Just the usual morning here. Foggy, cold, miserable. Well it isn't that miserable. It's been a few months since Red Death was defeated. Life went on normally after that...well as normal as an island full of vikings and dragons could get. As soon as Hiccup's sudden popularity surge started, it ended. People move on and he was so thankful for that as he used to get swarmed down at the market when trying to buy goods. He could hardly go anywhere, period. He wanted to go to the cove, people followed. He wanted to go flying, people tagged along as much as they could. He wanted to take a bath, people waited outside the bath house. Absolute, torture. As for Astrid, that also went and left quickly. They defnitely weren't cut out for each other. She was a little, aggressive, and he was a little, well, Hiccup. In the end, it was just Toothless and Hiccup, hanging out every morning, afternoon, evening, all the time really. They both never got bored of each others company as they wasted away their time enjoying their youth, enjoying their life.


"Cut it out."

Nudge, Nudge.


Nudge, Nudge, Lick.

"Oh gross! This doesn't wash out ya know!" said Hiccup as he jerked up from his bed. He raised a hand and dragged it across his face to get all the dragon saliva off. Hiccup quickly looked over at a grinning Toothless, giving him a sharp glare before swiviling his body towards him.

"I'm up okay?" said a disgruntled Hiccup as he reached for his prosthetic leg, fixing it to his stump

"I know you get up early, but do you really have to wake me up early too?" asked Hiccup as he changed his clothes. Toothless simply nudged him and let out a loud purr.

"Yeah, yeah," says Hiccup as he put on a clean shirt. Hiccup turned to Toothless who was sitting in front of the door, waiting for his rider.

"So, what should we do today bud?" asked Hiccup as he walked up to Toothless. Toothless cocked his head to the side questioningly.

"You don't know either? Let's just focus on breakfast first," said Hiccup as he stepped around Toothless and out his bedroom door. Hiccup could hear the crackling of fire as he descended down his stairs, the room being illuminated by fire.

"Dad?" Hiccup called out. No response. Hiccup glanced around the room, seeing his father's chair empty.

"I didn't think he would leave a fire going while he left," thought Hiccup as he stopped in the middle of the stairs, then he noticed a pot above the fire.

"I'm guessing another patrol and maybe some breakfast for us," Hiccup said to himself. He felt a nudge against his back and turned to see Toothless purring, trying to move him forward.

"Sorry bud," said Hiccup as he continued down the stairs. Hiccup walked over to the pot above the fire and stuck his finger in it. Hot, very hot.

"Ow! Geez, why, did I, do that," Hiccup asked himself as he put his finger in his mouth for comfort.

"Oh ew! Dad, stop trying to cook!" exclaimed Hiccup as pulled his finger from his mouth, spitting out what was left of the disgusting stew. Toothless let out a light chuckle, well, as much of a chuckle as a dragon can manage.

"Oh haha," said Hiccup sarcastically towards his friend, "Let's just go down to the market and get some food, how about it?" Toothless purred and bumped his head against Hiccup's stomach in agreement. Hiccup rubbed Toothless' head and scratched his ear some, eliciting a loud purr from Toothless.

"You're the best, bud, now lets go," Hiccup said as he turned around, heading out the door. Hiccup looked up into the sky and saw masses of clouds covering any blue.

"Well, so much for flying today," said Hiccup sadly. Hiccup heard a low growl and turned to see an unhappy dragon. Toothless turned looked down at Hiccup and motioned to the sky.

"Bud, no, we would both be soaked and it's way to cold out for that. Well for me anyway," said Hiccup as he continued to walk towards the market. He could hear Toothless' unhappy grunt of acceptance.

It was a couple minute walk down to the market. It would have been quicker if Hiccup still had his other leg, but he had accepted his fate a long while ago. The aroma of fish, bread, and other goods could be smelled as they drew closer to the market. Toothless lifted his nose and smelled the sweet aroma. Toothless' started to drool a bit thinking of all the delicious things he could eat. Hiccup looked down at his dragon companion and started to laugh a bit at the sight.

"Toothless, you know you can't eat all of it right?" asked Hiccup, nudging the Night Fury. Toothless let out a whine, feeling his dreams crushed.

"Oh come on ya big baby, I'll still get you something good," said Hiccup as he tried to run ahead of Toothless some. The Night Fury just stared at the odd sight of him running, the fake leg making Hiccup run a bit awkward. Toothless just shrugged and walked ahead of Hiccup.

"Oh come on! I've been practicing too!" yelled Hiccup in defeat.


Hiccup stopped where he was and put a hand to his head. An intense drumming going on.

"Oh...ow..," said Hiccup as he felt as if his head were on fire. He took a step forward and started to stumble a bit. Toothless looked back to see his friend in obvious pain on the virge of collapsing. The Night Fury let out a frightened whine as he ran up to catch his friend from falling.

"I'm...I'm okay bud, I think...I just need a moment," said Hiccup as he slumped down to the ground. Almost as soon as it came, the throbbing pain left. Hiccup suddenly jerked up, shaking his head a bit.

"That was...weird," said Hiccup as he picked himself up from the ground with the Night Fury's help. Toothless quickly got closer to him, obviously worried about his human friend.

"I think I'm okay bud," said Hiccup. Toothless let out a low whine of doubt and started to lightly lick Hiccup's face.

"Hey, hey! Stop, I said I was fine!" protested Hiccup as he got smothered with licks, "Let's just get to the market and get food!" The duo slowly made their way into the market center, trying to figure out where they want to go to first. Toothless could smell something delicious and motioned over to a stall down the road a little. When he didn't get a response, Toothless looked over to Hiccup and saw him staring into the cloud filled sky.

"So...much...pain," Hiccup whispered out. Toothless slowly turned and sat in front of Hiccup. Blood slowly dripped from Hiccup's nose and down onto the ground and slow, rhythmic drips. Toothless let out a loud whine of worry and tried to lick the blood dripping from his friends face. Toothless was met with no resistance, just a subtle whisper.


Toothless was scared and roared out to anyone, everyone, trying to get help. Most people stopped what they were doing and hurried over to the scene. One of the onlookers was Astrid who hurried over to Toothless' side.

"Oh my gods, Hiccup! Hiccup can you hear me?" Astrid said, slowly bringing her hand up to his head and pulled her hand away with a slight sizzling sound, "Ow! He's literally burning! Hiccup, can you hear me?"


Astrid turned and called out frantic commands, "Alrik, go fetch the village Elder! Sven, go get Svelta now! Harald, go get the Cheif! Hurry, go, now!" Astrid turned back to Hiccup whose eyes had become red and irritated.

"Oh my gods, oh my gods, what do I do?" she said frantically. Toothless beside her stepped closer and tried to cool Hiccup down with slow licks.

"Good, good, keep him cool Toothless! Someone, grab some water!" When no one moved she pushed her way through the growing crowd and ran for water. Toothless noticed the onlookers drawing closer and closer. He turned and swept his tail pushing people back and roared. Astrid returned and sat the bucket of water next to Hiccup. She pulled out a rag and started to dab him with water and tried to get him to move.

"Okay Hiccup, we need to get you back to your house, can you move?" Astrid said, bringing Hiccups gaze down to meet hers.

"Astrid...there' much...pain..," Hiccup said, slowly raising his gaze back to the sky. Astrid turned to the sky and saw nothing there but cloud after cloud.

"Hiccup, what, what do you see? Hiccup?" Astrid slowly rested her hands on his shoulders and tried to shake him from his daze. Hiccups nose started to bleed again, this time, coming down faster. Hiccup looked down and back into Astrid's gaze.

"It...hurts..," was all Hiccup could manage to say. Toothless started pacing around Hiccup, frantic whining escaping his mouth. All eyes fix on a helmet pushing it's way through the crowd of people constantly shouting, 'move, out of the way, out!' Stoick, the chief, pushes his way out of the crowd and rushes over to Hiccup.

"Son, can you hear me?" Stoick said sternly, and when no response was recieved, just a dazed look, he turned to Astrid, "Astrid, what is happening?" Astrid just stared at him, shaking her head, only managing to squeak out a defeated, 'I don't know.' Stoick got up and rubbed his neck, trying to decide what to do next. Should he pick him up and take him home, should he leave him be, what? The crowd of people start to part as the village Elder and Svelta hurridly make their way to Hiccup. As soon as they arrive, a snap was heard. All eyes fixate on Hiccup.

"So, much, pain!" Hiccup yelled. Another snap was heard and people could visibly see his hands slowly breaking and widening.

"What in Thor's name..," said Stoick as he slowly takes a step towards Hiccup. More snapping.

"H...Hiccup?" squeaked out Astrid. Snap. Hiccup raised his head, the daze gone from his eyes, just replaced with cold terror as he falls to the ground, shrieking in pain and agony. Snap, snap, crack. Hiccup starts flailing around, screaming. Stoick stepped back, shocked and unable to move. Astrid starting crying as she sunk to her knees, to scared to move. Toothless ran to Hiccup, moving around him, trying to find the source of the pain, frantically whining and roaring.



Stoic took a another step back.

"By Thor's name...what is my son?" asked Stoick as he watches his son writhling in pain, his body slowly changing and morphing. Black scales start protruding from his body, wing bones suddenly burst from his back, spraying blood everywhere, and tail pushes its way out of the boy's lower back. Screaming, blood, and no one knew what to do. After a miserable few minutes, the screaming turned into roaring, and eventually that roaring died down. Everyone stood frozen. Everyone looked at this...Night Fury.