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Chapter 11

Lies, Betrayals, and Breakouts!

By: Penny Hemsworth

Hello Wizarding Britain! I am sad to say that some questionable things have been going on lately, in terms of our security!

It has been brought to the public's attention that leading Death Eater Lucius Malfoy, has escaped from Azkaban! It appears that he has in fact been missing for months from the high security prison, but with none the wiser? Wrong! Here at the Prophet have discovered that the officers in charge of watching the most dangerous criminals have been collecting money from an unknown donor and to allow Malfoy to leave and have an innocent person stand in his place.

How could such a thing happen, you ask? Well that was exactly what the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt had asked of the prison guards, which were hired for their strength and ability to be trusted in guarding the highest security level.

Apparently even loyalty can be bought from those who the Minister put the most trust into. At first, the guards in question tried to deny they had willing let Malfoy escape during the open trial. They had claimed many reasons for the betrayal; such as blackmail, torture, and even the Imperius Curse. However, under the threat of Veritaserum, one of the guards gave way to all of the facts. The prisoner, Lucius Malfoy, promised them all better jobs than 'babysitting weak criminals' and would pay them a large sum of money to allow him to leave. At first, the guards had refused and ignored his claims of money because of the Malfoy vaults being frozen since Malfoy's incarceration. But then money began being deposited into their own vaults and when they asked Malfoy about the money, he had said 'I have my connections'.

What could these connections be? Who are they and what kind of threat do they pose? The Minister was unavailable for questioning after the trial, but we are working tirelessly for answers.

"Well that was fast," Harry commented after he had finished reading the front page article. It had been two days since he had spoken with Kingsley about the breakout and asking for Severus Snape to somehow be released into his care. He hadn't heard back from the minister about his request, but from what he read in the article, Lucius Malfoy had taken up most of his time. However, during that time things had calmed down for them at the Tonks' residence. When Harry had come back from his outing, it wasn't to an angry husband, but rather a warm greeting from the man and a peace offering of cookies that were oddly shaped and proof the children must have helped. After Harry and Draco had both apologized to each other, the whole family had gathered into the sitting room and had a proper celebration for their daughter. Harry had wanted to show that their lives were not going to be put on hold because of a madman, that had happened once already in his life.

"Did you have something to do with this?" Draco asked, narrowing his eyes at Harry. From Harry's comment, he had picked up the paper and read the article that involved his father's breakout. Harry never exactly mentioned where he had gone two days ago, he just knew his husband had done some shopping for Athene. But reading the story, he believed that Harry had to have stopped and see someone that would have told the minister about Lucius' escape; he was just grateful there was nothing about himself or Harry and any connecting threats that would bring to light that they had returned.

"I stopped to see McGonagall at Hogwarts is all," Harry shrugged his shoulders. He didn't want to let Draco know the real reason he had gone to Hogwarts or that he had spoken to the minister personally. "She agreed to help us a little, and said she would convince the minister to check out Azkaban."

"Why do I feel like you're keeping something from me?" Draco suspected, narrowing his eyes at his husband. Over the years, he had learned early on that Harry could have best the most cunning in his own house. He also learned how to tell when Harry was keeping something from, even when Harry distracted with him with something he kept hidden in order to hide a bigger problem. As for today, he watched Harry pull out a folder quickly to abate Draco's curiosity until he was ready to let out the bigger secret.

"I went to Gringotts and found two suitable homes for us," Harry said as he pushed the folder closer to Draco. "Or at least will be once they're fixed up. Which if we start now, could probably only take two or three weeks."

"A cottage in Godric's Hollow and townhouse in London in an area called Grimmauld Place?" Draco read aloud. He looked up to Harry when he recognized the second home. "Isn't Grimmauld Place the Black ancestral home? I thought it was lost?"

"It's very much a Black home, Sirius left it to me after he died," Harry said, smiling sadly at the memory of his godfather and the old Headquarters. "It's a dark place and would need the work of a curse breaker most likely, but at least it's still standing with a roof."

"The home in Godric's Hollow? What state is that in?" Draco asked.

"It was my parents' home from during the first war," Harry mumbled. "I've only seen it once. It's really only a shell of a place with just three walls now. The roof had been taken off when Riddle attacked."

"Oh Harry," Draco whispered as he rushed to Harry's side. He pulled his husband into a hug as he heard Harry sniffle quietly, trying to hold back tears. "That's why you chose the house as one of the ones to consider? Because it was where your parents lived."

"Yes," he muttered into Draco's shirt. He pulled back so that he could look into Draco's face while he talked. "I do have a family manor, but I don't want our children growing up in a big, cold manor that doesn't feel like home. But with Grimmauld and Godric's Hollow, they feel more homey. I've been to Grimmauld Place and while it is large, it won't feel empty with us there. And Godric's Hollow is exactly as it's described, just a small cottage."

"Alright, which would do you think is best for us then?" the blonde inquired.

"Well, the cottage is on it's own property, but located in a wizarding town and we may have more exposure there. Whereas, Grimmauld Place has the anonymity of being located in London. We would also be closer to Andromeda and Ted here in London if we were to choose Grimmauld."

"It sounds like your mind is made up already Harry," Draco mused. "How about tomorrow, we go to Grimmauld Place and see the state it is in and figure out how to begin the renovation on it?"

"Sounds like a plan," Harry beamed. As nice as it would be to live in Godric's Hollow, he didn't think he could actually live there knowing that his children would sleep in the same room Voldemort has attacked him and killed his parents. It made him queasy to think about. He gave Draco a brief kiss on the lips before moving towards the stove. "I think I'll begin on breakfast."

"Harry, don't think I don't know that you're hiding something else, but I'll let it be until you're ready to tell me," Draco said. He watched with a smirk of satisfaction as Harry stiffened in surprise before nodding and continuing to make breakfast. However before Harry could say anything, someone knocked on the front door. Draco looked towards the doorway in apprehension, then turned towards Harry. "Are we expecting anyone?"

"I don't think so," Harry whispered. It couldn't have been Kinsley, Harry thought to himself because he had told the minister to contact him by owl. Harry and Draco stayed in the kitchen as they heard Ted, going by the heavier footsteps, go to the door to answer it.

"Hello Minister, what can I do for this morning?" They heard Ted say. Some of tension left Harry at knowing that it was Kingsley. His relaxing brought Draco's attention to himself, obviously questioning why Harry was relaxed that the minister had shown up.

"Hello Ted, nice to see you again. May I come in?" They heard Kingsley ask.

"Not at all, come in. And Professor too, pleased to see you again." Curious now, and hopeful that it was Snape that was with Kingsley, Harry made his way to the entryway to the sitting room, but was stopped by Draco.

"Wait until Ted comes for us," he whispered. Harry nodded his understanding and went back to finishing breakfast as he waited. He knew it was safe to go see the minister, but Draco didn't know that and he didn't want to upset his husband more than he did from the other day. However it wasn't long until they heard everyone come towards the kitchen. Ted entered first followed by Kingsley and then Snape.

"Good morning everybody," Harry said cheerfully, trying to break the tension as everyone only stared at each other. Well stared at Draco for he was taking turns to glare at every person present.

"Calm down, Draco. The minister is under oath to protect you," Ted said. He moved towards the entryway when Draco turned towards him and his glare turned almost murderous. "I'll get Andy now."

"What news do you have for me, Kingsley," Harry cut in before Draco had a chance to yell at anyone, namely himself.

"I managed to have Severus' probation contract shifted to the Tonks, either for the remaining years or to you if you chose to make public that you are back. He can stay with you, wherever you plan to live. The only problem is that the aurors like to do random inspections of Severus, but from today they will tell me when they plan to do these checks so that I can warn you and have Severus back here in time," Kingsley explained.

"Thank you so much!" Harry exclaimed before running to hug Kingsley. He then turned towards Snape. "Sir, I hope you don't too much. I did this for Draco and our children. Plus, I don't think you really enjoyed teaching all that much."

"You did this for me?" Harry turned around when he heard Draco whisper. He smiled and nodded, holding out his arms when Draco walked towards him. He crushed Harry to his chest, and laid his head against Harry's shoulder. "Thank you."


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