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8. That is who I am.

Dark turquoise eyes stared at the figure before them, a person so loved that it brought their owner to tears.

- Mother.. - Yurin whispered, stopping the tears from breaking free.

The woman looked at her, easily recognizing her as her daughter, even though there was a visible age gap between the two. A tear escaped her eye, now she looked even more like that person.

- You look so much like your father.. - Sakiko commented, bringing a hand up to cover the sobs that were threatening to escape.

The bluenette's eyes widened before hardening in a cold stare, she looked like her father? She looked like Satan? But what her mother said next left her completely speechless.

- ..Daichirou-san.

"Eh?" the young woman thought confused. Her world was spinning, she couldn't grasp the exact meaning of what her mother was saying.

- Dai..chirou-san..? - she asked, cautiously.

The dark haired woman was about to nod but stopped, why did her daughter not know the name of her own father? She promised herself she would tell her one day after she turned 10 years old, an age in which she supposed the child would understand the whole story.

- Yurin, how old are you?

- I'm 27.

In that moment, Sakiko realized that something was wrong, horribly wrong. She hadn't thought too much about it but her daughter's reaction to seeing her was strange. She had tried not to cry, as if she hadn't seen her in years and she looked incredibly sad.

- Tell me the truth Yurin, I died before you turned 10, right?

The bluenette refused to meet her mother's eyes, as she believed that everything that happened that day was her fault.

Sakiko sighed, 'like father, like daughter'. Daichirou always avoided to meet her eyes whenever he felt he was at fault, and it could last for a few days too before she could get him to look at her.

"She probably thinks her real father is Satan.." she concluded, sighing at how terrible that sounded. Her and Daichirou's daughter being labelled as one of Satan's offspring, nothing could disgust her more than that.

- Listen well, Yurin. You may have Satan's powers but you are not related to him - the dark haired woman stated with confidence.

The fours adults, including the bluenette, remained shocked. No matter how much they tried to comprehend what the woman was saying, it all seemed alien to them. And it was weird as hell since they dealt with Demons every day, and aliens were nothing compared to those.

- M-mother.. what do you mean.. I don't understand! - Yurin expressed her confusion. Her troubled face showed how distressed she was.

- That's right, ma'am. If she has Satan's powers, she has to be related to him - explained Yukio, he was trying to wrap his mind around what he heard but it was just impossible.

The dark haired woman briefly looked at him, examining him even, before she turned back to her daughter.

- I was already pregnant with you when Satan possessed Daichirou-san's body and was able to pass part of his powers to the unborn you - Sakiko explained, using a soft tone as to not scare the fragile looking 27-year-old bluenette.

The older version of her daughter shook her head. She denied the truth. She had been going on for years believing that she was that Demon's offspring. It couldn't all have been a lie.

- Then.. if you knew.. if you knew, why didn't you love me?! - the bluenette questioned, her denial turning into anger.

- It's probably because you look so much like your father. Daichirou-san was a very reserved person, he would rarely tell me loved me.. And seeing you, looking so much like him, while bearing the mark of a Demon... I couldn't take it. I loved you, yet I despised you a lot.

Yurin began to cry, she had finally gotten her answer after so many years. Somehow it made her whole existence feel kind of shallow.

Rin walked to his wife and hugged her, rubbing her back in a comforting manner. His gesture earned him a glare from the dark haired mother, who didn't know the relationship between the two and assumed that he was trying something funny on her daughter.

The young man simply smiled, raising his left hand in defense. On his ring finger shone the silvery wedding band he shared with his wife.

"It couldn't be.." the mother thought, searching for a similar ring on her daughter. When she found it, she couldn't help but smile gently; her daughter had made her dream true, she had (hopefully) gotten married to the person she loved, something she was not able to do.

Shuffling sounds alerted her of the presence of the 10 younger Half-Demons, who she noticed for the first time. She examined all of them until she was focused solely on the young Okumura twins, who caught her attention. They looked like a mixture between the couple hugging in front of her.

Feeling an intense stare on them, the twins looked around for the source of such fierce gaze. Their eyes met with sharp brown eyes.

- Mother - called Yurin, she had finally calmed down her tears.

Sakiko turned towards her daughter, her expression soft and understanding. Even without her, she was able to grow into a fine person. She could pass to the next life in peace knowing that.

- Aunt Fuyumi took me in and then she trained me and then- the bluenette began, intent on telling her mother everything that had happened after her death, but she was silenced by the very person she so desperately wanted to tell this to.

- Just tell me this... Are you happy now?

The young woman felt her eyes start watering again, and her throat close up from how many emotions she was feeling. She couldn't even answer such a simple question with her own voice, how pathetic.

- Just like your father. You never know what to do with your feelings! - joked the dark haired woman.

Yurin tried to laugh at that, but it just made the tears come out faster.

A bright light began to envelope the group, their free time trip was coming to an end.

- Mommy.. thank you! - the bluenette shouted, stepping inside the light.

Before she was completely inside, she saw a pillar of blue flames shot up to the sky... Exactly from the direction her village used to stand.

Surrounding her were the carbonized corpses of the people of her village, people who once hated her were burning like paper. They had already died by the hands of other Demons, but it still made her feel at fault for doing that to them.

All around her was blood and the blue flames were slowly eating everything, however they weren't hurting her. On the contrary, they were protecting her from everything.

- Mommy..? - she asked looking at her mother's dead body, for some reason it was the only body that wasn't burning.

Her dying mother had a smile painted on her face.

- MOTHER! - Yurin shouted, ready to jump back to stop that horrible day from happening. She was restrained by Rin, who held her tightly in his arms as her body shook with grief.