This is my first 'ER' story because I normally do 'FRIENDS' stories so I hope you like this one. This story may have some of you Carby and Abby fans upset (Sorry) Some of the ideas for this story have been shared with one of my friends (Becky- author of Forever) so you may recognise some characters and their characteristics.

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****** 12 o'clock and John came over to Susan's as normal and dropped of Danny aged five and Maria aged 3 on his way to work.

John: Right, Either me or Abby will come and collect them when we've finished our shifts. It'll probably be Abby cause she'll finish earlier than me. Ok

Susan: Yes John. Don't worry they'll be fine.

John: All right. I'd better be off then. He leant over and kissed his two children on their heads.

John: Now you two be good for aunty Susan. The kids always called her Aunty Susan for no specific reason. It was just what they knew her as.

D+M: Yes Daddy.

John: Good. Bye

The two children always went to Susan' s when both Abby and John were working. John would drop them off on his way to work and Abby would pick them up on her way home from work. That was the routine and the kids seemed to be getting used o it. But today didn't follow that routine. Susan didn't mind because she loved having the children and they enjoyed it at hers.


Danny and Maria rushed to the window to see who was in the car, which had pulled up in the drive. They didn't recognize the driver until she got out of the car and walked past the window.

Danny: Mummy!

The doorbell rang and Susan went to answer it but Danny got there first. He wasn't tall enough to reach the handle so he had to wait until Susan opened the door. When she did he flung himself at Abby who lifted him into the air and hugged him and Maria when she reached the door.

Susan: Hi Abby. You're back early. Did you finish your shift earlier than normal? John didn't mention anything.

Abby: Didn't he. (Abby Sighs) Honestly, I asked him to tell you that I would pick them up earlier because we're going out tonight and I wanted them to look nice.

Susan: Oh, no he didn't mention anything. Will you stay for a cup of coffee?

Abby: No thanks we've got to get going. (She turns to Danny and Maria) Have you two got everything?

D+M: Yes Mummy.

Abby: Good. Come on then. We better get going. Thanks Susan we'll miss you.

Susan: What do you mean 'we'll miss you?'

Abby: Oh I meant we'll miss our appointment.

Susan: Oh bye

Abby: Bye.

Abby and the two children get in the car and pull out of the drive. Instead of turning the direction she normally would take (to get home) she turned in the opposite direction, out of town.

Danny: Where are we going mummy?

Abby: Away darling, for a very long time.

Danny: Where's daddy?

Abby: Daddy's not coming with us.

This puzzled Danny but he was over-come by a big yawn and was soon fast asleep like his sister, Maria.

Abby: I've done it. I've left everything behind except the two things that I love the most. My two children.


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