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3rd Pov

"Takashi, I need your help.", says Hisashi

"With what?", says Takashi

"If I fall over there... I'll probably go head first and smash my head...", says Hisashi

"What are you saying?!", says Rei

"I don't want to become one of them!", says Hisashi (then throws up blood)

"Hisashi! No!... No! ", says Rei ( then Hisashi throws up blood again)

"Takashi... please. I want to leave this world as myself.", says Hisashi then smiles (then throws up again and goes on the floor throwing up in pain)

"Hisashi! No!... No! You're not allowed to die!", says Rei (then she cries)

(Takashi stares at Hisashi)

"Rei, get back.", says Takashi with his baseball bat ready

"You can't! You can't do that to him! He won't change! He won't become one of them! Can't you see that he's special?", says Rei

"Get back", says Takashi

(Hisashi's breathing is back to normal and is moving a little)

"Hisashi! See, Takashi? Hisashi would never die...", says Rei

(Hisashi gets up and stand)

"Hisashi... What's the matter?... Hisashi!",says Rei

(Takashi grabs her and moves her back a little)

"No! This can't be happening! It's a dream.", says Rei

(Hisashi moves his head up and shows that he a zombie)

"It is pretty unbelievable. It's fucking ridiculous.", says Takashi

(Takashi moves up a little bit)

"Takashi?", says Rei

(Zombie Hisashi starts moving towards Takashi and Rei)

"But...", says Takashi

(Takashi puts two hands on the band and grips it)

"Stop.", says Rei

" We can't wake up from this!", says Takashi

(Takashi runs up towards Zombie Hisashi yelling a battle cry and smashes his bat onto Zombie Hisashi's head)

" No!", screams Rei

A/N: Sorry. I wanted this chapter to go by canon because all the other chapters will be influenced by Ichigo. Next chapter introduces Ichigo! Main pairing: IchigoxSaekoxRei Onesided IchigoxRei