The Disney references in this story are as follows:

(Ch. 3) Anna's parents are obviously Kai and Gerda from Frozen.

(Ch. 4) The stripper that danced on Elsa was Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

(Ch. 4) The bitch that pissed off Anna at the strip club was Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

(Ch. 5) Eugene and Rapunzel are obviously from Tangled.

(Ch. 5) The Stabbington Brothers that attacked Anna originated from the two brutes in Tangled, also named the Stabbingtons.

(Ch. 6) Elsa's Doctor, Dr. M, is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

(Ch. 7) The auburn-haired man who pushed Elsa at the ice skating rink was Hans from Frozen.

(Ch. 8) The restaurant that Elsa and Anna went to was Tiana's Palace, Tiana's cafe from The Princess and the Frog.

(Ch. 8) Aurora and her husband Phillip are obviously from Sleeping Beauty.

Chapter 10:

Oh no.

Elsa's breath caught in her throat. Her groin tightened up in a way that she recognized all too well.

But…it was happening too fast. Dangerously fast. She had only been inside of Anna for a little over a minute…and Anna wasn't even close to her release yet! She was just getting started! Elsa must wait, must last longer.

She tried to scoot her hips back away from Anna, to remove some of the friction, but the bedpost trapped her.

This can't be happening. This can't be happening!

Anna continued to ride her at a steady rhythm that made Elsa moan shamefully. Pleasure consumed her so thoroughly that she could not speak. Her mouth opened, but only sounds of gratification escaped.

Shit, shit, SHIT!

Elsa's mind reeled, struggling to be anywhere but here, because she was so close to coming, too close to coming.

Think about naked old men!

But Anna was so wet - soaking wet.

Her slick juices are all over my cock. Oh, god, there's no resistance whatsoever. She's so wet. Oh my god. Oh, it feels so wonderful!

Think about dead puppies!

But Anna was so hot around her.

She's burning…I feel so hot down there…I'm burning…

Pretend that her dad is right here, watching you!

But Anna was so tight around her.

She's squeezing me so tightly. Oh, my, it feels so good! I'm about to burst! Fuck, it feels so goddamn good!

Anna's wet, hot, and tight center constricted around Elsa, making her gasp for air. Pale hands grasped the sheets, and toes curled. Bolts of euphoric electricity shuddered through her body, and waves of pleasure emanated from her groin to the tips of her fingers and toes.

Maybe it was the built up anticipation for the past two months. Maybe it was the pent-up sexual frustration and teasing during the day. Maybe it was the fault of Elsa's overactive nerves. Or maybe it was just a bad day. Whatever it was, it was going to make her cum, and it was going to make her cum now.

"A-Anna…" Elsa finally managed to choke out. "W-wait…!"

But it was too late.

Violet spasms racked through her groin, forcing out the semen. Elsa let out a loud moan of pleasure (and horror) as she rode through her bittersweet, premature orgasm. Her hot, sticky load erupted into Anna, painting her walls. Her entire body shook fiercely, her penis shuddering inside of Anna as she released her sperm.

Anna felt Elsa's cum shooting into her and widened her eyes in surprise and confusion. She slowed her movements slightly, but did not stop.

Elsa's groan of ecstasy soon turned into a whine of embarrassment. The euphoria that consumed her became rapidly replaced by cringe-worthy dread. Her face flushed from shame rather than from her recent climax. Anna quietly dismounted from Elsa, unsure of what to say. She was still very far away from her release, but it seemed as though Elsa had already…finished?

Elsa let out a sound of misery and quickly flipped herself onto her stomach, refusing to look Anna in the eyes. She wanted to die…right then and there.

An awkward silence passed between them, and Anna opted to carefully rub Elsa's shoulders.

"Elsa," she whispered, tugging at her girlfriend's slim body.

Elsa buried her face into a pillow, attempting to suffocate herself. If the earth will hear my prayers, please let it swallow me whole.

"Elsa," Anna said, a little louder this time.

If any gods exist, please let them strike me dead with lighting.

"Elsie, come on," Anna sighed.

While we're at it, how about we invite Anna's dad to come and slit my throat?

Anna grabbed Elsa's shoulders and firmly rolled her over. Elsa kept a pillow planted rigidly on her face.

"Elsa, look at me," Anna tugged at Elsa's arms, trying to wrestle them away. "Elsa, come on!" she yanked the pillow off.

Elsa covered her face with her hands. Anna huffed. "Elsa, I wish you would look at me," her voice softened. "You don't have to be embarrassed. This happens to a lot of people their first time. In fact, for many couples, the first time is never the best. Besides, we can always do it again."

"Anna, I'm so sorry," Elsa mumbled, her voice muffled by her hands.

"Honey…please look at me," Anna begged. She placed her hands upon Elsa's, urging her to move them.

Elsa shrugged Anna off, turning to the side. "I really messed up. This was your birthday, and it was going to be our first time. It was supposed to be perfect! But…I'm so hopeless. First, I couldn't get it up, then I couldn't get it in, and then I couldn't even get it to stay up for more than two minutes (seriously, I wasn't even inside of you for more than two minutes)! And I…I blew it. Literally."

"Elsa, stop," Anna placed two fingers on Elsa's lips, gently shushing them. "Today was wonderful. I couldn't have asked for anything better…I couldn't have asked for anyone better than you."

She squeezed Elsa tightly around the waist. "I love you so much. And in actuality, it was mostly my fault for not being aware of how you were feeling. I can usually tell when you're about to come, but I guess I didn't notice it in time. The truth is, I was really excited myself, and I couldn't control my movements…I mean…you feel really good, babe," she rubbed Elsa's belly, wanting to make her feel better.

Elsa made a whimpering noise, but did not turn around.

"And…I'm mostly the one to blame," Anna sighed. "I've been teasing you all day, and making you sexually frustrated. You were already so overexcited, wound up, and really scared and nervous. But so was I, and that didn't help things."

Elsa sighed dejectedly, leaning into Anna's touch.

"Now, darling, will you please, look at me? Please?"

"No," Elsa's voiced cracked.

Anna's eyes widened. "Oh gosh, Elsa…are you crying?"

Anna's heart broke when Elsa didn't answer. Instead, the blonde merely curled up into a small ball, hiding her face. It was the most adorable yet sad thing Anna had ever seen.

"Oh, Elsa. Please, please don't cry," Anna pleaded. She rolled Elsa onto her back and wrapped the blonde's head into her chest. "Please don't cry, honey." She patted Elsa's shaking shoulders.

Elsa let out a shuddering breath, hugging Anna around the waist.

"Elsa, look at me. Look at me, Elsa."

Elsa sighed, dropping her hands and lifting up her face to meet Anna's eyes. Tears glimmered in her blue orbs. A couple fell down her flushed cheeks, which Anna tenderly wiped away.

"I fucked up, Anna. I fucked up so badly. I've ruined this night. Our first time…it was supposed to be beautiful. We've been planning it and…and now it's ruined forever. We can't go back in time and fix it. We can't…" a couple of more tears fell.

"You stop that right now," Anna kissed the tears away, wiping Elsa's eyes with the pad of her thumb. "Our first time was beautiful, because we were together. And who's to define what 'perfect' means? We have finally been fully intimate with one another, and I absolutely loved it. It was perfect in my eyes."

"You're just saying that," Elsa sniffled. "I feel so selfish too…I came, and just left you in the dust. I'm so pathetic. I'm so fucking pathetic!"

Anna gripped her arms tightly, looking heatedly at Elsa. "Don't you ever say that about yourself. Now listen to me. You must stop moping over our so-called 'fucked up' first time. As I've said before, first times hardly ever go exactly as planned. But this might be better, because now, we've taken the edge off, and the nerves are out of the way. Now that we're done with our first, we can move on and have more intimate times together," her voice softened, and she caressed Elsa's face. "We have the rest of our lives, darling."

Elsa sniffed, rubbing her eyes. "I'm just…I'm just so embarrassed. I'm just like Aurora's Phillip…"

Anna brought her lips to Elsa's, desperately conveying all of her love and affection to her girlfriend. "You don't ever have to feel embarrassed around me, Elsa. I want you to feel completely comfortable…"

"But that doesn't mean I still don't want to please you. I just want to make you feel good…"

"And you do. Just by being with me. I'm completely happy with you, baby. Why can't you understand that?"

"Do you…mean that? What if my bedroom skills never improve?"

"I wouldn't care," Anna stated fiercely. "I love you for you, not for the sex life you give me. And what's the big deal? It's only a premature ejaculation…"

Elsa gasped, burying her face into Anna's chest. "Please don't say it," she mumbled.

Anna let out a small giggle. "Okay…my bad. Let's just call it 'P.E.' then, shall we?"

"How about we don't call it anything? How about we don't mention it?" Elsa grumbled.

Anna sighed. "As you wish, my dear. Now, Elsa, stop being so insecure, and just cuddle with me already!"

Elsa's lips curved in a soft smile. "Alright." Although self-loathe and shame still draped over her like a sad, prickly blanket, Elsa knew that there was no use dwelling over a busted first time. After all, there was still plenty of time to amend that mistake. She had never been so grateful to have an accepting and understanding girlfriend such as Anna. Someone who didn't care that she had no dick control whatsoever. Well, I wanted to make our first time memorable…and it looks like I succeeded, because neither of us will ever forget this, Elsa though grimly.

But she brushed it off and snuggled comfortably into Anna's body, facing her. Her arm draped lazily over Anna's hips.

"I love you, baby," Anna brushed back Elsa's strands of hair.

Elsa placed her own hand over Anna's, keeping it in place. "I'm sorry I couldn't satisfy you tonight," she said regretfully.

"Elsa, if you apologize one more time, I'm going to shove a pillow in your mouth."

Elsa bit her lip, sighing.

"Elsa," Anna rubbed the blonde's cheek. "How about instead of having negative thoughts, we think about the positive? Why don't you think about all the things that you enjoyed about what we did? It was pretty fun, wasn't it?"

Elsa's ears shone red. Because of her utter embarrassment, she hadn't been able to fully comprehend that she and Anna actually had sex. As in, their relationship, their love, was now fully complete and consummated.

Elsa's blush deepened as she recalled the feel of Anna around her private part. Oh, it had felt so wonderful. And it was so gratifying to finally be able to come inside of Anna.

"It was that good, wasn't it?" Anna smiled wickedly.


"You're blushing like crazy."

Elsa wanted to hide her face again. Excitement coursed through her veins as she thought more about the intimate activity that she and Anna shared. Wow…we lost our virginity together. Her heart fluttered in her chest. We made love together. A rush of giddiness overtook her.

"You know, this was a nice gift," Anna murmured. "Today, you gave yourself to me, and that's all I can ever ask for. It was a privilege to be able to pleasure you. And…" she paused.

"What is it?"

"You know, if you're still feeling upset about what happened…we could always…do it again. And now that the first time jitters are out of the way…we have nothing to be nervous about."

"I'm surprised you're still willing to do it with me," Elsa laughed softly. She averted her eyes, still feeling some shame leak into her chest.

"Stop being ridiculous," Anna silenced her with a loving kiss. Her voice dropped lower. "I'm willing to do it with you again, and again, and again."

Elsa shivered.

Anna reached up to Elsa's face and softly traced the small scars on her lips and cheeks, caressing and kissing each one tenderly. Elsa was very self-conscious about the marks, believing that they made her ugly. But to Anna, they symbolized Elsa's powerful love and protectiveness, something that made her fall head over heels for the blonde over and over again. She ran her hands down Elsa's arms, bringing Elsa's fingertips to her face. Elsa involuntarily curled her fingers in an attempt to hide the scars.

"It's okay, honey," Anna murmured, slowly opening Elsa's hand. She brushed her lips against the jagged, puffy pink lines that ran across the blonde's pads and palms. "They don't make you any less perfect." Anna took her time, rubbing circles in the center of Elsa's hands and gracing each fingertip with a sweet kiss.

Her lips left Elsa's hands and went to her jaw, kissing and sucking the supple skin. Elsa let her eyes slide close and sighed, enjoying Anna's attention.

Elsa's skin tasted so sweet, so addicting underneath Anna's tongue. She craved more. Her head dipped lower, leaving a trail of scorching, wet pecks on the gentle curve of Elsa's neck.

Elsa yelped when teeth bit down on her collarbone. "What are you…" she let out a breathy gasp.

"Tomorrow morning, I want you to remember what we did together," Anna murmured. She sucked harder, making sure to leave a bruise. Elsa leaned her head back into the pillow, humming in pleasure. Shudders ran down her spine as Anna marked her.

Elsa turned her head, letting their lips met earnestly. She nibbled on Anna's lower lip, savoring the sweetness of her lover. Her leg draped over Anna's body, around her hips. Her arms slunk around Anna's back, urging her close.

Anna's warm hands cupped Elsa's breasts, kneading and rubbing small circles around the peaks. They stiffened under the contact, and Anna hungrily latched her mouth onto a nipple, sucking.

"Mhm..." Elsa sighed, back arching as Anna's tongue agonizingly traced slow circles on her skin. She relished in the sensation for a few moments before gently nudging Anna's head away. "That feels wonderful, darling. But I don't think it's fair that you're pleasuring me. It's time I returned the favor."

She rolled on top of Anna, slipping one thigh between her legs. Anna's center coated her skin in slickness. Her hands latched onto Anna's boobs, letting out a small exhale as her fingers sank into the tender skin. Starting off gently at first, Elsa massaged the plump mounds, running the pads of her fingers over the hard peaks. Gaining more confidence, she dipped her head down, letting her mouth affix to a supple nipple.

Anna gripped the sheets tightly, moaning as Elsa worshipped her breasts. "Ohh, Elsa." Anna cradled Elsa's head, tightening her fingers around the fine platinum blonde locks. Her lover's tongue sent tendrils of electricity zipping through her body. Tingles spread from her point of contact with Elsa's mouth all the way down to her core. Elsa nibbled lightly on the tips, making Anna hiss in delight.

Elsa lazily moved her leg up and down, moaning as her thigh shone with Anna's fluids. A slow burn swelled in her lower body once again, stirring up the parts between her legs. Gasping, Anna ground her hips up against Elsa, her stomach brushing against Elsa's semi-erect cock. She shifted positions so that her pelvis pressed directly onto Elsa's, letting her slick folds slide up against Elsa's member.

"Unh…" Elsa grunted at the friction (or rather, lack of friction), thrusting her hips forward. Their bodies sandwiched together, pinning Elsa's treasure up between her stomach and Anna's sacred area. Hot arousal poured into her shaft once again, lighting a fire in her groin.

Anna whimpered, lifting her hips to grind her body against Elsa's. She threaded her fingers through Elsa's hair, pulling the blonde down for a kiss. The feel of her lover's growing and hardening member against her lower stomach made Anna's core drip with liquid heat.

Elsa lifted herself up and gazed at Anna with blazing eyes. "Look at what you do to me, honey," she whispered, eyes clouded by want. "Only you can make me so hard again after I just blew a load."

Anna glanced down at Elsa's crotch, smirking slightly. "It seems like you're not at all tired from our session earlier."

"Can you blame me? I have the most beautiful girl in the world in bed with me," Elsa hummed.

"Are you trying to be romantic?" Anna teased, pulling Elsa down by her nape.

Lips locked, tongues tangled, saliva mixed. Their bodies pushed hotly against one another, grinding their hips and moaning into each other's mouths. Hands buried into each other's tresses and fondled busts. Love and lust crashed together, combining in a desperate and needy concoction.

Elsa reached into the junction between Anna's legs, prodding the wet folds. Her fingers slipped inside, her thumb pressing on the swollen nub.

"Elsa!" Anna cried out, her body arching. Bolts of pleasure erupted through her being. She crashed her lips onto Elsa's, licking, sucking, and biting with fervor. When she pulled apart, flushed and panting, her eyes were dark, hooded over in thick desire. "I need you," she rasped, gripping onto Elsa's penis. "Inside of me."

Elsa shivered, her member stiffening even further. Anna's husky voice made her throb with arousal. "Yes, dear," she whispered. Then she paused, hesitating for a moment. How did Anna want to go about this? Last time, she was on top, but how should they do it this time? "Um…Anna, how should we…"

Anna cupped her jaw, looking up with a kind expression. "Elsie, you stay on top this time. That way, you're in control. If you ever feel like you're about to come too early, you can pause for a little bit, okay?" Anna gave her a small peck on the chin. "And just take your time. We have the rest of the night ahead of us, my love."

Elsa smiled, feeling soothed. "Okay, honey." The nerves that racked through her body during the first time were no longer present. After all, what could go wrong? What could happen that would be worse than the first time? She had nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

"Come, darling," Anna breathed. She slipped one hand under Elsa's thigh, reeling her in. Her other hand traveled down to her womanhood, seductively parting the two folds of her entrance.

Elsa's breath caught in her throat. She would never get used to the marvelous sight of Anna's sacred treasure. She slipped her fingers into Anna's, gripping tightly. Her other hand grabbed the base of her shaft, positioning it in front of Anna's entrance. The slick fluids of their sensitive parts mingled together. Elsa's heart rate skyrocketed, her muscles tensed. She was determined not to miss this time.

"A-are you ready?" her voice shook.

Anna squeezed Elsa's hand. "I'm ready whenever you are, dear."

Elsa inhaled deeply and slowly slid the head of her penis in. Her breath caught in her throat as she was met with no resistance, save for Anna's tightness. Elsa forced herself to pause for a moment, taking a couple of breaths. Her lower body trembled, aching to hump Anna like an animal until she achieved her much-needed release. But Elsa knew better. She had to be respectful of Anna as well.

"…How…" Elsa's voice came out thick and scratchy, and she swallowed. "How are you feeling right now?"

Anna bit down hard on her lip, eyes rolling back. "Please, Elsa," she hissed, grabbing onto Elsa's bottom. She pulled Elsa down, begging for her to come all the way inside of her. It was torture to only be able to feel a part of Elsa, when she knew that so much more was available.

Elsa gladly complied, pushing her hips forward and inserting her member into Anna inch by inch.

Anna's nails dug into the meaty flesh of Elsa's buttocks. "Don't hold back on me, dear," she groaned, her walls squeezing around Elsa. "I need to feel all of you."

With the encouragement, Elsa thrust ahead, sheathing her shaft completely. A strangled gasp escaped both of their lips. The muscles in their lower bodies tensed, with heat scorching their cores. Elsa lowered her head, closing the space between their lips. The kisses were sloppy, messy, and wet, but neither cared. They only wanted to touch each other, to taste each other.

Anna's hands clutched tighter against Elsa's hips, silently telling her to make me yours.

Elsa picked up a leisurely pace at first, pumping in and out of Anna with no rush. Anna took in a sharp intake of breath, letting out small, quiet moans with each thrust.

Elsa felt her own pleasure start to build, although not at an alarming rate. Her previous orgasm took off the edge, making her much less tense and wound up. Instead, she was calm and just the slightest bit confident. Anna squirmed and gasped beneath her, exclaiming in bliss. Elsa felt so much pride at being the person to make her loved one feel so good.

Most importantly, she wasn't feeling like her cum was going to burst out of her at any given second. Her recent release made her penis much less sensitive to Anna's heavenly womanhood.

Although, as the minutes went by, Elsa felt herself grow hotter and hotter. Her face and torso flushed red, her groin burned with tightness. Her thrusts sped up, fueled by need, want, and love. Elsa wanted so badly to please Anna, and her lover's cries of pleasure urged her on.

Elsa's hard member filled Anna so completely, making her toes curl and her back arch. Her hands traveled up to hug Elsa's slim waist. The blonde's skin was slippery with perspiration. Sweat glistened on both of their torsos, dripping down their backs. The musky, intoxicating scent of sex filled the air, drowning them. Internal fires burned their bodies, making them flush pink. Elsa and Anna clutched onto each other in desperate need.

Elsa's hips acted on its own, earnestly shoving her slick cock in and out of Anna. Her jaw slackened, her mouth was agape and letting out grunts of ecstasy. Elsa knew that if she kept up this pace, she would come very soon. Pleasure consumed her completely, and she didn't want to stop her movements. She needed Anna so, so much, and she could see in Anna's desire-filled eyes that she needed Elsa just as badly.

But Elsa didn't want to fail Anna a second time. Using all of her willpower, she slowed her thrusts and pulled out, panting. Her penis was swollen, throbbing and gleaming. A long, thick strand of her precum mixed with Anna's fluids dripped from the tip of her penis onto the bed. "Anna," she gasped. "I'm…so close. Too close. I…I just need to…"

"It's okay, Elsa," Anna stroked her cheek, breathing heavily. "But I'm close too, darling. So you don't have to stop."

Elsa caught her breath and repositioned herself at Anna's entrance. "If you say so, my love," she exhaled. She pushed herself into Anna once again, letting out a loud groan as the pleasure mounted. She resumed her thrusts, which quickly became earnest and impatient.

Anna was on edge as well. Her lower abdomen tightened, burning hotter like never before. She couldn't stop the blissful moans from escaping her lips as Elsa made sweet, sweet love to her. Anna's hands grappled onto Elsa's shoulder blades, pressing their hot bodies close. They graced each other with breathy, open-mouthed kisses. Elsa's warm, soft pants landed on Anna's lips and cheeks. She could tell by Elsa's erratic thrusts and tensed muscles that the blonde was rapidly nearing her release.

"Mhm…" Elsa moaned. "Anna…Anna!" Her mouth slightly open, her hair tousled, and her eyes shut in pleasure. It was the most beautiful thing Anna had ever seen. The sight was enough to make her walls clench even further.

Elsa couldn't remember a time when she was harder. The pressure built, and built, and built, and just as she thought she wouldn't be able to handle it anymore, it built some more. At last, she knew that she was reaching her limit as she felt her cock swell. Anna's walls started to squeeze tightly around her, putting Elsa on the verge of bursting.

"Anna!" she panted. "I'm so close…god, I'm so close!"

Anna pressed a hard kiss to Elsa's lips, gasping, "I'm close too, darling. Just don't stop!" She nudged Elsa's nose with her own, urging her to open her eyes. She wanted them to look at each other when they came.

They saw in each other's eyes promises of the life to come…the life that they would have together. It was magical, and absolutely perfect.

Anna let out a loud cry, her walls contracting vigorously around Elsa. Powerful pulses of pleasure exploded through her body, awakening every molecule in her being.

When Elsa felt Anna constrict tightly around her, she fell over the edge, hard. Pure ecstasy overtook her, making her scream out Anna's name, thrusting erratically. Her warm seed erupted into Anna, filling her up until some of it seeped out into the sheets.

"Ohh, fuck…still coming," Elsa groaned, humping Anna.

The strawberry blonde writhed underneath Elsa, her hands gripping the blankets. "Oh, Elsa," she whimpered. "Oh, Elsa."

Elsa pumped in and out of Anna, letting them ride out their orgasms. Her thrusts became lazier as the pleasure simmered down.

Then she collapsed on top of her girlfriend, gasping for air. The two lay there, panting, exhausted, and unable to move. After a long while, Elsa found the strength to lift her head and tiredly brush her lips against Anna's.

"Hey there," the redhead cooed.

"Hey," Elsa grinned.

They kissed languidly, relaxing into each other's embrace. Elsa rolled off Anna, not wanting to crush her any further. They faced each one another, gazing into the other's eyes.

"So…" Anna whispered.

"…So…" the blonde smiled shyly.

"Now we can say that we did it twice in one night," Anna smirked.

Elsa laughed lightly, lazily planting a wet kiss on Anna's lips. "I love you so much, darling."

"I love you too, Elsie."

Elsa pulled the soft blanket over them, and they drifted off to sleep, snuggled up safely in each other's arms.


Sorry if I disappointed anyone with Elsa's PE. It really did ruin their first time, didn't it?

But it was realistic. Nothing is ever perfect, things don't always go as planned, and virgins don't magically turn into sex goddesses (especially not shy, awkward, wimpy virgins like Elsa). I kept it real, and I hope I was able to make it up to you with their second time.

Anyways, I've had fun writing this story! It ends here though, because school is starting, and because I am now writing another g!p Elsa fic called "A Flame in Ice". So you should all check that out!

Thanks for taking the time to read my work! I love you guys!