Mabel watched innocently as the boys in her grade ran around on the field, playing some version football, most interesting to her was Sam Aaron, playing quarterback. The boy then noticed Mabel's trance-like stare at him and smiled. "Hey Mabel?" He called to her.

"Oh gosh!" Mabel whispered to herself, mortified.

"Look, Mabel I just wanted to tell you-"

Before the boy could finish his sentence he was interrupted by tyre squeaks and an old fashioned car horn. The two teens turned around to see the Northwest family car, the window rolling down to reveal Pacifica Northwest, Lola and Ariel sat behind her.

"Get in loser, we're going shopping!" She invited to Mabel. Mabel turned away from Sam and decided to join her "friends". Pacifica then looked at her boyfriend and smiled, "Bye bye, sweetie."

Sam looked to the ground and forced a smile. "Later."

As the four arrived at the mall, after a long debate between which shoe shop to go to first, the plastics strutted to their desired destination, until something caught their eye.

"Hey look, it's my boyfriend!" Ariel smiled. "Who's that girl he's with?" The three other plastics looked at the girl with concern. "Why's he holding hands with her?" Pacifica and Lola rolled their eyes at their friend, whereas Mabel felt a tiny bit of empathy for the magenta haired teen. "And...why are they...kissing?!"

Mabel reached to the girl's arm and smiled. "Oh, Ariel, I'm sorry."

Pacifica rolled her eyes and blew a strand of blonde hair from in front her face. "Some girls have no morals, they just think they can do whatever they want to people with out caring about the consequences." Pacifica folded her arms. "Kind of like my mother."

The four stared as Ariel's boyfriend continued to share a passionate kiss with another teen girl. "Gosh, they're really going at it aren't they?" Lola laughed. "I can't remember him looking at you like that, Ariel!"

Ariel quietly whimpered to herself.

"Is it me or...does she looked familiar?" Mabel asked.

The three original plastics turned and looked suspiciously at the boy-stealer. Something about her body...and those arms...

"I must say, she is pulling that outfit off splendidly!" Pacifica smiled.

"Yeah, her purple dress, black leggings and ug boots are so on trend! Not to mention how chic blonde hair is!" Lola smiled at Pacifica.

Pacifica looked at the girl in disgust, "Lola, stop trying to fit in." She spat. Lola hung her head in shame as the other three chuckled.

Ariel watched intently as her boy was swindled from her, then a burst of realization hit her face. "Pacifica, did you kiss my boyfriend?"

Pacifica stared, confused at her friend. "What?!"

"Well, was that you? Did you kiss my boyfriend?"

"Ariel, you are so unbelievably stupid it's beyond a joke. I'm standing right next to you, that girl is clearly not me! Are you a complete idiot? Are you?!" Pacifica taunted.

Ariel narrowed her eyes, "If you ever stole my boyfriend, I would never speak to you again."

"Sorry, but I have no interest in your flavors of the week, I have Sam Aaron." Pacifica scoffed.

"Okay guys, maybe we should leave the mall." Lola interrupted. "Pacifica, maybe we could go to your mansion?"

Pacifica and Ariel continued to glare at each other until Ariel dropped her stare, Pacifica smirked. "Sure we go to my place, it's better than any of your offense Mabel."

Lola and Ariel exchanged jealous glances and Mabel and Pacifica began walking to the Northwest car, with them following behind.

When the three plastics had to walk past Ariel's ex-boyfriend and his new girl they all shut their eyes at him and held their noses high in the air, except for Mabel who smiled at the girl. As the girl let the boy go, she shook her blonde wig of and Mabel smiled even wider. "Nice work Grenda!"

"To my house, chauffeur." Pacifica instructed the driver as the four piled into the car. "You've been to my mansion before?" She asked Mabel.

"Once, at the party." Mabel answered.

Pacifica remembered. "Oh, course. Just try stay out the way of my parents, they despise your brother."

"What about you?" Mabel slyly asked

"What do you think about Dipper?"
Pacifica began to blush a smirk to herself. "Yeah, he's nice enough, but I have Sammy now...Oh, look we're here."

The chauffeur opened the car doors and the four plastics sauntered up to the grand doors of Northwest manor.

"Welcome back!" Pacifica grumbled as the doors swung open.

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