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CHAPTER 3: Courtney

"Previously on My Strange Addiction…" Chris started, having somewhat of an eerie tone to his voice. "You guys forced me to visit Heather and her freaky house! I had to overcome ugly wigs, glittery objects, and the cunning beast herself. What more do you guys want from me?! Anyway… Heather - who some people refer to as strategically sane - turns out to be even crazier than Lindsay. She think she's married to… to… to Alejandro," the host laughed. "Also, her younger brother is pretty cool. Maybe he should be on the next season? But yeah, expect more drama because the contestant you've voted for me to encounter today is already crazy… Stay tuned!"

Chris furrowed his brow as he read through the alleged script for the show. He was currently gathered with the camera crew on the lawn belonging to a mauve house with a significant modern touch to it. He grunted as he scanned throught the script, obviously not agreeing with anything that was stated on it.

"Greet the viewers by waving?!… What? I did not sign up for this."

The cameraman decided to warn the host as the cameras around him began to film. "Chris, the cameras…"

"What do you mean, 'the came—' Oh!" Chris immediately fell silent, dropping the script and flashing an unconvincing smile to the camera. "What's up, viewers?! I hope you guys had fun last time because this episode is going to be even sicker!"

Chris then turned around and headed over to the door of the modern house. The cameraman swiftly followed him soon after. "The contestant we're visiting today is organised by no means, but also hot-headed when it comes to certain situations… Let's see what their strange addictions are, shall we?" he challenged, knocking on the door. As he waited for the mysterious person to greet him, he mumbled something that sounded like: "Kill me now…"

It wasn't long before the door opened. The smirk on Chris' face fell as he didn't receive the reaction he was expecting. In front of him stood Courtney dressed in her casual attire, having a smile surprisingly planted on her freckly face.

"Ah, Chris. I assume you're here to give me the million dollars?"

Courtney's reaction made Chris laugh in response. "Oh, Courtney, why are you so funny?!" he pushed the CIT aside as he entered her house. "Anyway, you wish! I'm actually here to ask you about your secret addiction, so hurry up! I have places to be!"

Courtney placed her hands on her hips. "What on earth are you talking about?! I have no strange addictions!"

"That's what they all say." Chris rolled his eyes and led the CIT over to her couch. He then repeated the same actions he undertook in the two previous episodes: he opened his entrusted laptop in order to show Courtney a certain video. Courtney's eyes widened in surprise as she noticed her parents on the screen. Without any permission from Chris, she pressed the play button in order to hear what they had to say.

"This video is just going to tell you why—"

"Shh!" Courtney interrupted.

"Geez! Take a chill pill!"

Courtney ignored Chris as she paid her attention to the video playing in front of her. On the screen were both her parents in their formal lawyer attire, revealing barely any facial expressions and speaking professionally to the camera. The more Courtney continued to watch the video, the more she could feel her face redden from the embarrassment and anger boiling up inside her.

"Her addiction?" her father questioned. "Our Courtney is a very talented girl… However, she may be taking her use of lists a little too seriously." As soon as he finished speaking, he looked down at his PDA and began typing.

Courtney's mother then looked up from her own PDA and revealed a comforting smile. "I have to agree. I have purchased three notepads this past month… Being organised is a quality unlike any other, but we must not overuse that power." As soon as she stopped speaking, Courtney's mother repeated the actions of her husband and looked down at her PDA in order to continue typing.

"… Do you both have any questions for your daughter?" The cameraman asked.

Courtney's mother looked up from her PDA. "No, but we love her, no matter how much her lists have taken over her life. Actually, I don't really have a problem with this addiction…"

Courtney's father looked up from his PDA and was about to say something, but unfortunately for Chris who wanted to know what he had to say, Courtney paused the video before he could find out. Knowing Courtney, she'd already had enough. Chris just stared at her in silence, trying his best not to laugh. The CIT, however, ignored Chris as she observed the laptop screen, clearly horrified that her parents believed she had an addiction.

"I demand to know why my parents haven't said anything sooner!" she grabbed her PDA from her back pocket. "I'm going to call them and demand an explanation."

After calling the number, Courtney waited in silence as she expected her parents to answer the phone. However, she raged as their voicemail answered her instead.

"They are exactly like my lawyers!" she seethed, throwing her PDA across the room.

Chris turned to the camera in awe. "We sooo need to show her throwing that PDA thingy in slow motion. The viewers will go crazy!"

Courtney heard this and turned to the host with a harmful glare in her eyes. Chris noticed that he was only fuelling her temper, so he decided to stop… for now. After all, he didn't want her damaging his perfect face. Shaking off the horrific visions of a broken nose and bruised jaw, Chris decided to keep things on track as he smiled at Courtney. In order to keep things at a comfortable pace, the host proceeded to ask the next question.

"So, Courtney… Why are you addicted to making lists? Its not exactly interesting…"

"Its not an addiction! Its just something that I've become really engrossed in."

"In other words, an addiction…"

"Shut up!" Courtney flared. "I-I just like to be organised; I mean I've always been organised. After all, I did make my first list when I was only four years old."

Chris cackled. "Man, you're crazy… And I don't believe that!"

"Well, you're wrong, as usual! I'll even show you my room if you'd like."

The host shrugged, "Okay, sure."

Courtney opened the door to her bedroom and allowed Chris to make his way inside. There wasn't much of a reaction from the host… Her room seemed to be normal. Numerous awards were framed and neatly positioned on the maroon walls, and the only other notable feature was the neat stack of papers on the study desk.

"See? Everything in my room is perfectly normal."

"Yeah yeah," Chris suddenly shoved Courtney to the side and began rummaging through her desk drawers. She started fuming in an instant. "What do you think you're doing?! You can't do that! This is an invasion of privacy!"

Chris continued fighting against Courtney's grating tugs as he struggled to open the bottom drawer. Once Chris was successful, his face paled as he realised the drawer was filled with nothing but sheets of paper which were nothing but a bunch of meaningless lists. He grabbed a few of the papers and chuckled. "You… You really are something."
"Of course I am," Courtney huffed, snatching one of the random lists from Chris. A smile appeared on her face as she read it. "This is my very first list! You can tell by the childlike handwriting!"

Chris rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I don't really care. I'm just here to do the episo—"

"Wake up, change diapers… cry until attention needs are met… I really should keep this in a safer drawer."

Chris watched as Courtney headed over to her bedside table and placed her first to-do list right next to her alarm clock. Looking down at the remaining stack of randomised papers in his hand, the host suddenly had an idea in order to get rid of the problem.

"Hey, I think I know how to help you… Its a pretty good idea, if I do say so myself."

"Not that I need any help," Courtney glared, "but what are you suggesting?…"

Chris cackled ever so lightly as he held up the papers and began to rip them. Courtney's face fell as she wtinessed the scene in front of her and it was evident that her world was now falling apart. She immediatly sped over to the host and began beating her fist against his chest, doing whatever she could to make him stop.

"You're hurting me!" Chris winced as he now struggled to tear the papers.

"No! You need to stop!" Courtney argued. "I suggest you get out of my room and leave this house!"

Chris ceased his actions and looked down at the angered teen. It was obvious he had just ruined an important aspect of her life in some way, but to be honest, he didn't really care right now because this was for her own good. He then dug his free hand into his pocket and began searching for a certain item.

"Oh geez, I didn't even think of it like that…"

Courtney rolled her eyes, but before she could say anything, Chris interrupted her.

"Instead of tearing your lists apart, how about we light it on fire instead?!" He suggested excitedly, now revealing a lighter in his hands. He then flicked the said lighter and attached the small flame to the remaining papers.

Courtney screamed in horror as she witnessed the flames growing and spreading on the many years of hard work and achieved goals. Her specific drawer of countless lists was now charred and there was nothing else to do but to grab one one of the sweaters from her closet and throw it onto the fire in order to stop it.

Chris clapped once when the flames disappeared. He was happy to have finally helped someone and the best thing is that the viewers across the nation were going to see it, too. So far, this seemed to be a good day for his image as a host.

"I'm so good at helping people! So, how are you going to thank me?"

"I NEVER ASKED FOR YOUR HELP!" Courtney shouted just before attacking the confused Chris to the floor. "Are you trying to burn my house down?! My parents and I could have been homeless right now and my sweater is ruined! I will sue you if you don't leave soon!"

"Ugh, w-wait…" Chris struggled as the girl continued to attack him. She stopped her actions and listened, curious to find out what he had to say. "Can you donate the remains of your lists to the show if you don't want them anymore? We're running out of ingredients for Chef to give to the campers next season."

"That is an awful idea!" Courtney shouted.

"Man, you're right…" Chris began. "If they come from you then its bound to be awful."

Coming to her senses, Courtney realised that the cameras were still filming, so she stopped attacking the host and stood up once again in order to regain her composure. She then offered her hand to Chris who was confused by her sudden change of personality, but took her hand anyway as she helped him up. Chris was about to ask another question about Courtney's addiction, but the CIT interfered as she began pushing him violently outside her room, down the stairs, through the living room, and then eventually to the front door.

"You're just lucky I still have my very first list with me!" she seethed as she continued to push Chris.

As Chris was now outside, he turned around and smiled at Courtney whilst holding his lighter up. "Would you like me to burn it?" he flashed a smile.

Courtney gritted her teeth in anger just before slamming the door in front of Chris' face. He smirked at the situation and began banging on the door, feigning confusion.

"I didn't get an answer, is that a yes?! Also, are you over your addiction?!"

Chris waited for a while and even though there was no answer, he sighed with frustration. "What a freak!" he laughed, and turned to face the camera with a grin on his face. It then fell as he came to a sudden realisation.

"Oh man, I hope she doesn't start making lists about wanting to kill me now… That would be creepy and I don't need any more fangirls obsessing over me," he stated to the camera man but he only sighed at Chris in response.

"What?! Its true!"

The host then paid his attention to the camera again and smiled. "And there you have it, everyone! I don't know what to say since Courtney was being difficult, but you've gotta give me props for helping the needy. And why do I have a lighter?… Well, I'm cool and cool people have lighters, so yeah. Anyway, make sure to tell me who you would like to see next on My Strange Addiction! And please, for the love of humanity, make it someone sane… This is Chris McLean, signing off!"

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