So, uhm, I'm back from what feels like years (cause it HAS been years! Whoops!) with a new story that's been floating around in my head. I originally had no idea what to call my OC, but here she is! Narelle… honestly used a name generator I was so desperate for a name. Anyway I thought I'd throw this out there, just to test the waters… leave feedback if you could… I haven't done this in a while so whatever you have, I'll read! Thanks! :D


Narelle Westbrook rested her arms on the side of the ship, the Superior, and stared out on the growing town of Port Royal. Her ice blue eyes were squinted from the sun's intense light, and the strong breeze blew small strands of her dark chestnut hair from her pins. She had never thought that she would actually be staying in this tiny town, since London was her home.

I can't think like that anymore, she thought. This is my home now. Port Royal.

"My lady," came a voice. Narelle jumped slightly, and saw the captain of the ship standing next to her.

"We're about to come in to dock," he said. "Might I suggest you go below and prepare yourself?"

Narelle let out a breath, nodded, and went below deck to her quarters. As she looked around, she saw her things were already packed for her, and she gave a half smile.

"Sophie, you didn't have to," she said.

"Might as well, considering that I'm still your maiden," Sophie replied, standing in the doorway.

"Couldn't even take a day off?"

"Never." Sophie and Narelle laughed. "Besides, here you'll be safe from your uncle and that wretched tower and your god-awful cousins."

Narelle nodded. "How will I live?"

"You are going to your new estate," Sophie replied. "Don't worry, they finished about two weeks ago, and everything's perfect as far as I know."

An officer poked his head out from above deck. "We're docked, my lady. You can come out and come off the ship if you like."

"Thank you, kind sir," Narelle replied. She looked to Sophie.

"Well I guess we better get going, huh?" she asked with a sheepish smile.

"Yes, m'lady. There's a carriage outside waiting for you when you step off the pier."

Narelle stepped back out into the intense Caribbean sun and off the Superior to the pier of Port Royal. She looked around and saw the town bustling with activity and a few of the townspeople stopped to look at the newcomer, and she saw a few of the small children wave to her. She smiled and couldn't help but give a small wave back before their mothers would look over and pull them away. She looked to Sophie.

"Are they all like that?" she asked, concerned.

"Not all," she replied. "You're new. It's going to take them a while for the people to get used to you. Besides that, you're royal. As soon as they figure that out, they'll be crawling to your feet."

Narelle grew uncomfortable. "Really? If that's the case I don't want that. I'd rather be invisible then."

"Now, now. Come. You're carriage is waiting, and look: there's someone there that I think wants to meet you."

Sure enough, when Narelle spotted the carriage, she noticed a man dressed in the dark blue uniform of a Royal Navy Officer was standing near the door. He had a genuine smile on his face and had his hands behind his back.

"I'll be the first to say 'welcome to Port Royal,'" he said.

Narelle gave a smile in return.

"Thank you, good sir," she replied. "I'm Narelle Westbrook."

The man kept his smile and glanced to the street before his deep green eyes met hers once again.

"I hate to say it," he said. "but I'm pretty sure everyone here knows your name, including myself. I'm quite familiar with the name, but I was pretty sure that you were just an urban legend."

"What, a woman locked in a tower after her uncle couldn't bear to look at her any longer, just wishing that someone would at least come up to say hello?" she replied. "I'm hardly a legend, but the secrets I keep are far darker, and the amount of knowledge that I possess is greater than even the king himself, Captain Norrington."

"H-how did-"

"It doesn't matter how I know your name," Narelle replied, a stern look replacing her smile. She opened the door to the carriage and half stepped inside, leaving one foot out on the step. "I suggest you tell everyone you know that the urban legend is very real, and that the nightmare that resides in London may find itself on the very streets these people call home." She sat down in the carriage and closed the door. The carriage took off, leaving a baffled and confused James Norrington to only stare after her.

Sophie turned to Narelle. "Do you think it was necessary to do that to him?"

"Necessary? Possibly. I can tell this town has no idea about what is really happening in England. Something's coming, but what it is, I'm not sure."

So… What do you think? I wrote this in about a half hour… so please excuse the lack of detail… I wanted to see how this went before I expand or just throw it out altogether! Thanks a lot and please, please, please leave a review! ~Emy022