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Chapter II: The X-Impulse.

Last Time.

They ran back in to see Kurt, and Todd dodging laser guns in a big circular room. "Scott take care of the guns, Jean keep them safe from the tentacles." Naruto ordered before making a cross shape with his hands. "Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.)" Several Naruto's popped in to help take care of the weapons as the original Naruto looked up, and saw Storm, and Charles in a room with a computer.

"Security code override.. Priority X.. Charles Xavier." Jean flew up with Kurt as Naruto ran over, and threw Todd to Scott as the room shut down. "This is nuts! I'm out of here." Todd said before hoping away. "I'll go after him." Naruto said before following after Todd as he jumped outside. Naruto jumped out, and saw a man with black hair, and brown eyes wearing jeans, a cowboy hat black shirt under a brown coat looking at Todd.

"Logan?" Three metal claws came out of each of Logan's knuckles as he used his left ones to lift his hat over his eyes. "Going somewhere bub?" He asked before Charles on the second floor spoke up. "No Logan.. Let him go." Logan retracted his claws, and lets Todd go. Naruto pulled his hood down before speaking up. "I would have made sure the fridge was stocked up on beer if I knew you where coming back so soon."

"I came back because I smelled trouble brewing.. Of course it could have been stink boy over there." Charles smiled at him before speaking up. "Welcome back old friend.. We missed you." Naruto snorted before crossing his arms. "Speak for yourself.. I was the bad-ass one when he was gone.. You know how well that went with the ladies?"

Bayville High School; Next Morning, Principle Office.

"I can't believe this!" Principle Darkholme yelled at Todd who was sitting on a chair, looking down. She has brown hair in a bun wearing glasses' in a grey business shirt, and skirt. "You were inside.. And you run away?" Todd nodded silently before she continued walking to the door. "And I bet Xavier wiped you mind?" Todd nodded as she opened the door. "Get out!" Todd quickly got out of the room as she let out a frustrated cry, and changed in to another woman.

She has bright blue skin, red hair cut to her shoulders, extending slightly in the back, and pale yellow eyes with no pupils. She has a triangle-shaped gem on top of her forehead. She's wearing a sleeveless white dress with skulls on it like a belt, and a high neck, thigh high white boots, and white gloves that reached nearly to her shoulders without covering her fingers.

The room shook as she suddenly heard a male voice that caused her eyes to widen. "Don't be so hard on the boy Mystique.. We can't afford to thin out our ranks." Mystique quickly shook her head as metal objects floated in front of her. "No sir.. I'm sorry it won't happen again." She said before the voice spoke up again. "Good Mystique.. Remember this is only the beginning." He said before the objects dropped, and she ran out of the room changing back.


Early Morning, Xavier's School For The Gifted.

Naruto groaned as the sun hits his eyes. He tried to sit up, only to feel a weight on him. He looked down, and saw Jean wearing a large lilac short sleeve shirt sleeping on him. He smiled before laying his head down, and ran his fingers in her hair making her snuggle in to him. "Sometimes I think she should move in here.. She sleeps here more than her own room." After an hour, Naruto woke her up. "Morning beautiful."

She smiled tiredly at him before speaking up. "Morning yourself." She gave him a kiss before he got up in only black/grey camouflage pajama pants. He walked to his dresser before he looked over his shoulder, saw Jean lifting her shirt, quickly turned around, and blushed when he saw her white panties. "S.. So why did you sneak in my room?" He asked with a hitch in his voice before feeling her arms wrap around him.

He blushed harder feeling her bare breasts on his back. "I've gotten use to your warmth.. I think I should move in." She replied before nibbling on his ear. He groaned before sighing. "Yeah... Like Professor X. would let you do that." He heard her chuckle before she let go, and walked away. Naruto looked at the mirror and watched her swaying hips before she stopped at a door.

She looked over her shoulder, and winked. "Wanna join me in the shower?" Naruto sighed before replying. "No.. We wouldn't leave the bathroom.. Although you really make it hard not to take you when you act like this." She smiled before going through the door to the bathroom. Naruto turned to the dresser where several pictures of his friends from his world are. He sighed as memories of fighting a woman with a third eye came to him before shaking his head.

"Can't think of that we won the war.. Barely." He thought before getting his clothes out of the dresser, and waited for his turn in the shower.

Charles, Cerebro.

"Discovery.. Mutant signature.. The second detection in this vicinity.. Identity confirmed." Cerebro brought up a picture of a Caucasian girl with a petite and slender figure. She has long brown hair pulled up into a ponytail with layers that frame her face and light blue eyes. She's wearing a pink long-sleeved sweater over a creamy-colored undershirt, light blue capris with an orange stripe on each pant leg, and brown sandals.

She has a necklace and wearing a small brown backpack. "Name.. Katherine 'Kitty' Pryde resident, Deerfield Illinois, age fifteen." Charles took off the helmet, and pressed a button. "Prep the Blackbird." He turned, and went out to see Naruto, and Jean holding hands. "Naruto, Jean.. I need your help." He explained he was going to try to get Kitty to join having Naruto shrug before speaking up.

"Ok Professor X.. I'll make some clones so we don't miss any classes today." He made a cross seal, and two clones popped up with one Henge (Transformation) into Jean. They walked to an under ground hanger, and up to the Blackbird, which is a large black jet. (For better image type X-Jet Evolution.) They walked in, and Charles turned the jet on before the hanger opened.

Kitty Pryde, Illinois.

Kitty walked to her front door before a female voice stopped her. "Kitty... I thought we thought it was best of you'd stay home today." Kitty turned around, and saw her mother with light brown hair wearing a lilac shirt under a coat looking at her worriedly. Kitty sighed before replying. "Yeah, well like what's the point you know? You guys don't want to talk about it, and I'll, like, totally go crazy sitting in the house all day."

"But should you really be at school?" Her mother asked before a male voice spoke up from up-stairs. "Kitty? Honey where are you?" Kitty looked to her mother, and clasped her hands together. "Please mom.. Dad would just make me stay home." Her mother sighed before nodding. "Alright." Kitty smiled before dashing out.

On The Blackbird With Naruto, Jean, And Charles.

Jean sighed in the co-pilot seat as Naruto was in the seat behind her, leaning back looking up. She turned to Charles before speaking up. "Why just us two? Why not all of us?" Charles pushed a few buttons before replying. "Because you are the only one that can connect with her.. And I know you two don't like to be away from each other for long."

Naruto smirked before speaking up. "Maybe you just want my magnetic personality to win her over." Jean rolled her eyes before looking back. "I swear if I didn't love you I wouldn't put up with that cocky attitude." Naruto leaned up to her, and gave her a kiss. "It's not cocky if you can back it up." She smiled before looking to Charles. "What about the other kid Cerebro picked up? At the foster home."

"Yes Lance Alvers.. You let me worry about that Jean.. You focus on Kitty's parents.. Remember, you're a model of what we're offering.. No pressure." Jean chuckled nervously before turning away. "Yeah.. To think I missed a nice relaxing mid-term for this."

Later, all three were talking to Kitty's parents on their front porch. Her father has short greying hair with glasses, and a mustache goatee combo. He's wearing green polo shirt with brown slacks, and shoes. Mrs. Pryde looked at them worriedly. "What do you mean? How do you know Kitty?" Jean walked forward, and spoke up. "If you let us come in, and we'll answer any questions."

Mr. Pryde glared at her. "Anything you can say.. You can say out here." He said harshly getting Naruto to growl a little. Charles sighed, laced his fingers in front of him, and explained. "Very well.. I think you know Kitty's going through a very.. Unique transition, we want to help her through it.. Why don't you tell us about.. Last night." Mr., and Mrs. Pryde looked shocked at that.

"What happened last night is none of your business! Good day!" Mr. Pryde said before pushing his wife inside, and shutting the door. Jean sighed before turning to Charles. "Next time we should call first, and get hanged up on.. Less hassle." Charles looked to them for a moment before speaking up. "You two will need to make contact with Kitty personally.. At her school."

New York, Xavier's School For The Gifted.

Logan was cleaning up his blue motorcycle before smelling something. He climbed on top of the mansion, sniffed again, and growled. "Sabertooth." He quickly got down, and dressed in his uniform. It's a black bodysuit that's orange on the chest, knee-high boots with kneepads, gloves, belt with 'X' buckle, and mask with black, cut 'ears' on it. (For better image type Wolverines first outfit Evolution.)

He walked to his bike, put on his helmet, and drove off past Scott, and Kurt. Kurt dusted off some leaves that got on him before looking to Logan. "What's up with Wolverine?" Scott raised an eyebrow before replying. "Don't know.. But he is packing some serious attitude." Kurt quickly looked to him, and smiled. "Want to follow him?" Scott nodded before dashing to the garage.

"Should we take the X-van?" Kurt asked pointing to a black armored S.U.V. "No something low profile.. And cooler. " He ran to a red Convertible with white racing stripes on it, and 'X' shaped rims. "You coming?" Kurt teleported in the passenger seat, and they took off after Wolverine.

Naruto, Deerfield High School.

Naruto walked down the stairs to the first floor, and spotted a depressed Kitty getting her gym bag out of her locker. "Well.. She is pretty." He thought before noticing two other girls, one blonde, and one brunette walk over, and push Kitty in her locker. He jogged over to the locker, and looked through the vents. "You ok?" He asked before hearing her pound the door. "Get me out!"

"Ok, ok give me the combination, and I will." Kitty took a deep breath before giving him the combination while pushing on the door. "Three..." She phased through, and into Naruto knocking him down. He groaned before looking to her. "Wish I could meet more pretty girls like this." She looked down to him with a small blush. "Pretty? He thinks I'm pretty?" She thought before noticing Naruto, and their position with her on top of him, and his arms around her waist, making her blush.

"What's going on here?" They heard a male voice asked as Naruto looked to his left. He saw a taller than average teen that has a muscular and solid frame. He has dark brown hair that he keeps long and brown eyes. His skin complexion is tan-olive colored. He's wearing a brown leather vest over a black shirt with torn jeans that have tears around his knees. Brown boots and black fingerless gloves on each hand.

"Nothing.. Just meeting a pretty girl." Naruto said before getting up, and helping Kitty up. "Well thanks.." Kitty trailed off before Naruto smiled, grab her hand, and kissed it. "Naruto Uzumaki." Kitty blushed again before quickly walking down the hall with Naruto following as the teen looked to the lockers before looking to them.

Naruto caught up with her, and smiled. "Want to talk about what happened back there?" Kitty stiffened before shaking her head. "N.. No nothing happened. You got me out of my locker." Naruto got in front of her, and puts his hands on her shoulder. "I know you phased through the door.. Wish I had that ability growing up."

"What are you talking about?" Naruto smiled before forming a blue ball in his right hand. "You don't need to be afraid." The ball disappeared as Kitty looked to him wide-eyed. "You.. You have a power too?" Naruto smirked before making a clone. They jumped up to the ceiling, and stuck there. "A lot more.." He said before dropping down, and dispelling the clone. "And we can teach you how to use your gifts."

"Don't you mean curse?" Naruto shook his head before replying. "No.. A gift.. It's only a curse if you want it to be." She shook her head before running off. "This is too much!" Naruto sighed before walking out, not noticing the male teen from a little earlier watching them.

Outside, Kitty ran up ta a female coach in sweat pants, and a jersey. The Coach blew her whistle, and looked to her. "You were almost late Pryde." Kitty panted before looking to the two girls that pushed her in her locker. "Sorry Coach. Had trouble with my locker, you know." The Coach pointed to the long jump. "Ok you three to the long jump."

Naruto watched with Jean from the sidelines. "That her?" Jean asked watching Kitty get ready. "Yes.. She has a phasing ability." Naruto said before noticed something up on the roof, and saw the male teen from earlier with two other boys. "From the looks of the two looking at a small vent.. They're trying to get inside." He thought before looking to see Kitty trip before making the jump, and punch the ground.

He noticed the two other girls make cat noises before sighing. "Her bullies." He said before they walked over, as one of the girls got ready, and ran ahead. The ground suddenly shook before sand came up, and knocks the girl to the ground. Naruto noticed a crack leading to the teen he met. "That must be Lance.." He stopped as Kitty ran in to him.

"We got to stop meeting like this." He said before she pushed him away, and ran in to the theater building. Jean looked to where Kitty ran and sighed. "Let's go make sure she's safe." They walked in, and saw Kitty on stage kicking things. Naruto turned to Jean. "Why don't you talk to her.. I'll stay quiet." Jean nodded as they walked down, and saw Kitty phase her arms through a bowl.

"Kitty. Kitty. Are you alright?" Kitty jumped as she saw Jean walked to the stage before scoffing. "Are you one of Rah-Rah Riley's friends? Because, like, I had nothing to do with that." Kitty said picking up a frowning mask. "No, no I'm not." Jean said as Naruto walked up behind Kitty. Kitty scoffed again before putting on the mask. "Well you look, like, you'd be."

"Please.. Like Jean would hang out with a girl like that." Naruto said startling Kitty before he took the mask. "Come on.. No need to hide such a pretty face." He said before the mask floated as Jean lifted her hand, and puts it back. "You know.. One morning I woke up and found out I had powers.. I hated it also.. But after training.. I loved it." Jean said before looking up to Naruto.

"Why don't you give her your story?" Naruto shrugged before speaking up. "I was born awesome." Seeing Jean stare at him caused him to sigh. "Ok, ok.. I'm from another world where everyone can do what I do... If you train early enough for it.. About seven years ago I was transported here, and 'de-aged' to ten years old.. We haven't worked on a long-term way back other than letters."

Kitty shook her head before walking away. "I.. I need time to think." She walked out the door as a hand roughly grabbed Jean, and turned her around where she saw Lance. "Listen Red.." Naruto interrupted him by grabbing his wrist, and twisting it. "Don't do that." Suddenly Lance's eyes rolled back, and the room shook until Naruto grabbed a knife with a serrated black blade (Sharp edge on both sides of knife.) from behind his back, and puts it to Lances neck.

"Go on.. I could lose my balance.." Lance glared at him before stopping. Naruto lets him go, and watched him walk off. "I'm the only friend she needs." Lance said as Naruto flipped him off before looking to Jean. "I think we should get ready if we can't find Kitty.. I have a bad feeling that something's going to happen."

With Scott And Kurt.

Scott, and Kurt stopped in front of a parking garage, and Kurt took a look around before hitting the door. "Hey, hey watch the door panel! They're smudge resistant, not dent resistant." Scott said as Kurt looked up, and saw Wolverine on top of the garage looking around. "There he is!" They saw him turn around, and caught a glance of another man on a motorcycle.

"Sabertooth." Wolverine growled having his claws on his left hand come out. He's wearing a brown/black vest under a sleeve-less coat with long blonde hair. He has armor on his arms large belt, black pants, and knee-high boots with long claw-like fingernails. (For better image type Sabertooth Evolution.)

Sabertooth drove to Wolverine before Wolverine dodged, and sliced the front tire off. Sabertooth went off the edge, and leaped on the lower floor having his bike fall on Scott's car after Kurt teleported them out. "Oh man, my car!" Scott yelled out looking at his damaged car.

Up above, Sabertooth pushed a car through the roof, before Wolverine came down to the lower floor. Wolverine growled as he stood up, and was pinned against a stone support by another car pushed by Sabertooth who smirked. "One shall fall by the others hand.. Such is our destiny!" Sabertooth yelled as Wolverine grunted. "I never got that philosophy mumbo-jumbo."

"Hey hairball I got your destiny right here!" Scott, in his suit yelled as Kurt in his normal form teleported in. Scott shot a laser hitting Sabertooth in to a van having Wolverine push the car from him. Kurt teleported to Sabertooth who punches him away. Wolverine then tackled Sabertooth into the elevator. Wolverine growled, and brought out his right claws only to get kicked out, and the doors to close.

Wolverine cuts the door opened as Sabertooth yelled out. "A taste of what's yet to come Wolverine!" Scott, and Kurt came over to Wolverine, and Kurt smirked. "Oh yeah we showed him! We're the X-Men!" Wolverine snorted before looking to them. "I don't fight your battles.. So don't fight mine." He walked away as Kurt shrugged. "He loves us!" Scott rolled his eyes at Kurt. "Oh yeah.. Big time."

Naruto, Jean, And Charles; Outside Of Deerfield High School.

Naruto and Jean, in their suits, are with Charles as Kitty's parents pulled up. They ran up to them with worried looks. "Where's Kitty?!" Mr. Pryde asked as Jean spoke up. "She just broke in the office." Mrs. Pryde's eyes widened. "She's never done anything like this before." Charles looked to Jean and Naruto before speaking up. "Go with them, I'll catch up."

They ran to the office where Lance was holding Kitty's wrist before Mr. Pryde spoke up. "Let go of my daughter!" He ran over as Lance cause a book self to fall on him. "No way old man.. She's with me." Lance created a hole in the wall just as Naruto hits him with a powered down Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere). He stood in front of Kitty, and glared at Lance. "That's no way to treat a lady."

Lance got up, and looked to Kitty who was holding on to Naruto before scoffing. "Alright.. Have it your way." His eyes rolled back in his head before the building shook. Naruto looked up, and cursed as the ceiling above him, and Kitty caved. "Crap!" He grabbed Kitty, and threw them to the floor letting the derbies fall on top of him. "Kitty/Naruto!" Jean and Kitty's parents yelled out as Jean used her telekinesis to create a shield around them.

"Jean, your powers.. Use your powers." Jean heard the Professors voice inside her head. "I'm trying, it's too much." She thought before Charles replied. "I'll help you.. Keep your mind clear." She grunted as a large concrete block fell down. "But Naruto, and Kitty..." She thought before Charles interrupted her. "Keep your mind clear." Kitty's parents looked on worriedly to the pile where Kitty's was under.

Suddenly, Kitty walked out with Naruto who shivered. "Whoa... I won't get used to that." He said before Kitty ran up, and hugged her parents. "Everyone hold on to me.. I'll get us out of here." She said before fazing everyone out where Charles was waiting. "Yes Kitty.. You do have a gift.. And you've used it well." Kitty hugged her mother as she apologized before walking up to her father.

"Dad.. These people want to help me.. And I trust them.. Some with my life." She said glancing at Naruto. Her father nodded before looking to Charles. "I think we have a lot to talk about."

Later, With Lance.

Lance watched as the offices looked at the school before hearing a females voice behind him. "I'd say you blew your chance at this school haven't you?" He turned, and saw Darkholme behind him. "Who are you?" he asked making her smirk. "Your new advisor.. I made an opening for you at Bayville High School." She suddenly transformed in to her normal form. "I have much to teach you.. My little.. Avalanche."

Xavier's School For The Gifted. A Few Days Later.

Naruto walked in his room after helping Kitty into hers, and heard a voice. "Kit.. We may have a problem." Naruto looked to his bed, and saw a fox sitting on it. "What's that Kurama?" He asked as Kurama stretched. "Your mates barriers are breaking.. I feel it." Naruto's eyes widened at that. "What? It won't hurt her, will it?" He asked as Kurama shook his head.

"No.. But that being will escape.. Or take her body over.. I can't believe there's someone like a Jinchūriki (Power of Human Sacrifice) in this world." Naruto sighed before rubbing the back of his neck. "Anything we can do? I know Professor X. said she's dangerous." Kurama looked down for a moment before replying. "Maybe.. I need some time to think about a safe way since this world doesn't have chakra.. For now don't say anything until I see if it will work."

He ran out of the room as Naruto groaned. "I hope nothing bad will come from this.. But knowing my luck for anything that's not gambling, or game related.. It'll all hit the fan."

To Be Continued.

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