The sun was high in the sky as the breeze blew past my bare knees. The first they have been bare in an open area not my room. My secluded, locked room.

Kids screaming drifted over towards me on the breeze. Happy screams of excitement and fun. The sounds of splashing from the lake join in. Finally the beginning of summer.


I jump up in fright and rush myself down my hiding spot in the tree lines and towards the noise. I completely forget about my leggings in the trees in my haste of worry. I get to the lake and find kids laughing all everywhere. Some on the floor as if it was too hilarious. Growling in annoyance, one im sure Logan would be proud of, I walk towards the rowdy kids with my hands upon my skirt covered hips. Another new thing I have decided to try this summer.

"What are ya'll up ta out here?! Ya gave meh a heart attack." Everyone looks over and gasps in surprise. Again I must mention I completely forgot about my leggings. "What ya'll gawkin' at? Ya'l should be apologizing considerin' what this mansion goes through."

"Um, Miss Rogue….your legs are bare." Looking down at my pale skin my eyes widen. My knee length red skirt swishes in the breeze.

"Ah….well, Ah thought we were under attack….Ya'l behave and I'll just go back to what Ah was doing." Walking back towards the forest area that most of the kids stay away I sigh heavily. All the fear in their eyes even just at the sight of my skin. Always makes me feel worse. I'm trying really hard but nothing is happening. I can never touch or kiss or hug people without the constant worry of absorbing them and hurting them. The leech.

No one calls me that but I know its sad. In whispers or in polite company they trust wont tell. Its alright…Its what I am why try to pretend Im something im not.

As the screams quiet down I start to hear rustling close by to me. The heavy footsteps alerts me to who it is. His loud stomps can be heard almost anywhere. Although I think Ive permanently gained his hearing from absorbing him so much.

"Kid? No ones seen you around all day but the kids said you were yelling at them with your legs visible. You alright darling?" I smile to myself at his endearment he tries to use only for me. Everyone guesses at our relationship. Many of the students thinking we are secretly dating, but the only person Logan's secretly dating is Storm. Although he doesn't know I know yet.

The relationship we do have is more of a father daughter thing. At least that's how I see it. I think that's how he sees it as well which is perfect. It would be weird if he liked me…..he's older than the Professor.

"Ya Logan Ah'm Fine. Was just relaxing and then one of the kids threw a bomb or somethin'. Just reacted as though something more serious was happenin' and forgot mah legging's nothing worryin'." I look down the tree to see him looking up. Luckily I put my leggings back on when I got back to the tree.

"Alright….We're getting some new people at the end of the week…" I start climbing down the tree and only half listen to him. "One of them I want you to stay away from. Alright, Rogue?" Foot slips very slightly so I tune him out completely so I don't fall and break my neck. Just cause I can take his powers doesn't mean I could if my neck breaks. Isn't that instant death? Yeah, no coming back from that for me. "Rogue?! You listening?" I stop climbing about twenty feet from the bottom.

"Sorry Logan was trying not to slip and snap mah neck. What ya say suga'?"He growls low in his throat and I snicker slightly to myself. Though he could definitely hear me.

"I said theres going to be some people joining the mansion at the end of the week. And one of them I want you to stay away from. He's just a player and you wont like him anyways." I roll my eyes as I continue down. When I get on the ground I stand next to him and look him in the eyes.

"What makes you think Ah wont like him? Maybe ya scared Ah will so ya makin' meh think Ah wont like him." He glares at me. "Fahne. Do ya like him?"

"I've known him for a while. He's alright to work with and hang out with for a guy but girls he just plays." A large smile spreads onto my face then.

"Oh. So the big Wolverine isn't just worried about lil' old me, but all the girls in the mansion. Well Ah'm sure Ah'll like him since ya do but never know till Ah meet him." His hands turn to fists at his sides. "Calm down. Lets get back and get some food Ah forgot go eat for most of the day."


"Ah'm fine Logan. Just not been hungry."

Sitting in my room looking at my computer screen. Homework. Online schooling is boring but with my mutation I don't want to accidently touch someone and cause a problem for the professor. So online schooling it is. Although learning from an actual teacher would probably be easier.

Trying to write an essay on the history of the Viking gods and how they played into their everyday life was difficult. I'm not a Viking and all this researching is confusing cause there is all different types of theories of the gods. History sucks sometimes, but got to do something.

Sighing heavily at the idea of doing more research I jump at the sound of a knock on my door. Deciding I was finished with my homework I get up to answer and find Kitty's head pop through my door.

"Gosh girl, what if Ah was naked?" She rolls her eyes and walks through my door.

"Not like I haven't seen a female body before." She opens my door and allows Jubilee walk in to join us. Jubilee's face makes me scowl with how much excitement was rolling off of her.

"So did you here about there being new people coming on Friday?! I bet there's going to be total hotties!" I laugh lightly. Of course Jubes only cares about hot guys the girls like a constant fourteen year old.

"Yeah I heard. Logan warned me about one guy he's a friend with because apparently he's a player or something." I roll my eyes and Jubes almost jumps on me.

"Oh my gosh! Is he hot? Gorgeous? Godly?!" I stare at her in surprise and look to Kitty who looks just as interested.

"Ah dont know. Logan just said to stay away from him. Nothin' about his looks."Jubes face falls. I chuckle lightly. "But considerin' how all the men here look most of the time Ah'm bettin' he'll look quite nice." Kitty laughs out loud at that and Jubes jumps up and down again.

"So like, we were thinking we should go shopping. Maybe get some new stuff to catch this guys eye or even some other guys eye. Ya know?" I groan out loud and they laugh at me. "Come on you need a new wardrobe you don't need to be all gothy all the time."

"Ah like my clothes just the way they are." Jubes grabs my gloved arm and pulls me towards the door.

"Well we think you need a new outfit or five. So lets get moving now." Growling loudly they giggle as they drag me towards the garage. This is going to be a long afternoon. They wont leave a store till they buy something. Im going to die.