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Chapter XXXVIII: Epilogue.

Last Time.

"Thanks to you all, we have averted catastrophe. It was not without its price, however. But steel is forged through fire, and like it we have been made stronger. We are prepared for what the future brings. I know this, because I have glimpsed into the mind of Apocalypse. Many challenges still await us."

He projects his thoughts to them showing several images. They see a lot of protesters outside the white house with signs.

"But I have seen some who were our enemies become friends."

Next, they see Magneto in the Danger Room magnetically move a ball around. Rhane leaps through the air and catches it, then slides down an ice slide to the other New Mutants. Sam, Bobby, Robert, Amara, Jamie and Jubilee are all present.

"I saw my X-Men grow and change."

Next, they are shown a much older Beast, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, X23, Shadowcat, Kage, Rogue and Storm, all in new X-Men uniforms.

"And of course, I saw that some people never truly change."

Wanda, with slightly longer hair is standing in front of a S.H.I.E.L.D. sign, another belt added to her costume and a tear on her side. And then Avalanche, Blob, Toad and Pyro crows around her as Pietro zips in front of of them.

Then hundreds of Sentinels flew through the sky.

"But one thing was clear... That no matter what awaits us, terrible or wondrous... My X-Men will always be there, ready. And of that, I am proud."

They all group up for a picture. Naruto having his arm around Jean and Rachel as Rogue leaned back against him and the others stood beside him, showing their engagement rings.


New York; Bayville, Ten Years Later Seven A.M.

"DADDY!" A red blur jumped on a bed causing a male to grunt, before sitting up. "Hope, what did I tell you about hitting a person on the stomach?" He asked rubbing his very short spiky blonde hair.

"Not to go head first in case the person has armour on?" The man chuckled at that while looking at his daughter. She's five years old wearing blue pajamas with red hair and blue eyes. She also has two whisker marks on each cheek. "Yes, but I meant the, 'No barging in on mommy and daddy', rule. You've gotta knock first." He picked Hope up and placed her on his lap.

"It's too early~ Naruto, go and fix her breakfast." Naruto smiled as he got up, and walked out in black pajama pants. Glancing back, he saw Jean lay on her side and reach for his pillow.

Her hair now reached her ass and her breasts are slightly larger.

Walking out, he past, Kitty, with a pregnant stomach in sweatpants and shirt. Her hair has now grown out to mid back.

"Hey there, beautiful." He greeted kissing her cheek. "No, I'm not. I'm fat." Naruto chuckled as he held Hope's hand. "No, you're not." Naruto picked Hope up, having her giggle before putting her on his shoulders. They made their way to the kitchen and passed Rachel who's wearing black pants and a blue shirt.

"Hey, Rachel." Rachel grinned at her husband before kissing him. "Morning, love." She walked past him and jumped as Naruto pinched her ass. She suddenly turned green before making a beeline to the bathroom.

Walking into the kitchen, Naruto put Hope on a chair before creating several clones to help make breakfast. "Ohhh... I'll be glad when I don't have to wake up and pee every five minutes."

Naruto looked to see Rogue holding her several months pregnant stomach. "That'll pass, dear." Naruto said before remembering Rogue jumping him as soon as she was able to gain control of her absorbing power after getting permanent control over flight and super strength after holding on to someone for too long.

'Good thing I was able to heal her, and she was able to get her powers back, as well.' Naruto thought before pouring cereal in a bowl. "Is that the good stuff?" Hope asked making Naruto smile. "Yeah, this will rot your teeth out before it even reaches your mouth."

Later, Naruto walked to the X-Mansion passing a white haired three year old boy. "Hey there, Nate." Naruto walked to the mansion and saw Storm float down.

She's wearing a dark navy blue bodysuit with a cowl, a navy blue and white split cape with the ends attached to her wrists, and matching navy blue thigh-high heeled boots. She also has an 'X' logo charm which holds up her cape and a gold utility belt, also bearing the 'X' logo. She also has a shoulder-length hair.

"Hello, Storm. I like your new hair style." She smiled as they walked inside. "Thanks, Logan likes it, too." Naruto snorted at that. "I thought he'd like it long. Gives him something to grab on when you're in the middle of wi-OOF!" He stopped as she elbowed him in the stomach.

"Need I remind you that there are children present?" Naruto rolled his eyes at her. "So, what did you need me for?" Storm sighed at him before speaking. "To help out with training."

Unknown Location.

Kage dropped down in a new suit. It's a full body black suit with an orange utility belt, and a large 'X' on his chest. He has a mask over his face with lens for eye holes.

He looked at what could be considered a war zone as buildings were destroyed and vehicles are on fire and destroyed. He looked to see Colossus in an X-Men bodysuit with Laura.

She's wearing a sleeveless leather bodysuit with gloves and the X-Men belt. Lasers and rockets were shot at them as Iceman ran with Polaris.

Bobby hasn't changed much other than having some stubble on his face.

Lorna has her hair pulled in a low pony tail and it reached just past her rear.

Naruto saw Logan out of costume in a leather coat run up to Colossus and X-23 before a piece of metal flew towards them. Colossus grabbed X-23 and had metal cover her as well, having the metal hit them and bounce towards Logan, hitting him in the face. His cut showed his metal-plated skeleton before quickly healing.

He took out a cigar before looking to his daughter and Colossus. "The whole world's going to hell and you're just going to sit there?" He asked as an explosion went off behind him. "Let's go!" He walked past them as Naruto created a Rasengan (Spiraling Sphere) and threw it at a missile.


Another one flew towards Iceman who turned and froze it before looking to Polaris and smirked. "Bobby!" She yelled as another one flew to them before directing it away. Naruto hopped over a flaming car as Logan used it to light his cigar. Storm dropped beside Logan as Naruto ran to the others.

"We're getting killed out here." Logan nodded at that. "Yeah, I know, they're not ready yet, Storm." She sighed before seeing two glowing eyes look at them. "Logan?" He rolled his eyes at that. "Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch." A chunk of a brick building flew to them.

She grabbed Logan and twists as she flew them away to another car. Logan shook his head before growling. "That was my last cigar!" He yelled out before standing up. "Logan!" Storm yelled as Logan walked to the group who was looking up at the glowing eyes in the smoke as a car exploded.

"Come on! Keep moving!" X-23 yelled out before Logan walked to Colossus. "Hey Tin Man, how's your throwing arm?" The others looked to him. "Logan, we work as a team. Remember?" Logan nodded at that as Colossus walked to him. "How's that working for you?" Colossus threw Logan into the smoke as he released his claws.

They heard him slashing something metal before seeing a Sentinel's head drop down in front of him. Naruto sighed as he pulled his mask off before Storm typed on a keyboard on her arm. Suddenly, the 'city' disappeared, showing an advanced Danger Room before the group walked out.

X-23 stretched before walking out as Storm and Logan walked beside her. "See you later Laur-" Laura interrupted him as she ran off. "Yeah, yeah, if I'm not busy!" Naruto walked up to Logan and Storm before speaking.

"Don't worry, I think Laura is still at that age where all she hears is 'Blah, blah, blah, I'm an old person. Blah, Blah, Blah I won't let you go all R-Rated on anyone'. It'll pass, eventually."

"You really enjoy torturing me, don't ya?" Logan asked making Naruto grin. "You make it too easy."

'We are fighting dreamers-'

Naruto's phone went off having him answer it and heard Tabitha's voice. "Naruto? Wanda's water just broke!"

Naruto dashed to the med-bay where Naruto saw a sweaty Wanda who looked like she did in the vision Charles showed them after defeating Apocalypse in a large tub. Naruto remembered her wanting to have a waterbirth before running to her side and put a hand on hers. "Wanda, I'm he-GACK!"

Naruto stopped as Wanda reached up and choked him. "SHUT THE HELL UP OR I'LL DROWN YOU! THIS IS YOUR FAU-AAAHHH-LT!" She yelled before slamming him to the floor. "Yyyoouu ccaann ddooo iiitt... Hhhooonneeyy." He drawled out as swirls replaced his eyes.

Jean, Rachel, and Tabitha stood by them as Wanda screamed before hearing a female doctor by Wanda. "There's another!" Kurt walked in with a two month old baby girl chewing on his tail before handing her to Tabitha.

Later, Naruto with a bruise on his neck held one baby boy as Wanda held the other. "William and Thomas." Naruto smiled before pulling her against him having her weakly smile at her sons.

A Few Hours Later.

the X-Men gathered in the living room and up to a projection screen showing Charles and Beast talking to a large group of people. "So, Charles went early?" Naruto looked to see Ashura walk into the room.

He hasn't changed much other then having cut his hair shorter and he's wearing black pants and a white shirt.

"Yeah, going to Congress it's better to be early then late." Naruto replied before turning the volume up.

"Freak. Flatscan. Deadend. Genejoke. Mutie. Words. Powerful words meant to distance... To demean... To destroy the havens of self respect we each carry and nurture within us. Just as surely as they seek to rend the centuries old tapestry we, as a race, have agreed to call civilization."

"These words carry us away from the light and lead us marching, no- charging into a darkness where prejudice and bigotry rein. Ugly, hateful words as weapons... And words that ultimately fail to achieve their intended purpose. This day is about embracing our uniqueness. The color of a man's skin, the choice of whom we love."

"The right for your neighbor to pursue his individual religious observance. Isn't it also about learning to respect the person born with a torso fin, cursed with an optic blast, blessed with the natural power of Telekinesis? Seeing past their differences, humans and mutants share a common unbreakable bond."

"No amount of words- or derision, distrust, or disinformation can change the truth of each of us... Man, woman, Black, Hispanic, Jew, Asian, Native American, homosexual, mutant, everyone... Underneath all the 'Words' we are all family."

Naruto turned to his friends and family before giving a small, peaceful smile.

The End.

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Stats. Reviews: 550. Followers: 1,331. Favorites: 1,332. Communities: 25. Views: 408,605.

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