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1. Enter the Next Generation.

True Cross Academy in appearance had not changed a bit but it's internal working had undergone some interesting changes.

Classes were now divided in three groups: the Normal courses, the Special courses and the Special HD course, which was more of a subcategory of the special courses but were nonetheless a very different course.

The Special HD course was for that restricted group of half-demon children, HD standing for Half-Demon. If they had nowhere to go, if they couldn't control their powers and if they were dangerous for the people surrounding them, they would be sought out and brought to the school. And since they still were in training and couldn't have contacts with normal people, they stayed at the Old Male Dormitory, which was now the HD Dormitory.

The idea of creating this special class was proposed by Yukio Okumura and Yurin Fujiwara, Rin Okumura having his say in this matter too.

Of course Mephisto was amused by this idea and approved, he was interested on how far they could go without destroying themselves.

And in the span of a year a class was formed, the dormitory was renewed and classes were starting as of the first of April.

However the second quirk of this class was that the students were of different ages, but that wouldn't be a big problem for the teachers.

- Haru! Fuyu! - called a blue haired woman walking around the renewed HD Dormitory.

She had shoulder-length blue hair and turquoise eyes, she was a 28-year-old Yurin Fujiwara, now Yurin Okumura.

"Where are they now?" she wondered looking around for her two kids.

In the distant she picked up the loud laugher of her daughter and the soft one of her son.

Quickly she walked in that direction, intent on scolding them for not waiting in their room, like she told them to.

- Touchan, touchan! Harumi wants seconds! - she could hear her daughter's cheerful voice even from where she was.

- I.. I want seconds too, Daddy - come the soft voice of her son.

Finally she arrived at the dining room, which was now much better looking and was more spacious. There she found her family happily eating breakfast.

- Harumi Okumura, Fuyuki Okumura, did I not tell you to wait for me? - she inquired with a dark voice.

The two kids gasped and turned to look at her with scared eyes.

- Ah, Yurin, it was me that dragged them here - reasoned Rin coming out of the kitchen.

- Well, you should have told me! I was worried!

The male chuckled and patted her head. - Sorry.

- Touchan and Kaachan are being lovey-dovey again! - exclaimed Harumi grinning.

- Where did you learn such a big word, Harumi? - the father asked, pinching the girl's nose for ruining the small romantic atmosphere that had been created.

- Shiemi-obasan taught me - answered the little girl.

Yurin shook her head, what was Shiemi teaching the kid?

- Alright Okumura Squad, assemble - the bluenette called, acting like the commander of the situation.

Different voices answered 'Yes ma'am'; a somewhat calm tone from Rin, a loud shout from Harumi and a shy cry from Fuyuki.

- Rin, go put your coat on. Haru, Fuyu, run to your room and start getting dressed.

They all nodded their heads and scrambled to do what ordered.

The Academy was bursting with chatter and students, today was orientation day for the first-years.

- This brings back such memories - commented Rin as he stood watching the students walk inside the school.

- Stop acting like an old man and hurry up - snapped Yurin, he kept stopping here and there and they only had five more minutes before getting to class.

"Is she really that nervous?" wondered the guy, staring at his wife for a few minutes before she turned around and he looked away.

Finally they entered the dark corridors of the cram school.

- Wow! So dark! - cheered Harumi as she ran ahead of her parents.

- Be careful, Haru, you might fall - warned her mother.

And as a cue the midnight blue haired little girl tripped on something and fell on the floor.

- Ru! - cried Fuyuki, running to help his sister.

But alas the navy blue haired little boy tripped and fell too, right on top of his sister.

The father immediately rushed to them and helped them up.

- Thanks Touchan!

- Thanks Daddy.

Without farther delay, they continued down their way to the classroom.

- Now, Haru, Fuyu - Yurin said, placing a hand on the twins' shoulder.

The two looked at her, showing that they were listening attentively.

- You have to go in there without mom and dad - explained the bluenette with a small smile.

- Why? - asked the kids at the same time.

- Because mom and dad will be your teachers and we have to wait for Yukio-ojisan and Shiemi-obasan, alright?

The children reluctantly nodded before they walked inside the classroom holding hands.

- That was very impressive - complimented someone from behind her.

Turning around she found her brother-in-law and her best friend, Shiemi.

- Well, I am their mother - replied the bluenette.

Yukio nodded, it was easy to understand what she implying.

The four adults entered the room, which became even quieter at their presence.

Fuyuki and Harumi were sitting in the front row, where the smaller desks were situated for those aged younger than 10 but older than five.

And scattered around the room were the half-demons the Academy was able to find. They had different ages, most of them, and they all had distinct traits that made them unique from the rest.

The glasses-wearing teacher stepped forward and stood behind the teacher's desk, he had a list and a pen in hand.

- Now I will take attendances, raise your hand when your name is called - instructed the four-eyed man.

Silence followed his instructions.

- Hamasaki Belle-san.

A girl with wavy brown hair, held in a high ponytail, white bangs and differently colored eyes, one blue and one green, raised her hand almost shyly. She was sitting in the fourth row to the left.

- Heiwa Airashi-san.

From the front row, on the left, a little girl with brown hair, a red bow tied on her head and green eyes raised her hand.

- Indo Kaede-san.

- Here.. - quietly whispered a girl with short silver hair wearing a blue cape. She had turquoise eyes and was sitting in the third row to the right.

- Kurosawa Chiriko-san.

- Right here, Sensei - answered a girl with long messy black hair and green eyes. She was sitting in the second row, right behind the twins, and had her feet on the table.

Yukio stared at her, glaring his message into her skull.

- Yes, I will take my feet off the table.

With a nod he continue doing his job.

- Okumura Harumi and Okumura Fuyuki.

Immediately the older twin raised her hand in the air and exclaimed a happy 'Here!' while the younger timidly raised his hand and whispered a low 'Here..'.

From his place near the teacher's desk, Rin chuckled, his kids were something.

- Suzuki Aito-kun.

A boy with dark brown hair and cool blue eyes raised his hand diligently. He was wearing his uniform perfectly and was sitting in the third row to the left.

- Tsukino Hotaru and Tsukino Rei.

On the front row, to the right, a young boy with gray hair and yellow eyes raised his hand while on the row behind, right behind his desk, a girl with ash-colored hair and chartreuse-colored eyes answered with a 'Here'.

- Yukimura Akiyo-kun.

A hand rose from the back of the class. It was a boy with black hair and white tips covered by a dark blue hoodie, his eyes were a crystal blue-gray.

- You are all here - mumbled the glasses-wearing teacher as he signed everyone present.

He folded the papers he had in front of him before facing the class again.

- I am Okumura Yukio and I'm the supervisor of this class and a teacher of the other special course class for those who want to become exo..

- Sensei, are you perhaps related to this kids sitting in front of me? - interrupted Chiriko, the girl with messy black hair, raising her hand.

- I'm their uncle - answered Yukio with a stern tone, he wasn't done with his introduction.

The girl nodded accepting the answer she received.

The older Okumura brother stepped up.

- I'm Okumura Rin and I will be teaching you how to control your powers..

- Sensei, are you also related to this kids sitting in front of me? - interrupted Chiriko yet again.

- I'm their father - answered Rin, grinning proudly of his two kids.

Yurin chuckled before she decided to step forward and introduce herself.

- My name is Okumura Yurin but please feel free to call me 'Fujiwara'. I'm also in charge of teaching you how to control your powers.

- Sensei, are you-

- Yes, I'm their mother - Yurin interjected, she was one step ahead of the kid.

Chiriko lowered her hand, glaring slightly at the bluenette.

- I'm Moriyama Shiemi, I'm the support teacher in other words I'm here to make the youngest ones comfortable and help them when needed.

- Sensei! Even though you have a completely different surname, are you related to this kids?

- Not quite yet, but soon I will be officially their aunt - replied the blonde with a smile.

The small glance that she exchanged between the glasses-wearing teacher went unnoticed by everyone.

- Isn't that kind of unfair? This two brats will get favoritism - complained the black haired half-demon.

- Hey! We are not brats! We are six already! - shouted Harumi, standing on her chair to glare at the person behind her.

Her brother tried to stop her by pulling her arm but she wouldn't budge.

- Cool~! And I'm 13, brat - hissed the older girl, standing up and glaring down at the younger, her pointy black tail moving behind her.

The young Okumura teared up but continued glaring, she was a prideful person even at such a young age.

- Don't you feel ashamed of yourself? You made the girl cry - accused the girl sitting on the second row to the right, Hotaru Tsukino.

- Huh? She started this! - argued Chiriko angrily, rudely pointing at the little bluenette standing before her.

- How so? You were the one that insulted her first.

Before they could jump at each other, Yukio fired a warning shot, which whizzed right in front of the two.

"That's dangerous!" all those with a sane mind in that room thought.

- Now, we will go back to the lesson - explained the teacher calmly.

Yes, after all glasses-wearing guys were the most dangerous of all, even compared to Satan's kid.

- In order for us to help you control your powers, you have to tell us which powers you have or who you are related to - instructed Yurin seriously.

The majority of the class nodded in understanding.

- Hamasaki-san, will you please start?

- Eh? I? I.. I.. - the girl stuttered nervously.

- I'm sorry, you must feel nervous to be suddenly thrown into the spotlight like that - the bluenette teacher admitted.

She turned towards her husband and smiled at him, the black head got the message.

- I'm Rin and I'm the son of Satan. I posses his flames.

The sudden confession startled the students, among their reactions the one that caught the teachers' eyes the most was that of Airashi, who growled lowly.

- I'm Belle... I can create and control water. Mephisto told me that my father is probably the Demon King of Water, Egyn.

- Oh, that makes me your aunt! - exclaimed Yurin smiling.

- I think so..?

- Welcome to the family! - announced Rin happily.

- Thanks..! - responded Belle smiling happily at her new found family.

The three smiled at each other once more before the bluenette returned to her task at hand.

- Heiwa-chan? - she asked, turning to the young girl sitting in the front row.

- Airashi Heiwa, desu! I have enhanced hearing and smell, plus I can turn into a wolf but it happens unexpectedly.. Also, sensei, can I be moved to another class?

- Why is that?

- It seems I turn into a real Demon when I'm too close to someone related to Satan and they are in their Demon form too.

- That's exactly why you were placed in this class. You will learn to control that.

- But I might end up hurting someone! - argued the little girl.

"I'm used to dealing with stubborn people" thought the bluenette teacher.

- Don't think we are so weak. We've been training far longer than you.

The little girl wanted to stubbornly continue the discussing but the teacher passed the word to the next student.

- Indo-san, your turn.

- Indo Kaede. I tend to cause earthquakes when angered and I can control the earth, natural substances. My father is Agares, an Earth Demon Duke.

Yurin nodded and wrote down the information. She looked up from her list and smiled at the black haired girl in front of her.

- Kurosawa-san.

- Call me Riko. Basically my mother was stupid enough to be corrupted by Coal Tars while pregnant and then she gave birth to me, I have no real father in other words.

- Very interesting but I did not ask you for your life story.

- In other words I'm like a Coal Tar with human form. I can float around, communicate and control other Coal Tar and rot something by touching it - explained the black haired girl with that typical sinister smile evil Coal Tars posses.

- So that's why you have such a rotten personality - commented Hotaru under her breath.

Chiriko immediately turned and glared at her.

- I will rot you to the very core - she threatened.

- I doubt you can. I am not solid enough for you to rot - countered the ash-haired girl.

Once again they were stopped by Yukio's warning shot.

- Yukio, would you stop that? - snapped Yurin.

- It's discipline, sister-in-law - answered calmly the four-eyed adult.

The bluenette rolled her eyes at him, if warning shots were discipline for him then she didn't want to know what were punishments ones.

- Now, Harumi and Fuyuki.

- Hai! I'm Harumi - started the older twin with a grin.

- ..And I'm Fuyuki - finished the younger twin with a nervous smile.

- We posses half-power separated but together we can create blue flames - they explained in unison.

Chiriko was about to comment on how weak they were when she was interrupted by Hotaru, who shouted at her to 'Just shut the hell up!'.

Fortunately they did not have to be stopped by Yukio's warning shot again, they stopped by themselves when they saw him glare at them.

- Suzuki-kun.

- I'm the son of the Demon Salamander, I can create and control fire, but I do not always have control over my flames.

- Tsukino-san, it's finally your turn.

- I'm Tsukino Hotaru. I'm the daughter of Azazel, Demon King of Spirits. I can summon spirits, can't be harmed by human weapons and summon a spiritual hound, which I have no intention of summing again.

- Another member of the family - concluded Rin with a grin.

The ash-haired girl nodded.

- This little guy sitting in front of me is my brother, Kei. He can-

- I.. I can do that on my own Onee-chan! - interjected the little boy.

- Oh, my little bro has become a man, congrats! - congratulated the older sister while clapping.

Her brother in response blushed before he turned to the teachers, who were waiting for him to speak.

- I'm Kei. I'm the son of Demon King Azazel.. I can summon spirits and I can become a spirit myself and pass into the Spirit Realm.. Though I'm not very good.

- He's just being modest! He can do it better than me.

The little boy blushed even more.

- That's enough - Yukio said, interrupting the moment and getting back the attention on the teachers.

- Yukimura-kun.

The boy at the back stood up, for what reason no one knows.

- Yukimura Akiyo. My mother is the Yuki-Onna hence I can create and control ice and snow.

After his small explanation he sat back down.

- This is quite a varied group of abilities - commented Shiemi.

Rin and Yurin nodded.

- Shiemi, can you please distribute the badges? - asked the glasses-wearing teacher to the blonde.

The woman nodded and took the small box that was sitting on top of the teacher's desk.

- These badges are the sign that you are part of the Special Half-Demon Course, always wear them - explained Yukio as Shiemi distributed the small brooch to the students.

- Why? - asked Aito curiously.

- Because you are a danger to other students, this badge will alert them to stay away from you - was the rather crude reply he received from the serious teacher.

"Was that the way to say it?" wondered the three other teachers.

Everyone had received their badge by then and had already or were in the middle of pinning it to their shirt or blazer.

- From now on you are all part of the Special HD Course - announced Yukio.