Chapter Six

Regulus had been overjoyed when Sirius told him he would join the Dark. They were sitting together having breakfast when a flustered Professor Slughorn appeared in the doorway with Sirius's parents behind him. They stopped their and in a clear commanding voice Sirius's father said, "Here now, boy."

Sirius knew by the tone alone that his father meant him, but he refused to move. Everyone knew what his parents had done, and for the first time since Remus had told everyone he was grateful. No one would blame him for not going, and with a small smile he noticed Severus who was sitting next to him subtlety draw his wand.

"Now," his father commanded again.

Lucius stood up and in the most arrogant voice he was capable of said, "You have no power over him any more and we will not let Sirius or even Regulus come near your abusive clutches again, you filthy blood traitor. Children are precious, even the Dark Lord agrees with that. He's not very happy with you at the moment, for abusing your son like and to be willingly to hurt Regulus the same way."

Sirius's father bristled with anger, while his mother just paled. "We have the right to remove you from school if we deem fit and tutor you at home. You will come now boy, before you make it any worse on yourself," his voice growing colder and more predatory at the mention of punishment.

Sirius paled at the mention of removing him from school, could they actually force him to leave. He began searching for an escape when Regulus stood up,

"Piss of Mr. Black, you have no claim to either of us. You are no longer our father, we already have multiple offers for accommodation and we have our trust vaults to support us. We no longer need you, though you will certainly want us. We have pledged ourselves to the Dark, we are the heirs of the Black line, you are redundant now, and you have angered Him. Neither one of us will beg for your lives, so I expect to have to stand at your gravesides soon."

Professor Slughorn at that moment decided enough was enough, and with a non-verbal complicated wand movement Mr. and Mrs. Black were flung from the room and the doors slammed shut.

Sirius spent the evening constructed his second letter to the Dark Lord, hoping that the offer for a home was still valid. Christmas and Easter were fine, but they needed a home for the summer holidays. He gave it to Severus the next morning, who took it and then looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Sirius replied with a sheepish smile until finally Severus nodded and put the letter in his robe pocket.

He received the reply the next day, informing him that the offer was indeed valid and that it extended for the upcoming Christmas holidays and Easter as well. And that the Dark Lord was hoping when Severus came home for Christmas Sirius and Regulus would be with him, as he wanted to meet them in person. The end of the letter stated, quite bluntly that he would be punishing his parents but they would talk together before anything further happened, as it was their right if they wanted retribution. Sirius gave the letter to Regulus who scanned in quickly before rereading it again with wide eyes. Sirius gave him a smile when he looked up, which Regulus returned.

"Will we be going there this Christmas?" Regulus asked. Sirius nodded, though unsure before Regulus's happiness at the letters contents had made the decision for him. For the first time in years, Sirius was actually looking forward to Christmas.