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Hello everyone. I have started this new story because my minds likes to think of different plots lol. This story will not have regular updates because this is not my main story 'Going Beyond The Impossible'. This story is meant to help me when I have writer's block with my main story, but I hope you all enjoy this nonetheless.

Summary: Begins with the bathroom scene between Draco and Harry. Great minds think alike, do they not? In a mix of fear and fury, Draco and Harry almost kill each other, but thanks to magic and someone trying to save their lives they become connected. Their souls are now one and they must learn to live with it and find if they have become soul brothers or soul mates.

Harry picked up his cloak, the map, and the Half-Blood Prince's book as he caught up to Malfoy. He knew that the blond was planning something, even if no one really believed him. When Malfoy ran out of the Great Hall immediately after walking in, Harry knew something was happening. Harry carefully followed Malfoy into the bathroom once he caught up with the other boy. However, what he saw made him pause. Malfoy was leaning over one of the sinks and seemed to be sobbing. Harry couldn't help, but think that Malfoy is supposed to do something that he did not actually want to. Harry walked further into the bathroom to hear what Malfoy was saying under his breath.

Luck seemed to leave him at the moment because his foot splashed in some water. The sound was faint, but it was enough to alert Malfoy to his presence. Said person quickly turned around, brandishing his wand looking around for the source of the sound. Harry was not sure what gave away his position, but he dodged to the side as he saw more than heard the stunner that had been cast towards him. Jumping out of the however, caused his cloak to fall away, revealing himself to Malfoy. Both boys ran for cover before trying to hit each other with some spell or other. Remembering something he read in his potions book, Harry rushed out pointing his wand towards Malfoy and shouted out a spell. Little did he know that Malfoy had the same spell ready to pass through his own lips.



Both cried out as the curse hit each in their chests. They lay on the floor across from each other, groaning in pain as their blood leaked out onto the hard floor. Above them, Harry saw a swirl of colors dance across the ceiling. It was beautiful to Harry. There seemed to be more gold above him and more silver above Malfoy, but as his vision dimmed the colors began to mix and silver started to flow into the gold and vice versa. Harry lifted a heavy hand, trying to reach the spectacle before a pained blackness took over.

Neither were conscious when a man entered the bathroom in a very trademark billow of black robes. Severus Snape had heard alarms while he was trying to brew that his godson was in danger and he had cast a point-me spell to locate the young Malfoy. However, all of his years as a Death Eater turned spy would never have prepared him for what he found. His godson lay on the floor on a pool of his blood next to Potter in his own pool of blood. What was really strange were the swirls of light. It appeared to be coming from Draco and Potter, intermixing. He had some theories bouncing in his head, but he had no time to analyze that.

It appeared that Draco had used the curse he had created, Sectumsempra. If Severus did not act fast, the Potter brat would surely die. However it seemed that somehow Potter had learned of the curse as well and used it against Draco. *Oh the boy will pay*, thought Severus. There was only one place he could think that Potter would come across the curse. Putting aside almost murderous thoughts, Severus began to chant the counter-curse waiving his wand over both boys. He continued to chant quietly in Latin and watched as the blood returned to the boys. There would be scars for sure, but at least both would be alive. Severus sent a Patronus to the headmaster and to Madam Pomfrey letting them know he was bringing the two to the hospital wing. He conjured two stretchers and levitated both boys onto one and made his way to Pomfrey.

What Severus failed to notice was that the swirling colors stayed into locked, thanks to him waiving his wand over both boys, and that the blood that returned to their selves was also mixed. Their heartbeats became one as their souls returned to their bodies from the brink of death.

Madam Pomfrey already had two beds prepared for when Severus strolled through the doors followed by two stretchers. She had them placed at opposite sides of the room to lessen any confrontations that might occur when the boys woke up. Severus got the idea and began putting each into their own beds before directing Pomfrey to which potions to use. After struggling to get both to swallow pain relievers and other potions, Pomfrey began casting a diagnostic spell to see how the boys were doing. While waiting for the results, Albus Dumbledore entered the hospital wing and walked straight to Severus rather than try to disrupt the healer.

"Severus, what has happened?" Dumbledore asks quietly, trying to not disturb the peace.

"I am not entirely sure. Potter seemed to have cornered Draco into a bathroom and must have began a duel. They both used a curse I had invented a long time ago and were gravely injured by the time I had reached them. I gave the counter-curse before bringing them here," replied Severus.

The headmaster had opened his mouth to reply when there was a distressing call from Pomfrey before both boys cried out in pain. Dumbledore and Severus rushed forward to each and tried to calm them down while Pomfrey rushed around gathering supplies. Severus was horrified to see blood seeping through his clothing where he had been hit by the curse. The counter-curse should have worked and yet Draco was now bleeding through reopened scars as if he had just been hit by the curse. He swore before pulling his wand out and began chanting once again. Severus spoke loud enough for Dumbledore to learn the words so that he may do the same with Potter. Once the wounds were healed once again, Severus walked over to Pomfrey and held his hand out for the parchment concerning her findings from her scan. He gasped as he read over what the results were telling him.

"Headmaster, bring Potter to the bed next to Draco now!" he whispered harshly. Potter needed to be moved quickly as Draco began to moan once again in pain. Dumbledore levitated Potter to the bed next to his godson and almost immediately both boys quieted down. Severus nodded to Pomfrey indicating that she should perform another scan, which once done she handed Severus the results once again. He released a sigh when he knew that the boys would live, but it was also strained because of what it all meant.

"Severus?" Dumbledore asked quietly.

"I do not know for sure if this will be a good thing or a bad one," Severus said evasively. He always hated when the headmaster did the same thing, but at the moment he was unsure of how to react.

"What do you mean?"

"It appears that before I had reached Draco and Potter, their magic was working to heal each other and my added help only deepened the connection," Severus began as he looked down at the parchment in his hands. "If this is right, and Pomfrey I know it is, then when I interfered their blood mixed as well as their magic. The set back that just occurred was because they now share a soul bond and while they are still recovering they cannot be separated."

"Oh dear," Dumbledore said, the twinkling in his eyes dying down a bit as he set his gaze upon the two boys. This certainly did complicate things, but it could also help the two find something worthwhile in their dark lives. He would hope that this bond would help them.

"Indeed," Severus said. "I do not know what kind of soul bond they have. It could be one of soul bothers or soul mates. Or it could begin as brothers, but evolve into the latter. Either way, they will need their own quarters. Until the bond has fully established, they will need to be in close proximity to each other."

"I will have it arranged. Would you like for a door to be connected to your office in the event either you or one them needs to reach you?" Dumbledore waited for the nod before taking his leave. Already, Dumbledore knew which portrait amongst the many he would use as a guardian for Harry and Draco. He carefully walked up to the Great Sphinx on the fifth floor. There were not many other portraits near by because of the fierce and merciless nature of the creature.

"Hello. I was wondering if you might be interested in guarding a pair of boys who seem to have found themselves in an unusual predicament. It seems they have accidently created a soul bond and are in need of their own private quarters so that the bond may establish itself," Dumbledore inquired. He hoped at the mention of the soul bond the Sphinx would be willing to stand sentry for Harry and Draco. An ominous voice entered the headmaster's mind.

I will stand sentry for Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Before they are moved here, they must think of a password that is fitting of my nature and none shall ever gain it. All others wishing to enter must answer one of my riddles. I will allow you entrance this one time so that you may prepare the space for the boys.

"Thank you," Dumbledore bowed before stepping through the painting when it opened. He walked into a large empty space and began to think of how the boys may want their rooms to look like. He began with adding a fireplace and connecting it to the floo system even though he knew it would have its own strong wards and passwords like the painting. Then came large bookcases that filled much of the room. Two sofas and two chairs framed the fireplace along with two desks towards the back of the room. Next was two bedrooms with a door connecting the two, he placed large four poster beds in the center of each room with an additional bookcase and a closet. Walking back out of the bedrooms, Dumbledore created a large bathroom that had twin marble sinks, toilet, and a shower and a large pool-like tub. The last thing he added was a small kitchenette. After he was done, Dumbledore stood in the center of the main sitting area and thought about color scheme. It would need to be something neutral for the boys.

Use blue and green came the ominous voice again. Dumbledore looked towards the painting that faced the inside of the room and saw the Sphinx watching him. Nodding his agreement, Dumbledore finished the quarters by adding various shades of blues and greens to the rooms. He added the colors to the bedrooms, one had more green while the other had more blue. He then called for two elves who popped into the room upon hearing the request.

"Please gather Harry Potter's and Draco Malfoy's things from their rooms and bring them here. Just place the items inside this room rather than the bedrooms," the elves nodded their understanding and popped out of the rooms. Realizing he was done and knew that the Sphinx would not allow him any more time he began he was towards the painting before remembering what he had promised Severus. "The Potions Master, Severus Snape, has asked if a door could be connected to his office in case the boys have need of him. He cares greatly for them."

Connect a blank painting to his quarters and I will use it if his presence is needed. I will speak to him privately once the task is done.

Nodding his head, Dumbledore left the new quarters and made his way to the hospital wing to wait for the boys to wake up.

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