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Luv **Starlight**


By the time John had opened the front door he realized the front door.

John: Danny, Maria, Abby. I'm home. Hello.

All that came in reply to his call was silence. The whole house seemed to have been swallowed by this silence. None of the normal sounds that welcomed him home from work were here.

Dumping his coat and keys on the sofa he went to look for his family in the house. Room after room was empty. After searching the whole house he began to worry. It wasn't like Abby to take the kids anywhere after work with out telling him and if she didn't manage to get in touch with him there would normally be a note as soon as he walked in the front door.

John: I know what, I'll give Susan a ring. Maybe she's still over there.

Walking into the kitchen he goes straight over to the phone but doesn't ring Susan because he finds something that stops him. Sat in the fruit bowl is an envelope addressed to him. Picking it up he opens the envelope and takes a letter out which is written in Abby's neat handwriting. On read the letter his worst fears come true!

John: Oh no, no. Why Abby, Why?

Sinking to the floor he lets his emotions run and is overcome by tears.


Now I'm guessing you want to know what was written in this letter that has brought John to tears. Some of you may already have guessed but I'll write it anyway.


Dear John,

If you are reading this then it means that I have finally managed to pluck up the courage to leave you. I have been thinking about doing it for a couple of weeks now. Over the last couple of months I don't think things have been working out between us and our marriage. And my feelings were made stronger when I found out that for the past month and a half you have been having an affair with that cow Susan. You can't know how angry this made me feel, to know that I've been cheated and while I thought you were at work. And do you know what made it worse? The fact that I'd been treating Susan like a friend and trusted her with our children. I promise you now John, I'm never going to make a mistake like that again. Which is why Danny, Maria and me are no longer a part of your life. We're going to start a new life where you aren't anywhere near us. You know, I used to think you cared about but it was obviously a huge fat lie and I've come to realize that you don't know how to love someone only hurt them. You've really blown it big John, you'll never get us back. Not ever. Oh and one more thing, You can tell that bitch Susan that she's welcome to you because there's no way I want any thing to do with you anymore. So this is it John,

Goodbye John.


He reached inside the envelope and pulled out the ring he'd placed on Abby's finger five years ago when they married each other. That had been the happiest day of his life and now look at what had happened to it.


Sorry to all you John fans out there but it was the only storyline I could think of at the time and I'm enjoying writing this. Not because I like seeing him upset but because I think it's a fairly good story line. So as ever please R&R.

Luv **Starlight**