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Astrid stormed through the door into the mayors office. Her blonde hair was whipping behind her as she stormed into the office. Caine was sitting there with that unbearably smug grin on his stupid face.

"You bastard" she shouted going right up to him.

"What's wrong Astrid?' He asked grinning knowingly.

"You killed him. You promised not to but you did!" She shouted resisting the urge to smack him.

"Killed who?" Caine asked still grinning.

"Sam you said you would leave us alone when we left for the lake but he is dead now because you got one of your idiots to kill him!" She screamed.

'How do you it was me who killed him? I'm not the only one who hated my brother." Caine said getting up off his chair to look Astrid in the eye.

All of a sudden Astrid felt a warm feeling spread through her body,just like she felt when she was with Sam. She looked straight into his eyes, his dark mysterious eyes and all of a sudden she wasn't fighting the urge to hit him but she was fighting the urge to kiss him.

They stood watching each other for what felt like forever until Caine made his move. He leaned and kissed her but instead of pulling away Astrid kissed back. She wrapped her arms around her neck and he wrapped his around her waist.

"What about Diana?" Astrid whispered as Caine pushed her towards ships makeshift bed.

"She left me." He said taking off his top.

Astrid let herself smile as he did this. She kissed him one more time before he pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top of her.