Chapter One:

Sirius was sitting next to James on the stands of the Quidditch Pitch clutching a sheet of parchment in his hands.

"There's no choice James," he whispered sadly.

James scanned through the letter again, willing a solution to appear. Sirius's parents had got tired of his behavior and decided the normal punishments were not working and so had written to Sirius offering an ultimatum: Become friends with the Slytherins in his year or when they returned home for Christmas, Regulus would be punished for his disobedience.

"How are we going to do this then?" James asked.

Sirius's head shot up, "we?" he exclaimed.

"You think I was letting you do this alone? Padfoot, we're a team! Lets get the others" James said grinning.

Sirius sat down in shock, barely noticing how hard he was shaking. He looked up towards James, who did not look much better.

"How could they, how could they say he would deserve it? He's my brother James, and he's innocent of everything!" Every word spoken sent more tremors through body until finally they were replaced by sobs.

"Do they know though? Exactly what your punishments are?" James whispered.

"Moony does, I told him last year, Peter doesn't though. Are the Marauder's really going to end because of this?" Sirius looked at James desperately.

"Well if they are true friends they will come around. Regardless, we need to solve the bigger problem first. How are we going to befriend the Slytherin's?"

"JAMES!" Sirius bellowed. "What in the hell is this? When you said you were getting Snape, I didn't think you meant kidnap him." Sirius tore past James who was looking sheepishly at the ceiling and knelt in front of Snape who was gagged and tied to a chair. "I had no clue he was going to do this, I swear, but I really need to talk to you, would you be willing to stay if I untied you?"

Snape regarded him hesitantly and then gave a short nod. Sirius breathed a sigh of relief and then proceeded to take the gag off and untie the knots holding Snape to the chair. Sirius then looked at Snape and with a sigh handed him the same sheet of parchment that began this whole mess.
Snape read it through, and then seemed to reread it. He then looked up, "punishment?" Snape watched as Sirius grew deathly pale and so did James behind him. Sirius, who was still kneeling in front of Snape, fell back onto his bottom and wrapped his hands around his legs, rocking himself.

" My father thought that corporal punishment would work at first to beat the Gryffindor out of me. Huh! When that didn't work he decided to… to…" Sirius trailed off then and looked over to James desperately, pleading with his tear filled eyes to say it for him.

" His dad rapes him every time he goes home" James spat out, then spun around and punched the wall. Snape's eyes widened, and his head swung down and he saw Sirius at that moment, as a victim like he was instead of the bully he always thought him to be.

"He would do this to Regulus, just to make you obey?" Snape asked, still shocked.

Sirius nodded and looked up at Snape, tear after tear falling. "Please, help me" he begged.

Snape realized then he had already made his decision and gave the forlorn boy a small smile, "you have my friendship at least, I will talk to the others. There should be no reason they will not accept you though."

"Us," James said from the corner he was now occupying. "I'm not going to abandon him now."

Snape nodded and rose, offering a hand to Sirius.