This is my first time writing sexy stuff between two people...actually this is my first time writing lesbian stuff take it easy! (Although, maybe it's not 100 percent lesbian, cuz one of them has a dick...)

Chapter 1:

When Elsa told Anna about the "little friend" that she had between her legs, Anna tried relentlessly to get her hands onto that "little friend".

Elsa was terrified of telling Anna her secret, fully expecting Anna to turn away from her, never to return. On the contrary, Anna was more accepting than expected...actually, a LOT more accepting than expected. She saw Elsa's body part as a gift, not a deformity. Anna fully embraced that treasure, the one that she named "Little Elsa."

If only Elsa would let her touch it.

Anna tried everything, from sexy lingerie and seductive talk to sultry kisses and hot spooning. She would see Elsa's crotch swelling and straining against her pants, but then Elsa would retreat away from Anna and hide in a dark corner where she could take care of herself.

The first time that Anna felt Elsa's erection was after she had boldly grabbed the prominent bulge after a particularly hot make out session. Elsa promptly freaked out and made a beeline for the bathroom. Anna was horrified, thinking that she had overstepped the boundaries and pushed her girlfriend away. She gave Elsa about fifteen minutes to cool down before following her into the bathroom. Anna expected her girlfriend to be brooding, but instead, she walked in just as Elsa finished ejaculating all over the mirror. Anna never let Elsa live that one down.

Unfortunately, she never let Anna partake in any pleasurable fun.

"Why can't we kick things up a notch?" Anna would whine.

"Um...I'm just not ready for you to see my you-know-what..." was the reply that Elsa always gave.

"Elsa, I've seen it more than enough times," Anna pouted.

"Yes, but..." Elsa blushed. "You haven't seen know...hard yet."

"And you think I don't want to?" Anna would exclaim. "It's nice seeing your little bulge through your pants, but that just isn't enough. I want to see all of you. Elsa, we've been dating for over a year now! We live together! We both love each other very much! At least let me touch you...or something!"

"We do touch! When we hold hug, kiss, hold hands, and cuddle!"

And thus, Anna was reduced to only hugging, kissing, holding hands, and cuddling with Elsa. Not that she didn't enjoy these things; she enjoyed them very much! It's just that she wanted to delve a little deeper, and add some more excitement into the relationship.

Things were going to change. Anna was determined to get her hands on Little Elsa, once and for all. She wanted to see Elsa's little friend, to touch Elsa's little friend, to taste Elsa's little friend, and to play with Elsa's little friend.

With her wicked plan in mind, Anna smirked. It was time to take action.

Currently, Anna and Elsa were lying in their bed, snuggled up against one another. Our clothes are still on, however, Anna scoffed bitterly. The sun was just rising, signally the start of a new day.

That's right. A new day, Anna smirked. Today, we're going to have a little change of pace!

Anna gently rolled over to face Elsa. Her lover was still fast asleep, with an expression of pure peace written across her face.

It's a shame that I'll have to destroy that peace, Anna thought slyly.

She slid the covers down so that their legs were now uncovered. Elsa was wearing nothing but a tank top and tight briefs. She slowly ran her hand up and down Elsa's bare thigh, noting the small sighs that escaped her girlfriend's lips. Becoming bolder, Anna trailed her fingers dangerously near Elsa's treasure. Anna gingerly rubbed the pads of her fingers up and down the slight bulge.

Elsa mumbled something in her sleep and shifted so that she was flat on her back. Careful not to wake Elsa, Anna placed the palm of her hand onto Elsa's groin and moved it up and down.

"Mmm..." Elsa murmured.

Anna gently rubbed and probed Elsa's penis until until it began to stiffen and grow, stretching the thin briefs. She watched with satisfaction as Elsa's nipples hardened underneath her tank top.

Elsa was having the most wonderful dream. She was laying on her back across a fresh field of grass. The air was crisp, the sky was clear, and the birds sang beautiful melodies. But that wasn't the best part. The best part about the dream was that Anna was kneeling on top of her, straddling her. Elsa's girlfriend was looking down on her with such bright loving eyes that Elsa melted in her embrace.

"Elsa," dream Anna cooed. "My dear Elsa." Anna's hands ghosted against Elsa's bare breasts (wait, since when did she get naked?). "Won't you let me pleasure you?"

Elsa found herself nodding, unable to speak.

"Hmm..." Anna sighed, smiling. "You're so beautiful." Her heavenly hands made their way down Elsa's stomach, leaving fiery trails in their wake. When the hands reached her hardening cock, Elsa felt the breath catch in her throat.

"A-Anna..." she moaned. "Please..."

A gentle hand cupped her jaw, and Anna kissed her slowly. "Anything for you, my love." Anna's hot hand began to run up and down her shaft, and Elsa's legs tensed. Anna bent down and gave the head a long, agonizing lick that made Elsa throw her head back against the grassy ground.

"Do you like that my dear?"

"Ohh...yes...!" Elsa groaned as Anna's slick tongue coated her member in saliva. "Fuck...!"

Anna continued to drive Elsa wild with her loving ministrations. Elsa felt her balls begin to tighten, and knew that a blissful release was on its way.

And then she woke up.

Bright light filled her eyes, shattering the grassy scenery, the blue sky, and the singing birds. One thing, however, did not go away. And that was Anna.

Elsa blinked groggily rubbing her eyes. The first thing she noticed was that her heartbeat was running wild. The second thing she noticed was that her lower abdomen felt incredibly tight and warm, and that her cock was swollen.

Must have been a wet dream, Elsa thought. Wait a minute...then why is Anna kneeling between my legs?

"Anna!" Elsa exclaimed, pulling her legs up. After a quick self-examination, Elsa saw that her briefs had been pulled down in the front, allowing her cock be free and stand straight up against her stomach.

Elsa flushed fifty shades of scarlet when she realized how hard she was. "Anna, what do you think you're doing?"

Anna blew some hair out of her face. "Isn't it obvious? I'm finally getting a glimpse of Little Elsa in her full glory!" she paused, narrowing her eyes playfully. "...Although...I guess that name is rather misleading, because it's clear that "Little Elsa" isn't very little at all..."

If possible, Elsa grew redder. "Anna!" she blurted. "How could you?" She pulled her knees up to her chest, desperately trying to hide her erection.

"You don't have to be shy, Elsa," Anna intertwined her fingers with her girlfriend's. "I think that you are beautiful. And Little Elsa is beautiful as well. I love you. I love every part of you."

"It's not okay that you decided to just pull out my dick and play with it without my permission!" Elsa snapped.

Anna's face fell. "I...I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't have done that...are you angry?"

"No," Elsa's voice softened. "I just think that...that we should wait."

"Wait for what?" Anna sighed. "We don't even have to have sex yet. But let's at least explore each other's bodies!"

Elsa got up from the bed, smiling at Anna as if she were a little child. "Maybe some other day, my dear."

Anna scowled.

Elsa tucked her treasure back into her briefs (with some slight difficulty), and pulled on a pair of gray sweatpants. "I'll make you breakfast, how about that?"

"I'm not hungry for food," Anna muttered. "I'm hungry for you."

Elsa hid a giggle behind her hand. "Oh, come now. Since when are you not hungry for food?"


The two of them made their way into the kitchen and Elsa began to fry eggs on the stove.

Then Anna remembered something. Her wonderful plan! Now is was time for phase two! She could barely contain her snickering as she dashed to the freezer and nearly ripped the door open in her excitement.

"What are you doing in there?" Elsa asked, setting their plates of eggs onto the table.

"You know, I'm not in the mood for eggs today..." Anna murmured. "I'd much rather have a...(drumroll please) POPSICLE!" She whirled around and brandished a large cardboard box of fruit-flavored popsicles that she bought earlier in the week in order to carry out her evil plan.

"Anna, you know you shouldn't have sugary snacks in the morning. Why don't you have some real food?"

"Nah," Anna said flatly. "I'm just REALLY in the mood for a popsicle!" She pulled out a frozen treat and tore the wrapper off. The popsicle was bright red with a cylindrical shape and a rounded tip.

"Suit yourself," Elsa sat down at the table and began to daintily consume the eggs with a fork. After a few minutes of silent eating, she noticed that something felt off. Anna had became unusually quiet, and an air of suspicion fell upon the room. Elsa glanced up at her girlfriend and nearly did a double take.

"Anna!" Elsa sputtered. "What are you doing with your shirt off?"

Anna stood there in nothing but her shorts and a red popsicle in hand. Elsa could feel the blood rushing to her face (as well as to another certain area) as she received an eyeful of Anna's bountiful breasts...breasts that bounced up and down as Anna strutted toward Elsa. Her hips swayed seductively, hypnotizing the blonde. Anna stopped right in front of her girlfriend, giving Elsa a close-up view of her bare torso. The look in Anna's eyes made Elsa shiver with want.

"What...a-are you...?" the words caught in Elsa's throat when Anna slowly brought the popsicle to her mouth, her lips brushing ever so slightly against the tip.

Oh no she isn't...she can't be... Elsa gawked, transfixed, as a small pink tongue darted out from between Anna's lips and swirled around the tip of the popsicle. Is this really happening to me?

Anna's tongue flicked the tip, making a slurping sound.

"Oh, god..." Elsa whimpered. She felt her pants tightening once again.

Anna began to drag her tongue from one end of the popsicle to another, making small hums of enjoyment. Her eyes did not leave Elsa's. Elsa became mesmerized, watching Anna skillfully maneuver her lips around the length of the popsicle.

I have never been more jealous of a popsicle in my life, Elsa thought. She couldn't help but imagine if it were her cock instead of that damned red popsicle. Anna slipped the popsicle halfway into her mouth, with her small pink lips making and "o" around the treat.

Elsa let out a moan as she could imagine Anna's mouth on her own stiffening cock.

Time slowed down, and Anna's pleasurable performance seemed to last a lifetime. Elsa forgot about everything else. All that mattered was that her beautiful girlfriend was putting on a show that almost made Elsa cream her pants. It took all of her willpower and pride not to whip out her dick and start rubbing. The pressure that accumulated in her poor member was unbelievable. She still had not received release from her wet dream earlier (which turned out to be real), and all of the pent up sexual frustration clouded her mind with lust.

When Anna finished off the popsicle, her lips and tongue were a darker shade of red. She pulled out the bare popsicle stick and it made a pop as it exited her lips.

"So. Did you enjoy the show?" Anna smiled wickedly. Her eyes flickered down to Elsa's crotch. "It looks like Little Elsa sure did."

Elsa realized that she was still staring at Anna with her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open. "Er...!" she choked, and looked down to see a tent straining to pop out of her pants. Even though the briefs and the sweatpants were loose, Little Elsa had grown so much that she was pushing painfully against the thin material.

"S-sorry!" Elsa used her hand to push Little Elsa down, but the added stimulation only made her shudder with pleasure. Bad idea. Little Elsa sprung back up with even more vigor, and Elsa could feel her ears turning scarlet.

Anna giggled at Elsa's discomfort. "You don't have to be sorry, my love. Just...let me take care of that for you. I'll make you feel a lot better...I promise," she added with a wink.

"L-like I said, Anna..." Elsa began.

"Oh please," Anna interrupted her. "Let's get real. The moment I let you out of my sight you'll just jack off, right? I mean, there's no way that your raging hard-on is going to go away on its own. You need release. Now."

Elsa felt herself turning red for the fiftieth time that day. Anna was right on point.

"So..." Anna cupped Elsa's face and planted a sweet kiss on her lips. "Why don't you just let me...give you a hand?" she rubbed Elsa's thighs, coming closer and closer to the bulge.

Elsa trembled. Only Anna's hands could turn her into melted butter. "" Elsa struggled to form sentences.

Anna's hand wrapped around Elsa's bulge, squeezing. "...Yes?" she asked innocently.

Oh, Anna. You're a sly devil. Elsa let out a throaty moan as her mind turned to mush. All the blood from her brain rushed into her penis. Her traitorous hands gripped Anna's smooth ass, pulling her closer.

" this a yes?" Anna said sultrily, palming Elsa's erection. Elsa's hips (yet another traitorous body part) thrust up to meet Anna's hands.

"Ooh, I think we have a yes!" Anna crowed, moving her hands up and down Elsa's bulge.

Damn it, Anna, Elsa moaned.'re just too irresistible! My beautiful Anna!

"Hey, Elsa," in an instant, Anna's hands were gone, and Elsa found herself missing them immensely. She held back a whimper of disappointment. Anna was looking down at her with a soft expression. No lust, no seductiveness. Only love.

"Y-yes, Anna?" Elsa found her voice.

"You know I really love you, right?"

"I know, Anna."

"And I want to touch you, so badly. But if you really don't want me to, then I won't push you."

"I understand, my love," Elsa nodded.

"I know that what we're doing is new, and a bit scary. And I want you to be completely okay with it. If you ever feel too uncomfortable, or if you want to stop, then just tell me, and we'll stop right away. I promise, okay?" Anna leaned forward and kissed her.

"Anna, you were right. I think that it's about time we took our relationship to the next level. We have been together for a while, and I'm comfortable with you. I'm completely okay with...doing whatever it is we are doing," Elsa smiled. "So go ahead."

Anna's face broke into a beam, and Elsa could have sworn that she resembled a ray of sunshine. She would do anything to keep Anna smiling forever. Her girlfriend calmly gripped the edge of Elsa's sweat pants and looked into Elsa's eyes. Elsa nodded, trying not to look too eager.

In an instant, Anna's eyes became lust-filled again, and a coy smile graced her lips. Elsa lifted up her hips and Anna gently slid the sweatpants down to her knees, leaving her only in briefs. Elsa felt a brief pang of embarrassment after seeing that her underwear was already stained with precum.

Anna lowered her head, making eye contact with Elsa before dipping down and dragging her tongue across Elsa's clothed dick.

So hot, Elsa groaned. Her tongue is so hot. Soft, delicious moans escaped Elsa's lips as Anna left a trail of burning kisses on the bulge.

"P-please, Anna," Elsa begged. The pressure was becoming unbearable.

Anna gladly obliged, and swiftly pulled down Elsa's briefs. Elsa whimpered as her cock sprung free into the air.

"You're very beautiful, you know that?" Anna planted a hot, wet kiss on the tip of Elsa's throbbing member. All Elsa could do was whimper in reply. Anna then wrapped her warm fingers around Elsa's shaft and moved her hand up and down in a way that had Elsa moaning in pleasure.

" like that, baby?" Anna murmured in Elsa's ear. She bent down and lapped up the precum that was leaking out of the tip of Elsa's penis. Elsa grunted, feeling her member twitch. The kitchen began to fill up with sounds of sucking, slurping, and moaning.

She and Anna found a nice rhythm; Elsa thrust her hips up to meet Anna's hands as Anna rubbed down her shaft. This wonderful, blissful rhythm had Elsa mewling with ecstasy. Her thrusts turned erratic, and her pants became heavier. She could feel the tell-tale tightening of her balls and the first few muscle spasms.

Anna looked up at her smugly and increased her speed, knowing what was to come.

But instead of riding her way to paradise, Elsa hurriedly jerked her hips away from Anna, standing up shakily. Her member throbbed visibly.

"W-what's the matter?" Anna asked, concern flickering through her eyes. "D-did I do something wrong?"

"N-no!" Elsa shook her head. She took deep breaths, struggling to calm herself, struggling to contain herself and her release. "I-it's just...I was...I was about to um...come..."

"Well, isn't that the point?" Anna smirked.

Elsa looked flustered. "I d-don't want to make a mess...!"

Anna giggled. "Oh Elsa, you're too cute. We can worry about the mess later." She gently pulled Elsa back down in front of her.

"Um...don't you have like a napkin...or towel...or...ohhhhh fuck!"

Anna's warm fingers gripped Elsa's shaft and began jacking her off with renewed vigor.

"Jesus, Anna!" Elsa moaned, bucking into Anna's hand.

Anna's hot breath tickled her cheek. "You know, Elsa," Anna nipped her ear. "You're always so tense. So wound up. I think it's time that you just let it go."

Elsa's breath hitched in her throat. Each stroke of Anna's soft hand sent tremors of pleasure through her body. The tight coils in her groin tightened even further, and her member swelled.

"A-Anna! I...I c-can't hold it back...I-I'm gonna...I'm gonna...!"

"It's okay, baby," Anna whispered in her ear. "You can let it out. Come for me, baby!"

That was enough for Elsa. Her member spasmed uncontrollably, and wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her groin, spreading to the rest of her body.

"FUCK! ANNA!" Elsa exclaimed. Thick, white ropes of cum shot across the kitchen, and warm semen coated Anna's hand.

Anna smiled smugly, gently milking Elsa's member as she moaned, coming hard. Elsa's hips thrust erratically into Anna's loving fingers, riding out the waves of pleasure.

When Elsa finished, she collapsed into Anna's welcoming arms, panting. The two lovers snuggled into each other's arms, feeling much closer than before.

"Well?" Anna grinned into Elsa's hair. "How does it feel to not have to use your own hands? Did you enjoy yourself? Well...seeing as you shot cum halfway across the room, I'd say that Little Elsa had quite a good time!"

Elsa groaned, looking at the long white spurts of semen that lined the kitchen tiles. "I told you we should have gotten a towel," she muttered.

"It's okay, honey," Anna squeezed Elsa tightly around the waist. "I liked watching you come."

Elsa flushed scarlet. Again.

Well. That happened. This was my first time writing smut stuff, so I could use some feedback. I feel like some parts of the story were rocky, or shaky, or not smooth. Maybe it'll get better.

Anyways, should I continue? (I most likely will)