A/N: this took longer than I thought it would, I kinda struggled a little with how to end this story, but that only showed me that I really have written all that I wanted to write.

The law of gravity


We all fall


"I can't believe she hasn't told us about this sooner," Denna said as she wrapped her arms around the warm body in front of her.

Dennee turned her head and pressed a long kiss against her lips before replying. "I know. She is evil after all."

The sounds of waves lapping gently at the shore drew Denna's eyes to the dark lake in front of them. She tightened her hold on Dennee and took a deep breath, the clear evening air and the scent of the woman in her arms surrounding her.

"Still, she let us spend our vacation here, so I won't drive a stake through her heart just yet."

Dennee chuckled and cuddled into the embrace. "God this is perfect. You," she turned her head again to steal another kiss, "are perfect."

Denna smiled at that and slowly stood from where she'd been sitting in the sand, her back against a log. She pulled Dennee to her feet as well and gathered in her arms again as soon as she'd turned around. The only light came from the moon above and the large house behind them.

It was Cara's secret spot by the lake that she'd somehow managed to hide from them. But after Kahlan accidentally told Dennee about it they'd made a deal. Denna and Dennee would be allowed to spend their vacation, and any future time off, at the house and would therefore keep it a secret from everyone else so that Cara wouldn't be pestered by all kinds of people to let them into her sanctuary.

Dennee's hands came together behind her neck and tangled in her hair as she leaned forward and pressed their lips together. They moved together slowly, deliciously, until Denna had to draw back for a breath. She rested her forehead against Dennee's.

"Best vacation ever," the brunette mumbled, taking Denna's wrist and stepping away to lead her up the gentle slope to the house. She pushed the glass door shut behind them and stripped Denna of her light jacket before whipping her own shirt over her head. Denna took a few steps back as Dennee advanced on her, licking her lips. "Do you even have any idea how fucking sexy you are?"

Denna's eyes widened at the language and she gulped when she was pushed down onto the plush couch in the living room. Dennee crawled forward, settling her legs on either side of Denna's body. Her hands traveled along Denna's waist and to the hem of her shirt, gently tugging upward. Slowly the fabric revealed inch after inch of pale skin.

It had taken Denna a very long time until she had allowed Dennee this close, and even longer until she felt comfortable enough with her scars to show them to her. Now Dennee leaned down and kissed her stomach, her lips gently moving across the scarred flesh. It was as if she was acknowledging the worst while still cherishing her entirely. Denna had thought she would never feel like this again but Dennee had somehow lured her out of her shell and tossed her right back into the busy ocean that was life. And she couldn't have been more thankful.


Cara stopped mid-stride, her hand clasping Kahlan's elbow. "Hold on."

"What? What's going on?"

They were standing in front of Cara's house by the lake, the cool nightly breeze rustling the leaves of nearby trees. Cara squinted into the darkness, tiling her head just so. They were both silent for another few moments when a loud moan floated from the house.

Kahlan mumbled quietly and turned around, a delicate blush rising to her cheeks. "I guess we shouldn't have come down to surprise them after all."

"It was your idea," Cara huffed.

Kahlan regarded her with a pained expression when a scream came from within the house.

"They better not be doing it on my couch," Cara grumbled and Kahlan swatted at her.

"Can we not talk about this?"

"Why not? It's my house that's being desecrated."

"Yeah and my sister," Kahlan hissed.

They stared at each other for a second or two before they burst out laughing. Cara stepped forward and pulled Kahlan into a tight hug, burying her face against dark locks. "I'm glad they found each other."

Kahlan nodded and dug her fingertips into Cara's blouse. "If I'd known that all it took for Denna to get better was inviting my sister over for a few days, I would've done it right in the beginning."

"She really is doing fine, isn't she?" Cara asked quietly.

Kahlan hummed and pressed a kiss against the warm skin of Cara's neck. "Yeah, she is."

Their peaceful moment was interrupted by another loud wail from the house. Kahlan laughed and stepped back. "I think she's doing better than fine."

Cara rolled her eyes and grabbed Kahlan's hand to lead her back up the driveway to their car. "How about a long nice dinner?"

"Sounds perfect."

They stopped at the passenger door and Kahlan pulled Cara into a loving kiss, her tongue tracing full lips briefly.

"I love you," she whispered, feeling Cara smile against her.

"And I love you. So very much."

Something crashed inside the house, followed by a hoarse voice yelling, "Oh god Denna, yes, right thereā€¦ oh god."

Cara quickly stepped away and hurried around the car to the other side. Kahlan jumped into the passenger seat and fluttered her hands in a 'hurry up' motion. Cara quickly peeled out of the driveway and they sped off into the night, their laughter floating through the air.