The rain slowly trickled down the roof of the house. The young man looks out the window of his home as the rain fell, his eyes transfixed on a puddle that had formed in the boot print. This boot print was unique; it was one of the last things he remembered his father leaving after the last rain. It was really the only proof he had that his father existed and lived in the home he now called his. The memories of how he lost him only a month earlier banged in his head with each droplet that smacks the small pool of water and with each time he replayed how his father died, his heart seems to grow heavier. His mind made him analyze each of the choices he had made that, in his heart, had led to his father's end.

Ever since that day he hadn't had a sound sleep. In his soul, he believed that the wrong man had died that day, regardless of the fact he had played a significant role to why the village still stood. And with that always thought in his mind, he became so determined to be what he thought his father would have wanted. He threw himself into the job his father had left him, to the point of near exhaustion. He was always the first to work and the last to end the day; many thought that this was just a way for him to work through the grief. While others thought it was his attempt at making up for a failure that they were sure their former leader didn't or wouldn't have seen if they were able to make a judgment on this if they were under the same focus.

The young man has begun to tear up as lightning flashed in the sky and he felt something cold and scaly nuzzle his hand. It took so much energy not to recoil from this feeling; because he knew in his heart that it wasn't his friends' fault for the feeling and pains, he was going through at this moment. But it didn't stop his brain from thinking it every time he thought about that day. But he also knew that his friend also thought about the things had transpired in that day. Every morning he got up he always saw how the dragon peered into his father's room almost expecting him to come out but never would. Both had been through so much and had so much put a pound their shoulders.

He was the chieftain, and his friend was the Alpha; both titles came with the responsibility to protect but also guide. The reconstruction was going on schedule, and the search for Drago's Bewilderbeast was still ongoing. Hiccup and Toothless both knew in both their hearts they could not leave that dragon in the care of the psychopath that wished to be king or destroyer. Because it would be only a matter of time before he uses the dragon gift to gather another legion of dragons and he is back attacking Berk or one of their neighbors to gain a foot hold in the area where he could launch another onslaught from.

To many in the village and even Hiccup surprise they found an unexpected ally in the Berserker. Alvin swore an oath of loyalty to Hiccup and the people of Berk that he and his would help them in the search for the bastard that robbed the world of a great Viking like Stoick, a man he had just been able to begin to mend the strife the two had between them. For a moment Hiccup had to wonder if Alvin had not been shedding tears before he had gotten to the island to see him. But he knew he couldn't ask as he also knew Alvin was a proud man and for him to come to Berk to make this oath took a lot from the man. But after all that had to happen, he was far from the naive child he been he knew that if given a chance Alvin by his own title was just as likely to join up with Drago than actual capture him if the moment suited him better than honoring his oath.

But for now, Hiccup was content in letting Alvin play his part and act like a good man; as it benefitted Berk by giving them more men and ships to search for Drago; And if it came to it defend Berk if another battle came sooner than expected. But it also gave him the time he needs to concentrate on rebuilding Berk. So, he could do what his father taught him and wanted from the bottom of his heart. To make Berk strong and take care of everyone who lived inside of it.

A single tear rolls down his face as the rain began to stop; He heard movement coming from behind him and then heard her voice call out to him. "Hiccup, is everything alright? "

He nodded then said in his best normal voice; "Yeah Mom everything is found just getting ready to go out and do some chieftain things."

There was a long silence he knew she was looking at his back and he could also feel she was in pain as much maybe more than he was. To only have her long-lost love return for less than a day, to have such happiness snatch from her, especially when she learned he had the ability to change into a better man than she could have ever known. A man that told her she looked more beautiful than the last time they have seen one another. A man that had in his last act in this world proved their song of love so true when he laid his life down for their most precious treasure in the world and had made sure it could go on living in it.

"You really should have something to eat; you can't go chieftain without something on your stomach!"

Valka said as she moved towards her son to be near him.

" I'll be all right mother; I'll eat later when I have the time! But there's allot to be done before the rain starts again."

Hiccup looked down at his old friend and scratched him behind his ear and said.

"Let's go, boy!"

The two were out the door before Valka could say another word and off into the sky; Valka watch as her son and his dragon disappear into the light gray storm clouds. She knew what he was dealing with she had sensed it with Stoick when he lost his own father. She knew that her son may have taken after her in so many ways, but he had inherited his father's heart and the emotion that ruled it. And she knew the only way he is ever at peace would to make sure the home his father protected was safe from the darkness in the world he now knew existed. But she also knew he needed to learn- even in the deepest darkness you find yourself in at times there is sometimes light. She only prayed that he finds that before the darkness he fought against started to take root inside of him like so many she had seen in her life.