It was about a half hour to midnight at the end of November as blood easily, but slowly, dripped from a cut near EJ DiMera's left eye as he stared down Julian Jerome on the deck of the Haunted Star, pointing a gun at his former employee. Their struggle over the firearm had been brief, but very physical, both getting in punches and leaving marks on the other's face. It'd started after Julian announced that he'd given up his boss to the police, this time the real deal, not a frame job.

"You honestly thought I'd just let you live after you betrayed me to the police?" EJ spat at Julian. "Don't you remember what happened to your son a few months ago?"

Tasting blood, Julian retorted, "You mean when you tried to have him killed, right in front of me? Of course I remember! And that was where you messed up. If you'd just let me walk away you could've avoided a lot of stress."

"Let you walk away?" DiMera laughed, "Of course not! I told you that we had a mission. Sonny Corinthos had to be destroyed. There was no way I was going to let you just walk away without that job completed."

Now it was Julian's turn to laugh. "Why are you so obsessed with Sonny? When did you two even cross paths? You grew up in English boarding schools and he's almost ten years older than you."

"Corinthos and I have actually crossed paths, but you wouldn't know. And it's none of your business anyhow." EJ wiped blood off the side of his cheek. "Back to your family, you do realize that you just signed all of their death certificates don't you?"

Julian smirked, "Oh, I wouldn't be too worried about that."

"What a fool," EJ said, cocking back the gun. "Goodbye, Jule-"

"POLICE!" Commissioner Anna Devane yelled as she stood on the marina, flanked on either side by Detectives Nathan West and Dante Falconeri, a small army of uniformed officers behind them. "Elvis DiMera, drop the weapon!"

"HAHAHA!" EJ boomed. "Really, Jules? Here?"

"Well, EJ, you became a problem. And I don't like to have problems." Julian turned to leave before stopping and facing his former boss. "Oh, I almost forgot. Goodbye."

"Yes," EJ smirked.

And that's when the shots started.