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"Now let me tell you of a another story. A story you thought you knew. This is the story that proved to my fairy godmother once and for all that true love does indeed exist, and can come from even the most unexpected places. The story began two years after I became queen, and a few days before my eighteenth birthday, which coincidentally was also my wedding day..."

"Do you think they will like me?"

The question from the young queen caused a tiny grin to spread across the full red lips of her fairy godmother.

"They would be fools not to..." the fairy said in her smooth melodious voice. "You are after all the queen of the most prosperous kingdom in the land and you are about to marry their son...not liking you will prove to not be in their best interest, beastie."

Aurora laughed and turned to look at her god mother from where she sat amongst the large wild flowers that grew in the moors. Images of the past flashed through Maleficent's mind as she looked at the young woman before her. An image of a golden haired infant smiling up at her through the window of a cottage. An image of a little girl holding out her arms and chirping the word "up" to be held. An image of a young girl playing with the fairies of the moors in the mud. An image of a sleeping beauty fallen under curse. But now all of that was done, and here her adopted daughter sat getting ready to take a vow to give herself eternally to another.

Maleficent could not help but feel both exuberantly happy, and terribly sad at the same time. She felt as if her adopted daughter was some how slipping through her fingers. She was fond of the boy, Prince Phillip. Though she hardly showed it. Some small part of her was still cautious. She still harbored fears that he might begin to turn into Aurora's father. If he began to fall into the madness brought by greed, certain measures would have to be taken that she knew would break her daughter's heart. Maleficent shook her head to bring herself back from her thoughts.

"Come now child, you must get ready Prince Phillip's family will be here in a few hours." She said in a stern but gentle voice.

Aurora turned back to the mirror. "Do you think she will say 'yes' to being my maid of honor?"

Maleficent tilted her head quietly. For the past several weeks leading up to the big day, the young queen had talked of nothing but the prince's older sister who was coming to the wedding. The princess was a beauty known throughout all the kingdoms, and to hear Phillip talk about her, she was a saint. It was understandable that Aurora wanted to be close to another female closer to her age, especially if that female was her soon to be sister in law. Maleficent was to officiate the wedding and therefore could not serve as the maid of honor to her god daughter.

"I've always wanted a sister." Aurora said as she plopped back onto her back again.

Aurora had talked so much about her that Diaval had begun to make comments that she was only marrying the prince for his sister. His joke's only earned him pouting faces from the queen and magical jabs in the ribs from her god mother.

"Have I told you about what an amazing dancer she is? Phillip says that there is no better dancer in all of the kingdoms than her. Do you think she might dance at the wedding?"

"Yes beastie I believe you have told me three times about her accomplishments...You will have to ask her when she gets here..." Maleficent said as she stood quietly to walk towards the direction the family was to come beyond the boundaries of the moors. She hoped the girl would not disappoint Aurora. She had heard rumors of the other princess being cold and snobbish,that she never spoke to anyone but her family. It was even rumored that no one had ever heard her voice, and that when she was in public she completely ignored those around her. She would not tolerate such behavior on Aurora's special day.

"Diaval..." She called out in a voice too low for the queen to hear as she continued to ramble on about Phillip's family.

A large crow suddenly swooped down to land upon her staff. Ever since the events that happened two years ago the three of them had been all but inseparable. Though Diaval was still her servant he was also her most trusted friend.

"Diaval, I want you to fly out and find Phillip's family. I want to know what they are like. I want to know if the rumors about his sister are true. I don't want Aurora to be disappointed."

Diaval nodded before spreading his wings and taking off into the sky. Maleficent watched him go before turning back to usher her god-daughter back to the castle to get ready for the visiting royals' arrival. Aurora was still laying stretched out amongst the flowers talking about all of the things she wanted to do with her new sister that she was never able to do growing up. Maleficent rolled her eyes with a smile.

Diaval flew high into the sky over the lake of the moors. He had to admit the young queen's excitement for her soon family had also fed his curiosity about the visiting royalty as well. Like his mistress he held reservations about the prince's sister having heard rumors of her pride and arrogance. He hoped, however that the rumors were false for Aurora's sake. He would never forget the moment when the prince told her that she would be getting a sister. She seemed to start glowing like the sun, and that had made him happier than anything because to him she was more like a little sister herself.

The crow continued following the lake as it lead out of the moors and into the vast forest where Aurora was raised. The main road that connected the two kingdoms ran through the woods. If his assumption was correct Prince Phillip's family would be traveling along that road. Beating his wings harder the Crow flew on until he spotted several carriages and horses stopped in a clearing near the middle of the wood. It seemed the caravan had stopped for a rest judging by the tents that had been set out for the royals. They were not far from Aurora's kingdom only a couple of hours at the most judging by their numbers. They looked to be in no particular hurry.

Diaval flew down to land upon one of the flag poles set up around the border the clearing. Now he just had to find the king and princess. There were three tents set up in the clearing. One seemed to be alive with servants packing up food and dishes. Another smelled as if it were for more private functions of the nobles and the largest was alive with songs and cheering. It did not take long for Diaval to find the king as a large round man wearing scarlet royal robes suddenly stumbled out of the tent bearing a sword in one hand and a goblet in the other. The man looked very jovial with his round shape and large white mustache. His bald head was covered by a large golden crown that was tilted to the side. Diaval had to stifle his cawing laughter as the king twirled in a circle in front of the tent.


The knights behind him still in the tent laughed and thrust their goblets into the air with a loud cheer. 'thank goodness,' Diaval thought to himself. There would be no problems from the king. The man before him seemed to be harmless, and he was sure Aurora would love him. He would be entertaining to his mistress to say the least. Now to find the much talked about princess. Diaval flew down to get a better look inside the large tent. The celebration continued on with no one noticing the bird. But there was no princess to be found. Flying back out of the tent the crow flew up over the clearing again. Had she chosen not to come after all. That would break Aurora's heart he thought to himself. Not to mention raise the wrath of his mistress. Suddenly a bit of movement below caught his eye. Down below him at the edge of the clearing he saw a female figure in a long sunshine yellow dress sitting down amongst a patch of clovers engrossed in a book. That must be her he thought as he flew down.

The rumors were true about the princess, Diaval thought to himself as he settled down upon a nearby tree. She was possibly the most beautiful creature he had ever seen beyond Maleficent and Aurora. She had a graceful petite slender body. 'Must be from the dancing' he thought to himself. Her skin was a beautiful sun kissed peach color similar to her brother's. She also had her brother's warm brown eyes rimmed by long thick eyelashes. But unlike her brother, she had long thick scarlet wavy hair that fell down her back and onto her hips. She seemed not to notice him as she sat reading a small smile on her lips. Diaval could not help but stare at her for several long minutes.

Suddenly, warm brown eyes snapped up from the book to look at him, catching him off guard. The young woman slowly put down her book and got to her feet. The crow tilted his head at what she might do. Slowly she crept forward towards him not saying a word but reached into a hidden pocket on her dress. When she was only a few feet away she pulled her hand out of her pocket and reached out to him. Diaval was surprised to see corn seeds in her hand. That didn't seem quite like someone who was supposed to be cold and arrogant. Corn seeds were his favorite snack even as a human, so he hopped down to a branch closer to her hand and leaned in to gently peck at the seeds. A smile spread across her face as he ate from her hand causing her whole face to light up. Diaval paused to stare at her again, and swallowed his seed hard.

After a moment he hopped onto her wrist to gain easier access to her hand. The princess said not a word but reached up to gently stroke his back. Diaval jumped at her soft touch but did not fly away. Her skin felt like silk against his feathers. He had to admit he loved being pet even though it was beneath him. Normally he only allowed his mistress or Aurora to touch him. After finishing the seed he turned to look at her doing his best to give her a smile. Surely the rumors about her personality were false. She seemed to have a kind heart just like Aurora, he thought to himself as he hopped up to her shoulder. The thought made him thoroughly happy. She would make a wonderful sister for Aurora and he himself was quite anxious to meet her in his human form he thought as he decided to make a brazen move nuzzled against her neck. This seemed to make her happy as she leaned her cheek against his body and closed her eyes.

Suddenly a voice spoke behind them. "Your highness, we are preparing to leave..."

Diaval turned to see a man servant standing behind her politely. But the princess didn't move continuing to nuzzle against him.

"Your highness?" The servant asked again a little bit louder.

But the princess still didn't move. Now Diaval tilted his head curiously. Did she not hear the man behind her, or was she ignoring him. Diaval released a caw at her, but she did not turn to look at him. Instead she slowly sat down once more with him still on her shoulder and picked up her book again. The servant released a frustrated sigh and turned to walk away. Now Diaval became annoyed. How was it she could be so kind to him one moment and then ignore that man the next? What would she be like to Aurora?

Diaval turned back to look at the man who walked away and saw him stop to talk to large older woman who was dressed as a maid. The man pointed angrily at the princess. The maid's face turned to one of cold fury as she began to berate the servant for some unknown reason. The anger on her face sent shivers down Diaval's spine which was a feet because of who his mistress had once been. Ge could only imagine what the man had done to raise her wrath. After a moment the woman quickly began to stomp towards where he and the princess stood.

"That damned man doesn't listen I told him not to bother you..." She mumbled as she stormed up behind the young woman.

The maid suddenly paused seeing the crow sitting on her mistresses shoulder and rolled her eyes.

"Not another one..." She said with a sigh before placing her hand on the girl's other shoulder.

The princess started with a jump causing Diaval to take off from her shoulder and fly back to his branch. He was now utterly confused by the scene before him. The princess looked thoroughly surprised at the woman grabbing her. Had she not heard her come up behind her talking? Was she under some sort of curse? The princess quickly stood and turned around to the nurse. Then she began making strange motions with her hands. Diaval tilted his head in curiosity. Were they speaking a language with their hands? But why not speak with words? The nurse answered back with hand motions of her own but also spoke the words.

"We are ready to go my lady," She said with her mouth and hands. "Your father is waiting for you.."

The princess smiled and nodded before making more motions with her hands one of which looked like a bird flapping its wings.

"Yes I can see you've made yet another new friend." the maid said before pointing up to where Diaval sat upon the branch.

The princess looked up to him with a smile and waved. Diaval wanted to wave back but knew he couldn't in his crow form. He would have to settle with a caw for now. He was still trying to understand what was happening. The maid reached down to grab the princess' book before placing an arm around her.

"Come on dear I know how excited you are about your brothers wedding but we have to make it there first." She said and motioned as she lead the girl away.

Diaval could not understand what had just happened as he watched the pair walk up the hill to the carriages. So could she not speak? Was that why she did not acknowledge the other servant? Could she not understand him? That would explain the rumors of her supposed arrogance if she could not understand when she was spoken too. But why did she not even turn around? Diaval's curiosity was getting the better of him. Taking off from the branch he flew up the hill and landed on the edge of the grand ornate carriage where the maid had helped in the princess before walking to the back of the caravan.

Looking inside Diaval saw the princess speaking to the still drunk king in the same manner as she had with the maid through her hands. The king attempted to respond with his own clumsy motions and like the maid he spoke as he motioned.

"We should be there soon my dear. I only had a drink or two in honor of your brother" The king hiccuped with a scarlet nose and cheeks.

The princess gave him a look raising an eye bow before making more motions at him. The king huffed and puffed out his chest causing Diaval to snicker.

"Now listen here now young lady HICCUP. I'll not have my own HICCUP daughter telling me what I can HICCUP and cannot do." He said before an almost goofy smile appeared on his face. "I am going to be a HICCUP new father HICCUP after all."

The princess began to furiously make more motions at him before she suddenly stopped as he began to snore on his side of the carriage having fallen asleep. She then smiled and rolled her eyes before scooting closer to look out the window of the moving carriage. Diaval took this as his chance and flew around to land on the windows edge. The princess jumped when he appeared but quickly began smiling at him. Her warm eyes and smile warmed his heart and caused a slight pain to appear in his chest. She leaned in to gently rub his head. There was something strange and intriguing about this girl. Diaval wanted to learn more about her not only for his mistress and the queen but for himself as well.

Suddenly the carriage jolted to a stop causing the king to wake with a start and Diaval to take off from the window. Ahead of the caravan a dark figure had appeared on the road. The knights who led the way quickly pulled their swords. Diaval landed on a branch overlooking them. There was something off about that figure. He immediately sensed danger. A feeling of dread seized him.

"What, what, What the hell is going on?" The king asked jumping down from the carriage. "Who the hell are you?" he yelled at the figure.

The figure did not move and his face was hidden by a long black hooded cloak. Diaval could sense fairy magic radiating from this figure. But there was something off. Down below him the king was quickly becoming angry.

"I warn you whoever you are... You are in the way of King Hubert from getting to his son's wedding to the Queen Aurora...if you do not move I will have you forcibly moved from our way.

The figure still did not move and everything fell silent around the woods. Birds ceased to sing, and crickets quieted all around them. Even the air suddenly became stale. Suddenly a loud explosion erupted from the figure as a blinding light radiated from him causing all including Diaval to cover their eyes. Next a loud terrifying roar was heard as a winged monster suddenly launched from where the figure had stood towards the caravan.

(Back at the castle)

Prince Phillip paced the throne room nervously in front of Aurora and Maleficent as the trio waited upon his family to arrive. Aurora at-least attempted to sit still but her nervousness showed in the evidence of a rose that had been meant for Phillip's sister that now lay with no pedals and no stem in her lap. Maleficent simply looked bored. The caravan carrying his family should have arrived by now and everyone was beginning to get nervous.

Suddenly with a loud squawk Diaval dove into the window with several feathers following in his wake. Maleficent quickly transformed him into a human just before he hit the ground causing him to roll across the floor. He quickly got to his feet and turned to them causing Aurora to gasp.

"Diaval what happened to you?" She asked horrified at the new bloody wounds on his face and his torn robes.

Diaval bowed. "I'm sorry my lady." He said before turning to Maleficent. " Mistress the caravan was attacked in the woods by something that was not human."

"WHAT!?" Prince Phillip shouted.

"Was it a fairy?" Maleficent asked in a calm voice.

Diaval shook his head, his entire body still trembling with adrenaline. "I sensed fairy magic but it did not seem like a fairy... I thought it was a man but then it turned into a monster..."He said before turning to Phillip. "I'm sorry I did everything I could to save them..." Pain showed plainly on his face.

Phillip instantly turned and ran from the great hall. Diaval turned back to Maleficent.

"I am sorry Mistress..." He said quietly.

Maleficent nodded to him before turning towards the window and spreading her wings.

"WAIT," Aurora cried "I'm coming with you."

"No you are not." Maleficent said coldly without turning around.

"Please," Aurora begged as she grabbed onto her godmother's arm. "This is my new family...our new family."

Maleficent slowly turned to stare at her adopted daughter.

Phillip tore through the woods on his horse desperate to find his family. Overhead Maleficent flew carrying Aurora tightly in her arms. Diaval had been ordered to stay at the castle to rest while they went to woods. He had tried to protest but after the look his mistress gave him he dared not disobey.

Maleficent and Aurora quickly found where the attack happened and landed. Phillip came flying down the road not far behind them. Aurora gasp and fought back the tears that threatened to burst forth at the sight in front of her. The carriages were over turned and broken into pieces. Bodies of man and horse lay scattered across the road. Maleficent looked around carefully feeling the area. There was dark magic here, magic she herself had never felt before amongst the fairy folk. It caused shivers to run down her spine. Phillip simply stood staring in shock.

The royal carriage lay in pieces. Aurora grabbed Phillip's hand as they walked over together searching or any sign of his family. Suddenly a faint coughing caught their attention. Quickly searching the area Aurora suddenly let out a scream causing Phillip to rush over. In the nearby bushes lay his father King Hubert covered in blood. Aurora quickly ran over and gathered the man in to her arms while Phillip took his hand and Maleficent came over to look at his wounds.

"Father...Father? Can you hear me?" Phillip asked with tears gathering his eyes.

"Phillip..." the king gasped. "My boy..."

"Father what happened!?" He asked desperately.

"A great...animal.." His father gasped fighting to speak. "It was not...what it seemed...It took ...your sister..."

Phillips eyes widened as he suddenly grabbed his fathers shoulders. "Where did it take her father..." He demanded. "WHERE IS SHE?!"

His father closed his eyes and sank into unconsciousness too weak from the pain of his wounds.

"WHERE IS MY SISTER, FATHER!?" Phillip cried.

"Phillip calm down." Maleficent commanded. "We will find her."

Phillip stood up and backed away from his father. Aurora now openly sobbing over the man she was soon to call father and the loss of a sister before she even had the chance to meet her. How could this have happened? The royal guard many of whom were his child hood friends lay dead around him. His father was dying before his eyes,...and his sister...his poor sister who had never hurt a soul and could not survive on her own...taken by a monster...and all this just days before his wedding?...Phillip looked around wreckage for any signs of his sister before his anger suddenly over took him and he threw his head back to scream her name...knowing she wouldn't hear and couldn't answer...


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So I hope you've enjoyed this so far. I thought it might be an interesting take on another story fused with this one. Please let me know what you think . I went back and fixed several mistakes I found,...uggh my deepest apologies no more writing in the wee hours of the morning. Anyway I hope you enjoy and thoughts an opinions would be most helpful I am always looking for ways to better my story telling. Thanks much love.