Welcome fallers to my newest Gravity Falls fanfiction "Mean Girls of Gravity Falls" :) As you can probably tell this is going to be like a parody of the movie "Mean girls" however I will be changing quite a few things and adding stuff in to make it enjoyable even for those of you who haven't seen Mean Girls :) This fanfiction is also going out to Alex Hirsch as it is that awesome creators birthday today: 618 :D I LOVE YOU ALEX! :D

Honestly, I thought it would perfect when mom and dad told us their work and plans for us. How they had a huge business offer and promotion in South Africa that would last a year, and how we "sadly" couldn't come. When Dipper and my parents heard how much fun we were having in Gravity Falls they knew they could take the business offer guilt free, while Dipper and I stayed in Gravity Falls for a whole year! There was just one problem, Gravity Falls school...

"Nervous, Mabel?" Dipper asks as the Pines twins ride in the back of their Great uncle's car.

"Pfft, as if! I'll make hundreds of friends!" Mabel light heartedly laughs.

"Yeah, that's a good attitude Mabel, but aren't you at least a little worried?" Dipper continues.

"Oh, Dipper." Mabel scoffs. "Always the worrisome and scared little brother."

"We're the same age! You'd better not say stuff like that to try embarrass me, Mabel. The first week of schools is really important! First impressions, you know?" Dipper explains.

"Yeah, yeah." Mabel smiles.

"Alright kids, we're here." Stan pulls up around a corner from our school.

"Bye Grunkle Stan!" Mabel happily waves goodbye.

Mabel, further ahead than her brother, skips quickly up to the front of the school, before resuming her normal walking. As she enters the building she is greeted by the sight of her fellow students running, jumping, shouting, play-fighting and generally mucking around, as most teenagers do. Trying her best to find her way to her lesson, using directions Grenda sent her over text, Mabel is not looking where she is going and stumble head first into a garbage bin.

"Aaaaah! Help me!" Mabel screams, with a few coughs, before turning to a happier note. "Hey, someone threw away a packet of gummy koalas! This school is the best!"

Tardily stumbling into lesson, Mabel makes brief apologies to her teacher and sits in a seat which Candy and Grenda kindly saved for her. Finally getting to her lesson, Mabel listens to the tedious rambles of her Science teacher, but begins to slowly lose interest and stare of into the yonder outside the window next to her. Thin fog swept over the outside court as colourful leaves descended from tall trees. Leaves of red, orange, mauve, gold and amber falling like light rain. Mabel stared, getting lost in the scene.

"Hey, Mabel!" Grenda snapped her fingers, quickly grabbing the attention of her friend.

"Oh, sorry. Kind of lost my focus there." Mabel explained.

"That's ok, so what lesson have you got next?" Candy asks.

"Umm, Health class. It's in SH6, do you know where that is?" Mabel innocently asks.

Candy and Grenda mischievously smile at each other. "I think that is in the back building." Candy says to Grenda for conformation.

"Yeah it's in the back building. We'll take you there." Grenda tells Mabel.

"Cool." Mabel smiles. "Thanks."

The bell ending their current lesson rang and Candy, Grenda and Mabel made their way to the "back building", however Candy and Grenda both just sat down in the middle of a field, leant against a wide oak tree.

"Hey guys, where's the back building?" A bewildered Mabel asks.

"Oh, it burnt down three years ago." Candy tells Mabel.

"Won't we get in to trouble." Mabel questions.

"Why would we get you into trouble? We're your friends." Grenda kindly reassures Mabel.

Ok, so I know it's wrong to skip class, but Candy and Grenda are my friends and I don't want to blow that. I can't imagine having no friends would help my social status grow. I guess I'll never know what I missed in the first lesson of health class. Hopefully nothing too important.

"OMG! Look at Ariel Smith's gym clothes!" Grenda exclaimed, pointing towards the other side of the field to a tall girl with Magenta hair and with heavy teal eyeshadow wearing a low-cut pink vest which read "Gravity Falls sports team" which had been tied in a knot under her bust and tight indigo shorts which probably would have been considered underwear if any shorter.

"Ariel Smith?" Mabel repeated, recognising the girl they were pointing to, but not the distinctive name.

"Yeah, she's one of Pacifica Northwest's "followers"." Candy told Mabel.

"We call them "The Plastics" behind their backs." Grenda laughed, triggering her two friends to giggle as well.

"You see that little one? That's Lola Cassidy." Candy pointed to a shorter tanned girl with dark brunette curly hair held back by a blue headband. She was talking to someone on her tight-fitted pink tank top that hung over her pleated indigo skirt and stylish white ankle boots.

"And of course you know their "leader". The mean, gold digging brat: Pacifica Northwest!" Grenda pointed as Mabel watched her old rival, carried by four boys (clearly attracted to the sassy blonde girl) make her way to the field. Pacifica tossed her long blonde back to reveal her pink vest top and short purple skirt, fashionably accessorized with black boots studded with silver hearts and stars which came just above her ankles. Pacifica gave a purple glossy smile to her two friends and began gossiping with them both, whilst twisting her thick, blonde locks.

"The plastics!" Mabel angled her eyebrows, fixing her eyes on the three girls.

Bam! My new fic :) Especially for you Alex, even though you will probably never read this :D Just to make some things clear, the parts in italic is Mabel's thoughts (voicing over) however the rest of the story is not narrated by her. Also, since this takes place in Fall (Autumn) the twins are both thirteen and entering the 8th grade :)

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