackled me into Scott." She glared at him for a moment before walking to him. "You're lucky I like you." She said before turning to walk to Kurt. She suddenly jumped when Naruto pinched her ass, and Charles spoke up. "Scott another student emits a destructive beam from his eyes."

"Cool." Kurt said removing his hood showing blue/black hair, and silver eyes. Jean cleared her throat before speaking. "So Kurt.. Any special powers that brought you to us?" Kurt disappeared in a cloud of smoke before re-appearing on the other side of the room. "I'll be helping Kurt settle in.. We'll talk more tonight." Naruto nodded before turning around, and saw an African-American woman with a tall and curvaceous figure.

She has long and wavy white hair, which she wears freely down her back and blue eyes. She's wearing a white blouse, a long purple skirt with reddish-purple shredded ends, and tan open-toed sandals. She accessorizes with multiple gold and purple bracelets on each of her wrists along with matching gold hop earrings, a gold choker necklace and a single gold anklets. She also wearing a reddish-purple bandana-like headband wrap.

"Hello Ororo.. Change your mind about our date?" Naruto asked as Jean elbowed him in his side. "I swear you're a hopeless flirt." Ororo smiled before putting her hand on Naruto's shoulder. "No Naruto... You're too young for me?" Naruto smirked before leaving. "Age is just a number Ororo.. Plus I'm older than I look." Jean walked to the door before Naruto stopped her.

"I've got a surprise for you." He said bringing her to the garage where a few different cars were in. He walked to a red Infiniti G37 convertible. Her eyes widened as he handed her the keys. "Happy anniversary... This also counts as your birthday present too." He said getting in the passenger seat.

Upstairs With Charles, Ororo, And Kurt.

Charles was showing Kurt his room with Ororo who's holding a box. "This bedroom is mine?" Kurt asked as Charles chuckled. "Yes Kurt.. That's why your parents sent you to us.. They knew you would be happy." Kurt sighed before looking in to a mirror on the wall. "How can I? When I look like this?" Charles reached in to his pocket, and got out a watch.

"Put this on." Kurt puts it on his left wrist, and took the appearance of a normal-looking, light-skinned teenage boy. He still has bluish black hair with dark cargo pants, red long sleeve shirt under a brown jacket. "This is incredible." Kurt said looking in the mirror again as Charles rolled up. "I'm normal." Ororo smiled before speaking up.

"Of course you're normal Kurt.. But not because of that watch." Charles nodded, and spoke up after her. "Storm is right Kurt.. Normal is who you are.. This is disguise.. A disguise so you're not persecuted by those that don't understand your gifts." He pressed a button on the watch, and Kurt returned to normal. "I understand Professor.." Kurt said before hitting the button again. "But non the less.. You rock!"

Charles, and Ororo left Kurt who opened the box, and saw a blue/red suit with a yellow belt with a buckle with a black 'X' over a red background. Later, Charles was reading in his study as a portrait lit up, and an alarm went off. He rolled over, and the wall opened showing large computer with a helmet on it. A picture of the high school came up with red dot on it. "So.. He's finally stopped hiding." He said before the phone on his wheelchair went off.

He pressed a button on it, and answered. "Hello Scott." He greeted as Scott sighed. "I hate it when you do that Professor.. Look, Naruto, and I ran in to a student.. Like us." Charles puts the helmet on, and looked to the screen. "Yes Todd Tolansky." He said bringing his information up. "You know him?" Scott asked after a second.

"Cerebro just picked him up, he must be using his powers openly now." Scott sighed again before speaking up. "He's not someone I would share a room with.. He has the hygiene of a dead pig." Charles typed on Cerebro before speaking up. "Scott.. You know we don't turn anyone away." He heard Scott talking to someone else before speaking to him.

"Yeah I know.. You want me to extend an invitation?" Charles shook his head before replying. "No need Scott.. I'll talk to you later." Kurt in his normal form walked in wearing his new costume. "What's this Professor?" Charles smiled, and explained Cerebro was used for finding people with special powers before hitting another button. "Storm?" After a second, Ororo spoke up.

"Yes Professor?" She asked as Kurt looked at Cerebro. "I was wondering if you could audition someone for me?"

That Night.

Todd, in a green costume with a metal stomach, and back hopped over the fence as Storm, wearing a blue costume with the sleeves stopping just under her elbow with yellow ends, and a yellow belt with a cape that's white underneath with an 'X' buckle holding it on, white gloves, and boots. She floated up in the air as storm clouds rolled in as she flew over Todd.

Her eyes glowed white as it rained, and lightning came out of her hands forcing Todd inside. Naruto now wearing black cargo pants, belt with the 'X' buckle Kevlar vest under a black short-sleeved trench coat with a hood that's pulled up hiding the top half of his face walked in with Kurt following after. Todd flew in, and in too Kurt forcing them to circle each other. "What are you? A blue plushie?" Todd asked as Kurt scoffed.

"Better that then smelling bad." They took off down the hall as Storm, and Charles came in. "Yes it seems that Tolansky does have gifts.. He could be one of us." Charles said as Storm, and Naruto walked up. "Yeah.. But I don't think he'll join us." Storm nodded before continuing after Naruto. "Yes sometimes I fear your big heart blinds even you from the truth."

Suddenly, Todd and Kurt came up on the second floor causing Charles to sigh. "Enough, this test is over." Everyone turned to Charles who continued. "Todd Tolansky does have the special X-gene.. He is welcome to join us.. If he so desires." Todd scoffed before pointing to Kurt. "The only thing I desire is his head on a platter." He jumped over, shot a longer than average tongue at Kurt, and brought them to the floor. Only for Kurt to teleport them both.

"Well crap." Naruto said before dashing down the hall. "Scott, and Jean is still practicing in the Danger Room." He ran to a wall, and pressed a hidden button, and revealed an elevator. Going down a few floors, he ran in a silver hallway, and saw Scott now wearing a dark navy blue bodysuit.

It has gold platelets with the "X" logo are on both of his shoulders, while a gold X-shaped platelet goes around his chest area. He wears a gold visor in place of his glasses, while small gold platelets protect his knee and shin areas. Matching gold combat boots are worn for shoes with gold gloves worn on both hands.

And Jean, now wearing a dark navy blue bodysuit with a cowl that covers her whole body except for her face, hair, and hands. Her suit has a bright green V-shaped triangle on the front and has the "X" logo on the side of each of her arms/shoulders. She's also wearing a single bangles bracelet on each of her wrists. "Kurt and Todd are inside."

They ran back in to see Kurt, and Todd dodging laser guns in a big circular room. "Scott take care of the guns, Jean keep them safe from the tentacles." Naruto ordered before making a cross shape with his hands. "Taj┼ź Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.)" Several Naruto's popped in to help take care of the weapons as the original Naruto looked up, and saw Storm, and Charles in a room with a computer.

"Security code override.. Priority X.. Charles Xavier." Jean flew up with Kurt as Naruto ran over, and threw Todd to Scott as the room shut down. "This is nuts! I'm out of here." Todd said before hoping away. "I'll go after him." Naruto said before following after Todd as he jumped outside. Naruto jumped out, and saw a man with black hair, and brown eyes wearing jeans, a cowboy hat black shirt under a brown coat looking at Todd.

"Logan?" Three metal claws came out of each of Logan's knuckles as he used his left ones to lift his hat over his eyes. "Going somewhere bub?" He asked before Charles on the second floor spoke up. "No Logan.. Let him go." Logan retracted his claws, and lets Todd go. Naruto pulled his hood down before speaking up. "I would have made sure the fridge was stocked up on beer if I knew you where coming back so soon."

"I came back because I smelled trouble brewing.. Of course it could have been stink boy over there." Charles smiled at him before speaking up. "Welcome back old friend.. We missed you." Naruto snorted before crossing his arms. "Speak for yourself.. I was the bad-ass one when he was gone.. You know how well that went with the ladies?"

Bayville High School; Next Morning, Principle Office.

"I can't believe this!" Principle Darkholme yelled at Todd who was sitting on a chair, looking down. She has brown hair in a bun wearing glasses' in a grey business shirt, and skirt. "You were inside.. And you run away?" Todd nodded silently before she continued walking to the door. "And I bet Xavier wiped you mind?" Todd nodded as she opened the door. "Get out!" Todd quickly got out of the room as she let out a frustrated cry, and changed in to another woman.

She has bright blue skin, red hair cut to her shoulders, extending slightly in the back, and pale yellow eyes with no pupils. She has a triangle-shaped gem on top of her forehead. She's wearing a sleeveless white dress with skulls on it like a belt, and a high neck, thigh high white boots, and white gloves that reached nearly to her shoulders without covering her fingers.

The room shook as she suddenly heard a male voice that caused her eyes to widen. "Don't be so hard on the boy Mystique.. We can't afford to thin out our ranks." Mystique quickly shook her head as metal objects floated in front of her. "No sir.. I'm sorry it won't happen again." She said before the voice spoke up again. "Good Mystique.. Remember this is only the beginning." He said before the objects dropped, and she ran out of the room changing back.

To Be continued.

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