Getting to the elevator was annoying. I hate crutches. The blonde woman threw me into the wall she broke my leg and now Remy LeBeau has to have a cast and crutches. Though it is a little good cause some of the femmes are waiting on my hand and foot until Logan yells at them.

Today I should be getting this off. Its been two months since the fight and still Rogue hasn't awoken and neither has the blonde woman. The professor learned the girls name was Carol. He only learned that as he tried to help Rogue control this new woman in her mind. Carol is stronger because she was almost drained to death. Almost her whole being is stuck inside Rogue now. So Rogue literally has a split personality. If she cant keep her locked away.

Finally the elevator door opened in the basement and I had to hobble along with the crutch. Logan found it hilarious and sometimes threatens to kick out from under me. Asshole.

When I get to Hanks office he smiles up at me and motions for me to sit on the chair. He gets the cast scissors and cuts it off. Finally free!

I go to visit Rogue in her room in the med bay. The beeping and sounds from the machines make me feel sad and worried. What if she never wakes up?

"Hey dere, Cherie. Yeah, Im back. Been missing ya around de mansion. Its quiet. Everyone be waiting for ya. Why don't ya hurry up and join us." I put my gloved hand over her bare hand. The only reason I've been wearing them was so it would be safe to touch her. So she wouldn't worry as much. No one else seems to think of her that way. She needed someone that did…does. "Rogue, Chere..wake up alright? If ya wake up Remy promise to let up a bit. I just thought ya needed to open up a bit or at least have someone comfortable to touch without worry. Didn't mean to push ya. Well, okay I did but most the time your emotions said that even when you did mind you didn't. Wake up and Remy make ya some southern cooking alright?"

The darkness was easier to deal with finally. The Professor helped me deal with Carol but Ive needed to rest. Fighting with Carol took a lot out of me. Whenever I felt like coming out, I felt her rising to the surface. Recently I haven't noticed her at all. Staying in the peace that is this small area I have learned, while fighting Carol, to make.

While fighting Carol I learned why she yelled at me when she first saw me. Mystique tricked her in my form and knocker her out somehow. Probably a tranquilizer or something. I learned all about her powers as well. She has invulnerability, super strength and flight. Good powers that I would rather have than my own.

The Professor and I have even on good days, when Carol was too tired to fight, tried to control my powers or at least tried to find what could be blocking my power control. We found a wall. And little by little we've gotten it to weaken. The professor thinks that soon I'll have complete control.

Sometimes I hear voices talking to me. They're from everyone visiting me in the med lab. I think. The loudest is when I hear Kitty wail begging me to come back. I almost do but I needed to rest.

The second loudest and most often voice is Remy speaking to me about things. Sometimes It's about bugging people like Logan or Bobby. Sometimes he mentions how he misses his home and how he wants to take me there one day. Every time I hear him speak about taking me somewhere or about making dinner for me the darkness around me lightens a bit as I feel embarrassed and happy.

This time I decided to come back just as Remy came into the room. I hear his voice call to me the same way he starts his little one sided conversation. I let my consciousness rise and I can see the light shining through my eyes as he speaks.

"Hey dere, Cherie. Yeah, Im back." My heart picks up in excitement. Listening to him talk to me all the time has gotten me to have quite a crush. When the darkness became too much I think about what he said last time he visited and then hope for him to come the next day. When he finally mentions about cooking food again I decide to finally come out and try to be with everyone again.

I'm scared I'll lose control over Carol but I cant be stuck in the dark forever. Everyone is sad. Even Logan sounds on the verge of tears sometimes when he visits.

"Ya promise swamp rat..?" I feel his hand twitch when I speak, making me feel like laughing.

"Ch-cherie?" His voice cracks a bit making my eyes snap open in worry. Was he crying? Looking over at him I see absolute relief pouring from his eyes.

"Heya swamp rat. Sorry….I needed a lot of rest." I could see the restraint it took on his face from doing something. What I wasn't sure, until his arms wrapped around me and held me close. I sighed lightly to myself as his scent washed over me. Normally I hate cigarette smell but with it him and his added scent of spices and bourbon it was heavenly. Logan was excluded because cigars were just him. There was no other way to describe the scent of Logan besides cigars and home. Remy's scent was starting to feel like home to me as well…. Yeah crush hasn't gotten a little farther than home Im thinking.

Remy coughs uncomfortably as he pulls away from me. I smile at him as I move around to find the button to alert Hank. Pressing the button I look down at my bare hand and Remy's gloved one. I felt my face heat up as I remember him telling me about his plan of wearing gloves all the time just so I don't have to fear hurting him.