Feb 3rd 2020

Hello all of my dear readers!

It has been quite a long time since I updated and a lot has happened in my life. I have moved several times, gotten married and am not not only working on opening a new business (My own tea room) But I am finally getting some of my original works published. So be on the look out soon for the epic SCIFI fantasy adventure series LIMBUS which follows a boy "Tristan" getting kidnapped from home and forced into a virtual reality game world. He will have to level up, make allies, only to discover a horrifying reality when he finally beats the game and wins his freedom to the outside world.

I am also starting to work on a murder mystery series that follows two life long best friends and food vloggers who seem to always find themselves victims of circumstances in the middle of murder cases as they backpack around the world discovering and enjoying the food culture of different counties in The mysterious adventures of Kitty and Bunny.

All of that being said I do apologize for my long absence. I am actively going through all of my old fanfictions to update, and publish new chapters to them. Over the couple of weeks I am going to be figuring out a publishing schedule. I would like to rework and update my most popular first and have them completely finished before moving onto the next ones. So if you enjoy my stories and there is one you want me to work on first, please let me know through your reviews and pm if youd prefer that. I have many ideas to renew and plug into my stories...and I am going to back and fixing some of my older stories now that I have really built my writing muscles. Anyway thank you so much to everyone who stuck with me all of these years I was away writing. I look forward to hearing from each of you!

PS: Keep an eye on my author's page. I will be publishing an updated writing schedule there!